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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

NFL WrapUp Tuesday

What another crazy week of football! Week 16 closed on a crazy note last night with Chicago pulling an upset on Minny. What about Carolina ruining the G-men playoff hopes?
Comebacks? The Texans and Dolphins game. 27-3 at half and the Fins fought back and almost won at 27-20. What about Philly giving 17 pts in the 3rd quarter to Denver to tie the game. What about K.C. staying in a tough game against Cincy? Or the Jets? What if Peyton stayed in the game? Would the Jets be the "it" team controling their destiny in the AFC? Like I said an AWESOME crazy good week!

Last week I went 10-6 (167-73 for the year, simply great huh?)

Let's jump into this week's eposide of:

NFL WrapUp Tuesday

Philadelphia 30, Denver 27

Alright when this game 27-7 in the 3rd I thought there was no way the Broncos would have a fighting a chance. After a couple of turnovers and two tds and fgs in the same quarter lead us into the 4th 27-24. Donvon threw a sick pass to McCoy to put Philly in postion with a minute and change to kick the go ahead field goal to take it. Overall A, teams in the playoff hunt in Week 16 = kick ass football.

Tampa Bay 20, New Orleans 17

Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you into the REAL SAINTS. I told you guys don't be fooled by these guys. Sure they'll probably and should finish 14-2 but this team is not the real deal. They'll host a playoff game but that's it. The Bucc's marched into this game and took them in OT, what else can be said? Overall A, seeing the Saints lose to the Bucc's is entertaining anyday!!!

Pittsburgh 23, Baltimore 20

This was one hard hitting game! That last drive at the end, I really thought we might see a comeback. It was possible until this sack above happen. I still think Balitmore will make it in, and Pitt will be at home pissed watching the Ravens make it to the 2nd Round. Overall A, nice defensive game....

Now..... Main Events......


New York Giants 9, Carolina 41

Man karma is such a bitch ain't it!!!
 Let's all take a trip to our time machine,
Set the time to: Week 16 last season,
Place: Texas Stadium,
What: Cowboys last home game at Texas Stadium against the Ravens.
Remember when the boy's lost this game to the Ravens and how everyone was clowing the boys, especially THE GIANTS.
Let's take another trip, so everyone fasten your seat beat,
Set the time to: Week 17 last season,
Place: Philly
What: Cowboys lose a nasty game and playoff hopes to the Eagles.
Remember all the SHIT all the GIANT players were saying about the boys especially punk ass BRANDON JACOBS?
Fast foward back and what happen? The New York Semen lose a embarrising game to the PANTHERS in their last home game at the Medowlands and lose their playoff hopes. Awwww what else can I say lol


Chicago 36, Minnesota 30

WOW!!! Who saw this coming? Jay finally came into his own and didn't lose the game for once! Brett came back firing on all cyclinders in the 2nd half, fought in OT, just was the Bears night. What about that TD in OT? Did Cutler complete a pass to his man, and on target? Maybe there is hope for the Bears next season.
 Overall, A+++++++

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