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Friday, November 27, 2009

NFL Picks Friday

Hope all your guy's Thanksgiving's were awesome! Mine's was good, alot of food, TOOO much food! Dealing with crazy people early this morning for Black Friday, made a good one for me.

Alright i'm running on like 9 hours of sleep for the past two days, so i'm really hoping I don't F this week up bad! My yearly record is: 115-48 (including yesterday's games, which I went 2-1).
This is one of those week's in which I smell major upset's! It already started people in last night's game between Denver and Giants. The said thing is I had oringnally picked Denver but changed when I logged in! BUMMER!!!!

Remember the key to this week is:
Watch out for them, cause their coming. With that said let's hop on into the Week 12 verison of:
NFL Picks Friday

Atlanta over Tampa Bay
Cincinnati over Cleveland
Panthers over Jets
Chargers over Cheifs
Minnesota over Chicago

St. Louis over Seattle
Sunday Night Football:
Baltimore over Pittsburgh

Philadelphia over Washington
Indianapolis over Houston
Miami over Buffalo
Jacksonville over San Fran
Arizona over Tennessee
Tennessee over Arizona

Monday Night Football:
New England over New Orleans

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

College Football Pick Wednesday

On the eve of Thanksgiving and eve of the last regular season game weekend comes
College Football Picks.
Man this season has been kind of luke warm. There's been some surprise like TCU, but overall not as exciting as year's past. Hopefully the conference championship's will spawn up some upset's, because this season has lacked to produce some.

Last Week's Stats:
I went: 6-1 (key loss LSU)
Mr. C went: 3-4 *by far the worst this year*

Top 10 for Week 13
  1. Flordia - Florida St.
  2. Alabama - @ Auburn
  3. Texas - @ Texas A&M
  4. TCU - New Mexico
  5. Cincinnati - Illinois
  6. Boise St. - Nevada
  7. Georgia Tech - Georgia
  8. Oregon - *idle*
  9. Pittsburgh - @ W. Virginia
  10. Ohio St. - *idle*


Boise St

Florida St.
Texas A&M
Boise St.

see you next week for the conference championships

Thanksgiving Football

First off,
Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hope it's all good in the hood for you and your loved ones.

With that out the way let's get down to some football! FOOTBALL!!! We have three games on the schedule tommrow. For the two teams (Detroit, Dallas) it's a tradition this time every year. The other is more of the NFL Channel's new tradition on cashing in on the holiday. I'm excited, for food, and good action. With that said let's jump into the picks.

Green Bay over Detroit

Dallas over Oakland

New York Giants over Denver

Monday, November 23, 2009

NFL WrapUp

What another good week of football. Man were there some surprises or what? One game we all thought was going to be the worst ended up being the best. One game that we thought might have some high powered offense, ended up being a flat 7-6 game. We witness some BIG upset's, key injuries, damn isn't this a fun time of year? As a side note, with the three Thanksgiving game's coming up this Thursday, i'll have the picks ready for those either tommrow or Wednesday.

Alright this weekend I went 11-5. Not too bad, but could do better. I thought for sure I was going to end up 12-4, punk ass I don't know how to make clutch field goal's for Houston messed that up for me. Also I got caught in the upset trap with Oakland and K.C. winning. For the year i'm sitting pretty at: 113-48. Not to mention with tonight's fantasy win, i'm pretty much in the driver sit to be in the playoffs!!!

To this week's game's, as always there's 3 games that highlighted the weekend, 1 shit team, and the 1 one game that made the weekend. With that said let's get this going.

Sunday Night Football:
Philadelphia 24, Chicago 20

Kicking Week 11 games with Sunday Night's game.
At first, I was kind of hesitant to watch this one. I thought the Eagles were going to walk all up and down that ass. The Bears d had different thoughts. Bears also discovered a new back in Bell, did you see that crazy 70 something yard  run? Wow! This game came down to wire like a handfull of Bears games this year. The result, INT by Cutler. Man he's having a bad year! I think it'll change with time. Good game none the less. Overall B+, Cutler screwing it up at the end, reminded me way I choose and made me feel good inside I choose Philly.

Monday Night Football:
Tennessee 20 , Houston 17

I hate to admit it, Texans are showing signs of a good football team. Chris Johnson, what a monster! Whose can stop him? This was fun to watch, very fun. I love these down to the wire games. Rod from Houston had to F up the last second Field Goal which could've send this one into OT. Damn, it seem's every time I pick Houston, they always let me down! Next week i'm all Colts lol. Overall A, no arguement here, good game, good rivalry!

