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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

College Football Conference Championship Wednesday

I'm going to highlight the 4 games this weekend which I think will have a effect on the BCS going into
 Bowl Bid Weekend.

Acc Championship:

10 Georgia Tech (10-2) vs Clemson 8-4

You have gotta be a fool to take Clemson on this one! Georgia Tech wins, and wins big and receives a BCS Bowl Bid.

Big East Championship:

5 Cincinnati (11-0) vs 15 Pittsburgh (9-2)

This may be the toughest game on the schedule besides Alabama, Florida. I going all upset on this one and ruining the BCS hopes of Cincy. Sorry had to do it, this year's been pretty dry on upset's.

Big 12 Championship:

3 Texas (12-0) vs 22 Nebraska (9-3)

The way Nebraska's been rolling worries me about the Horns. I believe they'll get it together pull out a victory and clinch a Championship Bid.

SEC Championship:

1 Florida (12-0) vs 2 Alabama (12-0)

That's right I going all upset on this one. No dobut in my mind Tebow will have to settle for a lesser bowl, no National Championship for ya bub!

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