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Friday, December 11, 2009

Week 14 Playoff Prediction

Here something new I'm going to try up to Week 17. I'm going to go through the schedule and give my prediction of whom I think will make the playoffs.

Let's get it Rolling:

Divison Winners:
Indy *16-0* (week 14 win over Denver, week 15 win over Jacksonville, week 16 win Jets, week 17 win over buffalo)
San Diego *12-4* (week 14 loss to Dallas, week 15 win cinncy, week 16 win over Tennessee, week 17 win over Washington)
Cincinnati *11-5* (week 14 loss to Minnesota, week 15 loss to San Diego, week 16 win Kansas City, week 17 win over Jets)
New England *11-5* (week 14 win over Carolina, week 15 win over Buffalo, week 16 win over Jacksonville, week 17 win over Houston)

Wild Cards:
Denver *11-5* (week 14 loss to Indy, week 15 Oakland, week 16 win over Philly, week 17 win over Kansas City)
Balitmore *10-6* (week 14 Detroit, week 15 win over Chicago, week 16 win over Pittsburgh, week 17 win over Oakland)

Divsion Winners:
New Orleans *15-1* (week 14 win over Atlanta, week 15 win over Dallas, week 16 win over Tampa Bay, week 17 loss to Carolina
Minnesota *14-2* (week 14 win over Cinncy, week 15 win over Carolina, week 16 win over Chicago, week 17 win over Giants)
Dallas *11-5* (week 14 win over San Diego, week 15 loss to New Orleans, week 16 win over Washington, week 17 win over Philly)
Arizona *11-5* (week 14 win over San Fran., week 15 win over Detroit, week 16 win over St. Louis, week 17 loss to Green Bay)

:Wild Cards
Green Bay *11-5* (week 14 win over Chicago, week 15 loss to Pittsburgh, week 16 win over Seatlle, week 17 win over Arizona)
Philly  *10-6* (week 14 win over Giants, week 15 win over San Fran., week 16 loss to Denver, week 17 loss to Dallas)

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