Kansas City 27, Pittsburgh 24 (OT)

Just like with Houston, everytime I roll with Pitt. they do something like this! I was watching the stream of this game because my boys were SOOOO entertaining lol I couldn't believe how hungry this Chiefs team looks! I guess getting rid of a bad seed like Larry Johnson makes all the difference! Overall A, upset's are fun, even more fun when it happen's to team you dislike!

now to the main events.....


Denver 3, San Diego 32

Wow, I knew this was coming when Denver announced down syndrome Chris Simms to start. I should've known better to start Brandon Marshall too. Ahhhh me being cocky again, I had to pay! So my revenge on you Marshall is, you are the cover boy for Week 11's SHITTTEST TEAM! Finally a week without Washington, Oakland, Cleveland or Detroit fighting for it!


Detroit 38, Cleveland 37

Ah man who saw this coming? Two team's with nothing to lose put it all out Sunday. I remember looking up at the scores during the boy's game look WTF!!! Cleveland 24, Detroit 3 in the 1st? I wished I would've caught the whole game, damn was there some fireworks! For once i'm talking about the Lions and Browns in a postive manner! My hat's off to both these teams. I just wonder which team will win the battle of Shittest Team next week? Overall A+++, crazy long bomb TD's, nice field goal dunk by Calvin, crazy ending with a def. interference, nice TD by a hurt Stafford to seal the deal!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Can it happen? Pac vs Mayweather

Man imagine this? I this would go down as one the best fight's ever. Man I hope negoation's go well and make this happen.
I think it's stupid Steve Wynn want's to make a 33,000 seat stadium for this fight. Fuck that! It need's to be fought it a big prime time stadium like Cowboy Stadium. They Est. 111,000 will go to this fight if it's fought here in Dallas. Let me repeat, 111,000 people!
I don't wanna go to much into just in case it doesn't happen.


Friday, November 20, 2009

NFL Picks Friday

Man i'm in a drought at the moment.... I went 9-6. I started this week 0-1 with punk ass Carolina. I should've stayed with my orginial pick but DAMN! For the season I'm still kicking most fool's ass here online! My record is: 102-44 including yesterday's loss. Look up your favorite YAHOO! Sports and ESPN guy's picks. Record's aren't close to me! Even on my bad week's i'm still whooping ass lol

Enough of that, last week was a strange week. What seemed to be a week of blowouts and crazy scores, ended up being a week of close call upset's and some weird finshes. It had a big effect on picks and fantasy points. I'm hoping the NFL is going to go back to norm this week and follow suite with the way things need to be. Like, if the Vikings for example, need to have the game wrapped up by halftime, then let it be!

Beside's watching the Boy's at noon Sunday i'm going to be watching my new favorite thing in the world, NFL Red Zone. If you haven't seen it yet, then your not watching football right. After one weekend of football on the Red Zone, you'll never want to watch simple FOX, or CBS.

Now let's get down to business with the picks:

Steelers over Chiefs
Cowboys over Redskins
Saints over Buc's
Jaguars over Bills
Vikings over Seahawks
Cardinals over Rams
Chargers over Broncos
Bengals over Raiders
Patriots over Jets
Sunday Night Football:
Eagles over Bears
Monday Night Football:
Texans over Titans

Lions over Browns

49ers over Packers

Giants over Falcons
Colts over Ravens

College Football Picks on FRIDAY

Week 5 of the BCS and Week 12 of the season is upon us tommrow.
Wow, one week left, can you believe it? I'm two days late on this so, i'm not gonna waste time.

To last week's standings and results:
I went: 9-1 (key wins: Ohio St., Stanford)
Mr. C went: 7-3 (key wins: Ohio St., Standford)

Top 10 for Week 12:
  1. Flordia - Florida Int.
  2. Alabama - Chattanooga
  3. Texas - Kansas
  4. TCU - @ Wyoming
  5. Cincinnati - *idle*
  6. Boise St. - @ Utah St.
  7. Georgia Tech - *idle*
  8. LSU - @ Mississippi
  9. Pittsburgh - *idle*
  10. Ohio St. - @ Michigan
To The Showdown:

Boise St.
Ohio St.

