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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Final Top 10 of 2009 List (Top 10 Albums of The Year)

I saved the best list for last:
Top 10 Albums of The Year

Sure my list my be different then the others (i.e. Spin Mag, Rolling Stone, etc.but My list is better then theirs because; I actually know good music (not to be cocky), compared to them dudes list, mines is action pack top to bottom!)

Some albums I snubbed and I did it for good reason, to a name few here they are:

50 Cent - Before I Self Distruct: It was a truly good effort I thought, but the War Angel L.P. was so so much better.
Rick Ross - Deeper Than Rap: Really should I explain why?
Alicia Keys - The Element of Freedom: It was good, but didn't hit me hard enough.
Eminem - Relapse: The "Refill" is stupid dope! I just wish the album was more of that vibe.
Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon: Emo Rap attacks this year!
Drake - So Far Gone: Sorry there was WAY better music out this year.
Ryan Leslie - Transition: Damn it was tough taking this off the list, very good album!
Fabolous - Loso's Way: This was one of the best rap albums, if it were the top 10 rap albums this would be top 5, hands down!
Slaughterhouse - " ": Read Above same applies to this album
Trey Songz - Ready: Pretty Dope R&B Album, once again if it were a top 10 R&B this one, Alicia Keys, and Ryan Leslie would be on it.
Wale: OVER RATED!!!!!
R. Kelly: Maybe if were an R&B List.

With that said let's jump into this list:

10. Jay-Z :
The Blueprint 3

Alright, at first I was hyped about his album. After about the 20th listen I thought it was average. Then after about the 100th listen I thought it was pretty good. This album was not good enough to in the top 5, but it wasen't bad enough to not be mention.

Must Hear Tracks: Thank You, So Ambitious, Already Home, D.O.A., Hate, and okay Empire State of Mind.

9. Blakroc:

I want to start off by saying after watching the teaser vids I was bought. Trust me this album didn't disappoint! The Black Keys, with Mos Def, Q-Tip, RZA, Raekwon, Ludacris, and oversaw by Damon Dash, it's pure dopeness!!! I can't saw more just preview and see for yourself.

Must Hear Tracks: Coochie, On The Vista, Dollaz & Sense, Ain't Nothing Like You, Hope Your Happy, Stay Off The Fucking Flowers

8. Muse:
The Resistance

This album took me by surprise. I first heard it on youtube and was bought! Their last one was pretty good, but this one was alot better. The music sound's real good and sounds kind of experimental in wild way. That video with the bears fighting was dope!

Must Hear Tracks: Undisclosed Desires, Uprising, Resistance, United States of Eurasia, Guiding Light

7. Maxwell:
Black Summers Nights

It good to hear Maxwell back, and he's back with a kick ass album! This ladies and gentlemen is R&B at it's finest. I'm usually not a big fan of big singles but damn wasen't "Pretty Wings" the shit?

Must Hear Tracks: Pretty Wings, Bad Habits, Love You, Playing Possum, Stop The World

6. John Mayer:
Battle Studies

Damn John never disappoints! Just like aged cognac, goes down easy all the time. The first listen I was hooked, it kind of has the same vibe of "Continuum" but not as good. Not taking nothing away from this album but "Continuum" was a super classic!

Must Hear Tracks: Friends, Lovers or Nothing, All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye, Half of My Heart, Who Says, Assassin, Edge of Desire

5. Nicolay:
City Lights Vol.2: Shibuya

I find this album on a blog, boy was it a pleasant surprise! The music on this album is so amazing! It's nice relexing, background music. If you want to unwind and chill after a rough day this does the trick, promise!

Must Hear Tracks: Omotesando, Shibuya Station, Crossing, Rain In Ueno Park (super dope), A Ride Under The Neon Moon, The Inner Garden

4. Mos Def:
The Ecstatic

Let me try to say this right, this was the best full length rap/hip hop album of the year (you'll see later why I say that). Almost every track is sick. Mos's word play is sick, these beats are bonkers!

Must Hear Tracks: Twlite Speedball, Auditiorium, Wahid, Priority ("peace before everything, god before anything"), The Embassy, Pistola

3. Animal Collective:
Merriweather Post Pavilion

I'm going to honest, I didn't know who these dudes were until about September. The first time I heard this I was hooked. If your a fan of Radiohead, Real Estate then you'll love this here!

Must Hear Tracks: My Girls, Daily Routine, Bluish (sick!), Taste, No More Runnin

2. Grizzly Bear:

I could not find a player for it. Man O Man this has been album this year I can't stop listening to. It's different in a wierd strange but good way. It's like 50/60's pop rock meets some eerie sounds. Follow that link, look it up on itunes, trust me this group is dope!

Must Hear Tracks: Two Weeks, Southern Point, Ready, Able (about 1:44 it get's sick!), Cheerleader, All We Ask, I Live With You

1. Jay Electronica
Who The Fuck Is Jay Electronica?

Exhibit A:

Exhibit C:

Exhibit A, B, & C:

Alright, I know he didn't have a full length album, He's only dropped like 4 mixtapes and 2 singles that you can buy. It's my list if you don't like it get bent!
Homie here is beyond good, He's lyrics are stupid good. Jay's from New Orleans without all that "bling, bling" bullshit! He paints a perfect picture in all these tracks he rips. You just gotta hear it and download that mixtape, it's free. He's the best thing in Hip Hop right now, fuck Lil Wayne, Drake, Jay-Z, any cat right now, none of them can't touch him right now! I dare to say at this moment, right now he would destroy Eminem! And you know that's a bold statement! Check the youtube video and grab the tape!

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