What is Drunken B.S.? It's a bunch of useless information to debate when drinking, ya dig?

Friday, January 30, 2009

Big Fight Tommrow

What can I say:

Whose gonna win you ask? Well that's simple, B.J. Penn.

I hope he turns St-Pierre Face like he did in this one. Check back on Sunday I'll have the fight up peace.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Conference Championship Picks

Man it's been an awesome season!!! I haven't been posting up picks mainly because i'm still sore from that ass raping the Cowboys put up this season. But oh well here's how tomorrow's games are going to play out:

For the AFC:

It's gonna be a tough, nasty, gritty game. I don't think it'll be alot of scoring in this one. I do believe in upsets and would love to see Baltimore whoop on that ass, but the safe beat would be Pittsburgh. I think Baltimore will take this game in a nasty 12-7 game.

For the NFC:

This one, I don't think will have all that much of an offensive showdown like the news and espn like to report. The safe bet would be to go with Philly, but I think Mr. Kurt Warner still has some gas in the tank for tomorrows game. I see this one going towards Arizona in a somewhat 24-14 easy victory.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dallas's version of New Years Eve was pretty sick son!!! Got to hang out with some old friends, and chilled one last night with a good friend before he moved on with his journey. Here's some pic's from my nice drunken night. I know i'm about 7 days late or so and missed my wild card pic's, but i'll be more time.... Happy new years to all...

New Years was super sick son!!! Dallas's ver