Utah St.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thursday Night Football

Alright after that strange weekend of football last week, now were ready to get the gears going right this weekend!
Tommrow we have Miami and Carolina playing. Two teams that need this victory pretty bad. Here's who I'm rolling with:

Miami over Carolina

Come back Friday for the full weekend of picks
 11/19 6:31 am CDT*

Sorry folks, Ronnie Brown has been plaved on the IR, and out for the season. Changes my thoughts on Miami, here's the new updated pick!

Carolina over Miami

Music Monday on Tuesday

This week's verison I'm going to breakdown what is probably the most discussed and reviewed beef in Hip Hop right now.

50 .vs. Rick Ross

F all the he said, he said, pics with whoever's kids (even though that was low, it was funny as hell!)
With 50's release of "Before I Self Distruct" today. Well go track for track and see who really win's this battle!

1. Mafia Music .vs. The Invitation:
The Beat on Mafia Music was dope as hell, as was must of Ross's album. But Lyric wise, 50 killed it. Really set the tone for the album. Ross, well was typical Ross barking about the same ol same.
WINNER 50 CENT "The Invitation"

2. Maybach Music 2 .vs. Then Day's Went By:
All the features on Maybach 2 weren't that good. Lil Wayne sounded like a retard. This track wasen't 50's strongest track on the album. Maybach 2 was a real water downed verison on the Original. So let's go to the beat Maybach 2's beat wasen't as good as the opening track Mafia, Day's Went By had a clean sample on it. So by default it goes to:
WINNER 50 CENT "Then Day's Went By"

3. Magnificent .vs. Death To My Enemies
Damn this was one of the best tracks on BISD (Death To My Enemies). That Dre beat was SICK! The hook was niceness! Magnificent took me sometime to get into it. I eventually got into because I'm a fan of John Legend.
WINNER 50 CENT "Death To My Enemies"

4. Yacht Club .vs. So Disrespectful
Personally the beat on "Yacht" was dope! It was better then Disrespectful. 50's was a good beef track, but not something you would listen to everyday, Yacht was nice.

5. Usual Suspects .vs. Psycho
WOW! This is the first tough matchup so far! Em and Fif kill Psycho, that beat was sick. Usual had sick beat as well, Nas killed that beat, Rick did okay at best! I like both so it's a:

6. All I Really Want .vs. Hold Me Down
One thing I can say about "All I Really Want" is, if Dream wasen't on it, it would be garbage! You do the math!
WINNER 50 CENT "Hold Me Down"

7. Rich Off Cocaine .vs. Crime Wave
Okay, it's the same story for Rick, clean beat, so-so hook, weak verse! Crime Wave was slick, clean beat, awesome ad's.
WINNER 50 CENT "Crime Wave"

8. Lay Back .vs. Stretch
I must say "Lay Back" was one of my favorite cut's off this album. The Beat was clean, Robin Thicke had a nice hook, Ross was okay on the verse's. "Stretch" depends on whose listening to it. I thought the verse's were stronger on "Stretch". Between the two I'm rolling with:

9. Murda Miami .vs. Strong Enough
Foxy Brown was the feature on "Murda". You know that's a recipe for a weak track. "Strong Enough" was one of the better track's off BISD. That little bridge "I'm pretty as a harlem nigga, i'm a shooter like a brooklyn nigga" ooooo was nice!
WINNER 50 CENT "Strong Enough"

10. Gunplay .vs. Get It Hot
"Gunplay" beat was niceness. I really wasen't feeling "Get It Hot" so....

11. Bossey Lady .vs. Gangsta's Delight
This is the part of the album of BISD I didn't feel. "Gangsta's" to me was gonna be a hit or miss, it missed with me. Ne-Yo did a good hook on a somewhat average track.

12. Face .vs. I Got Swag
"Face" In a system sounds sick! I like Trina so that helps. I think fif's hook was weak. Beat was on point but not enough.

13. Valley Of Death .vs. Baby By Me
"Valley Of Death" was a clean ass track! Probably the best song of  DTR. "Baby By Me" was a dope beat, nice commerical single, but the edge is with Valley
WINNER RICK ROSS "Valley Of Death"

14. In Cold Blood .vs. Do You Think About Me
Cold Blood, once again nice beat, Lyrics were okay. Think about me was pretty clean. Damn this one was hard.....

15. Cigar Music .vs. Ok, Your Right
Ok is a bad mofo! Cigar, man it's like an on going story, beat's on point, not nothing memorible. I gotta rule with Your Right on this one.
WINNER 50 CENT "Ok, Your Right"

50 Cent "Before I Self Distruct"
win's this battle at 7-6-2.
Damn I didn't realize it was this close! I gotta say from here on out i'm not going to just bash "Deeper Than Rap" so quick.

