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Saturday, December 19, 2009

NFL Picks on Saturday

Man is there gonna be some pretty games on tap this weekend, and some make or break games for some teams in the playoff hunt. While on the Playoff talk, after this blog i'll do my "Playoff Prediction Week 2"

This season I'm killing it again with a record of: 147-61, this week i'm 1-0,  last week I went 12-4. That's right I finally broke my 2 week streak of 10-6.

Foward to this week's game; Whatcha think about the Colts and Jags game on Thursday? Wow, I was kinda worried that jag's might have pulled it out! Either ways it was a good game. This weekend I'm picking a major upset, and some teams playoff hopes blown away! With that said let's get into:

NFL Picks on Saturday

New England over Buffalo
Arizona over Detroit
Kansas City over Cleveland
Houston over St. Louis
Denver over Oakland
Seattle over Tampa Bay
Sunday Night Football:
Minnesota over Carolina
Monday Nigth Football:
New York Giants over Washington

Make or Break Playoff Games:
Tennessee over Miami
Atlanta over New York Jets
Philadelphia over San Fran.
Green Bay over Pittsburgh
Baltimore over Chicago

San Diego over Cinncy

Saturday Night Football:
Dallas over New Orleans

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