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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Top 5 Video Games of The Year (PS3)

It's that time again for the Top List of the year. Since my list kick so much ass i'm back another year with it.
Since there's really no games worth talking about coming out the rest of the year here goes my list for
Top PS3 Games of the Year 2009

5. Fight Night Round 4

Mike Tyson finally on Game, that isn't Mike Tyson's Punch Out! Awesome graphics and online is sick!!!

4. UFC Undisputed 2009

Career Mode is super fun, online play is fun. Overall the best fighting game of the year for any platform.

3. Assassin's Creed II

I haven't had the preasure of owning this one yet. From what I played I can't wait to have it.

2. Call Of Duty Modern Warefare 2

All I gotta say is wow! Online is beyond dope, the story line is out of this world! If you don't own this, then there is really something wrong with you.

1. Madden 10 or Madden X

C'mon is there really any question who the king of this year was? Online Franchise, game play improved, Franchase mode is crazy, they even recap each week, like it real!

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(just in time for your New Years Eve Party Mixtape)

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