 Good battle

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

NFL WrapUp Tuesday

Let's steam into this week's verison of:
NFL WrapUp Tuesday

I have to admit, and it I may be late but damn! I'm glad I was bless with my personal discovery of "NFL Red Zone". All I can say is WOW! If you don't have it or watched, you must do one of the above! It changed the way I watch football, the best part is NO COMMERCIALS! I can wait till next Sunday!

Now to the games, I was surprised at this week's results, or better yet how they ended. If you would've told me last Monday, a week from now we'll be talking about how the Rams for example almost beat the Saints. I'd laugh in your face. Remember I told you a couple of week's ago this is that time of the season were upset's will come from far, far, far left field. With that let's get into the games.

Jacksonville 24, New York Jets 22

Dear Ghost of Mr. I stop at the one yard line and piss all my fantasy owners off Brian Westbrook, GO AWAY!!!! I have to admit I thought it was a slick play. We all know Mark Sanchez isn't a proven or feared qb in the league right now, why leave time on the clock to be proven wrong? I really though Jacksonville had this wrapped up at half. They some how allowed the Jet's back into it. Overall B+, with alot of close games and potenial Games of the Week, this one made the cut with that stop by MJD.

Cincinnati 18, Pittsburgh 12

Alright maybe the Pic above may be misleading, It was this field goal that sealed the deal on the season sweep with Cincy Kittys. Wow, that's weird saying, The Bengals swept the Steelers in the season series. Strange. I'm not a Steelers fan, and I did pick them in this game, so you can imainge how pissed I was when Tiny Ben lost this game. I think the big question that beg's to be asked is: Do you really take the Bengals serious now? Overall A-, super big upset for the Bengals, plus now they have a homophob Larry Johnson on their team. I'm sure their Super Bowl bound now, huh?

New Orleans 28, St. Louis 23

I have to say this had to be the 2nd biggest story of the week. Mark Bulger dug his oldself from the grave of has been's and almost pulled out what would've been the biggest upset of the year. Talking about taking the trip and digging themseleves up, seem's Reggie Bush dug up. Man did he have a MONSTER game. Overall A, crazy game, not much too say about, well if the upset was pulled this would've been game of the YEAR! lol

.....to the main events:


Cleveland 0, Baltimore 16

Surprise, surprise, 2 times this season Cleveland has won the award of SHITTEST TEAM. I hate to say it my Boy's almost made it, but they scored so they have been saved. Eric Vagina is killing this team. Brady Quinn needs to go to a GOOD team that'll develop him the right way. He's just wasting time up there.



Indianapolis 35, New England 34

Man that first half I was thinking, how crazy would it be if New England run's up the score and end's like 55-17? Peyton proved why you can't rule him out. I don't think the 4th & 2 play in the 4th killed the game for New England. Look back into the 3rd when Maroney Fumbled the ball in the end zone, and when Brady threw that INT, in the end zone. Those play's hurt New England. Looks like the rematch for the AFC crown will be at Lucas Oil Field. Overall A+, great 2nd half, it's alway's fun watching these two play!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pacquiao Wins 7th Title with 12th Round K.O.

He's gotta be this era's "pound for pound" boxer. It sucks, because that term get's thrown around to alot of boxers who really don't deserve it. Pac on the other hand, more then exceeds the title.
This fight was truly amazing! It started off like it was going to be a brawl all night. Cotto got knocked down twice. Pac was so fast with his punches that Cotto never saw the two knockdown punches coming!
In the first off Cotto looked good. He had some good combo's, a few times even looked like he dazed Manny.
My favorite moment of the fight was when Cotto had Pac up against the ropes landing some pretty critical blows. Right when you think Many's about to fall down, what does he do? Slip's around the side and counter punches, knocks Cotto down! Manny had that look like he had planned it that way.
I hope after this fight, this set's the stage up for Manny and Floyd. Damn that would be beyond super sick! If you missed the fight here's some photo's I found online for your enjoyment!

Pacquiao Cotto TONIGHT!!!!!!!!

Whoa!!!! I've been waiting for this one!!! Here's my take;
Pac over Cotto in 8 by KO.

If you can't afford it, look up online for a free live streaming. You may have to dig some to find it, but trust me, it'll be more then worth it! That's only if you can't afford, look for it on live streaming, if you can you should order it! lol

NFL Picks Friday on Saturday

I'm a day late, so so sorry to all! If you took my pick for Thursday's game, your already celebrating a victory coming into this weekend! My record this year is sitting high at 94-37. ESPN "experts", yahoo sport picks, other blogsite pick's can F with me this season. I'm like on level 14 and their on 3. Like I said before I still have my open challenge open to any of these other cat's for head to head battle!

Last week I went 9-4, pretty good, some game's threw me off, but still good. This week there looks to be some pretty bad ass game's on tap. With that said, enough blah, blah let's get into it:

Saints over Rams
Dolphins over Bucc's
Vikings over Lions
Jet's over Jaguars
Titans over Bills
Broncos over Redskins
Falcons over Panthers
Chiefs over Raiders
Cardinals over Seahawks
Cowboys over Packers
Monday Night Football:
Ravens over Browns

Games of the Week:
Steelers over Bengals
Chargers over Eagles

Sunday Night Football:
Patriots over Colts
The Tom Brady's over The Peyton Manning's

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NFL Picks For Thursday

Tommrow kick's off the first Thursday Night Game.
It sucks if you don't have the NFL Channel, then there's a good chance you'll be missing out on this one. I on the other hand have my spot online to watch it. So tommrow evening i'll be parked right here in front of the CPU watching the
Bears and 49ers

Can Mike lead his new dig's of the 49ers against the team that he made history with (Bears). The storylines for it are good and should make for a great football game. Here's my pick

49ers over Bears

don't act surprised about this one. The Bears are still trying to find themselves and the 49ers have been waiting for a victory against a team like this.

College Football Wednesday

Wow this Week 4 of the BCS looks to be a good one! 4 of the top 10 have ranked games! Whats that? Upset, is that what I hear on the back burning?
Last week beside's the Alabama and LSU game, there really wasen't much to talk about. Everyone that needed to win, won! Actually Iowa did drop the ball against Northwestern, Oregon dropped out, Cincy barely pulled it out, and TCU killed!

On to the standings:
I went 8-1 and Mr. C went 5-4

Season Stat's:
D: 25-2
(Key win: Stanford)
C: 17-10
(Key win: Stanford)

Top 10 for Week 11 (Week 4 for BCS)
  1. Flordia - @ South Carolina
  2. Alabama - @ Miss. St.
  3. Texas - @ Baylor
  4. TCU - 16 Utah
  5. Cincinnati - 25 West Virginia
  6. Boise St. - Idaho
  7. Georgia Tech - @ Duke
  8. LSU - Lousiana Tech
  9. USC - Stanford
  10. Iowa - 11 Ohio St.
To The Showdown:

W. Virginia
Boise St.
Georgia Tech
Ohio St.

Ohio St.

......choose your side

Pacquiao Cotto 24/7 Episode 3

Damn can you believe it's already this weekend! Man i've been stoked about this fight!
Enjoy Episode 3 and get ready for the fight of the year this Saturday!

NFL WrapUP on Wednesday

Sorry for the day late of this weeks edition ofL
NFL WrapUP for Week 9
Between school, work, and the new Call of Duty, my times been kind of consumed. As a side note if you don't own COD Modern Warefare 2, you are a fool and need to go buy it today! This game is crazy sick!

Back to the games, this week was a good week of football. On the schedule there were some big highlight games, early divsion spot battles, key interleague play, and team's that needed to make a statement! We saw two games that set up for probably match of year next week! Like always I have the 3 top games, 1 shitty team of the week, and the big dog of them all: Game of The Week. So without much more let's jump into it!

Tampa Bay 38, Green Bay 28

Wow, who saw this coming. Well let me re-say this, beside's the crazed Buc's of the world, what normal person say this coming? Man i'm getting pretty tired of the Pack, everytime I choose them, they let me down! The Pack should've destroyed the Buc's. This game should not have been close! I guess they have some major serious problems on the O Line. Like I did with the Lion's when they won their first game, i'm doing for the Buc's. Hell, their last victory was November 20 of last year. Overall B, I hope Tampa enjoyed this Vic, the next one might not come till Week 15.

Indianapolis 20, Houston 17

If you read my picks for last week, I almost pulled the trigger on the Texans. Some argued on email's saying I was stupid for considering the Texans, I say to you sir, do your FUCKING research! The Colt's have a hard time against Houston. This was very entertaining to watch. At the half it was 13-3, and damn Houston came back. When it came down to the last field goal, I thought, fuck I knew I should've taken Houston! This new rivalary is getting more and more fun to watch. It's not on the level of Indy and New England, I don't think there's anyone close to it right now, well beside's the NFC East battles, it's a good one! Overall A-, Indy two week's in row at the number 2 spot. I have a feeling next week's matchup between the New England Tom Brady's will make the GAME OF THE WEEK.

San Diego 21, New York Giants 20

I have to admit at first I had a minimal interest in watching this game. I'm sure the expert's to be didn't see this game come down the way it did. Phillip's had a somewhat bad game, as stat's are concerned. When the Eli's scored a touchdown with 2 minutes and some change left. The first thing I thought of was the game last year between the Buc's and Chargers, when River's lead the Charger's back and win the game in the 4th. If you give Rivers enough time he'll burn ya, and that's what he did. March an 80 yd. drive in a minute to take the lead and ultimately won the game. San Diego's tour of the East are looking to be some fun games, well maybe not the Washington game. Overall A, Crazy ending, San Diego has Philly this weekend, which should be a crazy game and the Boy's on Week 14. Man i'm stoked for em.

to the main event's.......


Washington 17,Atlanta 30

I think many will agree, this should say: SHITTEST TEAM OF THE YEAR! haha man how bad can these guys get? You guys talk about Dallas being a 4 ring circus? Jesse Campbell and Portis getting hurt, and stupid ass D. Hall's late hit on Ryan then trying to fight Mike Smith. Why and you wonder why they don't like you in Atlanta. This prove's to you guys, money can't buy you victory's in the NFL!


Sunday Night Football:
Dallas 20, Philadelphia 16

Man do the boy's look good are what? Our D's starting to look like what it should be. Between DeMarcus and Ratliff in McNabb's face all game, our secondary looking crazy good, and that offense, when it was rolling, it looked unstoppable. Man we stepped it up in a major way! Romo collect's his 13 straight victory in the month of November.
Some may argue that the Ref's fucked the Eagles, but I say to you, there were bullshit call's all game and a bunch of call's they missed. I think the highlight of the night for me was when McNabb rolled over his guy for a first down and the ref went after the play to moved the ball back 3 yards.
Man aren't these games within the East fun? Overall A+++, we don't have to deal with the Eagles till the last game of the season. Sure the month of December looks like a rough bumpy road ahead, for now we'll enjoy this victory and suck in this revenge on Philly!

Monday, November 9, 2009

MLB Best Team's of the Decade 4-1

4. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

(2000-09 Record: 900-720; 11-19 Playoff Record; 21-24; One World Series Championship '2002)
Naturally I hate the Angles being a Rangers fan, but damn they seem to always be in the hunt for either the World Series or or Divison. They were the "Team" of the AL West for the 2000's, so congrad's douche's!

3. St. Louis Cardinals

(2000-09 Record: 913-706; 33-31 Playoff Record; 2 World Series Apperance's with a Championship '2006)
Early 00's were the ending of the "Mighty Mark" era. With of corse the steriod case following.  I think you have to be a fool to argue that behind A-Rod the best player of this decade had to be Puljos. When going through their records, Damn you don't realize that the Card's had some pretty damn good teams!

2. Boston Red Sox

(2000-09 Record: 920-699; 34-23 Playoff Record; 2 World Series Championship's 2004 & 2007)
No matter what anyone say's about Baseball and the 2000's, it'll be spotlighted by the Rivalary between the Red Sox and Yankees. Man those playoff games were nothing short but epic! Remember in '04 being down 3 games and they came back to clinch! When the Yankee's outbidded them for A-Rod? I think heading into the 2 teen's this matchup will contiune it's steam, or I hope. It's been fun watching, cheering, getting angry watching these guys battle in the 00's.

1. New York Yankees

(2000-09 Record: 965-651; 50-38 Playoff Record; 4 World Series Apperance's with 2 Championships 2003 & 2009)
Like this was some suprise? You know the Yank's were the team of the Decade! With all the talk of the superstars wanted and waiting to wear the pinstripes, and the Yankee's actually pulling the best in the game at their respected time! With their heated battles with the Red Sox. 4 World Series apperance's. Wow need I go on?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Download Saturday

This week's verison of
Download Saturday

Click the link above and enjoy!!! Quailty is 10/10 no bugs or virus, like always go out and support movies in the theatre and buy when it comes out!!!