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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

NFL WrapUp Tuesday on Wednesday

Okay this past weekend was the worst week I've had all year on picks 10-6! The one week I expect the Upsets, and end up flat like bed sheets!

Overall it was a very entertaining week/weekend of football. Thanksgiving games were good, the boys took control of the divison, Giants got their ass handed to them. The weekends games were good, Falcons lost Ryan, and Turner (again), came from behind to pull it out. We saw the Texans kill the Colts, for 2 quaters, then reality kicked in, nice finish with Balt. and Pitt. and end with an ass raping of the Pats by the Saints in which was suppose to be the preview of the Super Bowl.

Now to the good stuff,
This week I added another game to the agenda, which will be
3Games I thought were awesome, 1 Shitty Team nod,
and 2 Games of The Week

With that said let's jump into
NFL WrapUp

Philadelphia 27, Washington 24

My, my, were kicking off WrapUp with the Redskins without talking about them in a bad way, or with the title "Shittest Team". This was a surprising good game to watch. I thought, and kind of hoped the Redskins woud've pulled it out. I know, I know I picked the Eagles, but for the Cowboys sake, I would have loved to see the Skins win.
 One Name, DeSean Jackson is a beast ladies and gentlemen! The Eagles are doing what they do year in and year out around this time, just hang like a dingleberry over the playoff picture. I do agree they are a team you can't over look this month. Overall B+, good game, would've been awesome if the upset was pulled.

Indianapolis 35, Houston 27

For one half of football we witness what the Colts would look like if they were to lose this year. That was until the 2nd half started, then do what they do, WIN. I think we all were fooled by the Texans in this game.  This would've been one of those games we'd be talking about all week, as far as upset's concern. Peyton is a monster, he finds way to win and make your team look BAD! Overall A, I enjoyed every minute of this game, well until it was 35-20, then I knew it was over.

Monday Night Football:
New Orleans 38, New England 17

This was built up to be a preview of the Super Bowl. I was bought, I bet and I bet hard on the Pat's. I thought this would've been the night we see the Saints get their ass handed to them! Boy was I wrong! They played Brady like a Toy, and where did this D learn how to blitz and be so aggressive? I was at first sick with this outcome then came to my senses give them their credit. Saints looked good. Overall A, no comment, i'm still sore about losing!

Now to the main events.....

(boy have I been waiting to say this all year long!!!!)


Thanksgiving Thursday Night Football:
New York Giants 6, Denver 26

Wow, how bad did the G Men look? Isn't there an on going rabbit's foot going here. Every team that's made my Shittest Team of The Week nod has shown up in a big way the next week. Last week Denver made and look at em now? I'm so Glad to say the Giants made, so here you go!


Tennessee 20, Arizona 17
Sunday Night Football:
Baltimore 20, Pittsburgh 17 (ot)

This week we have double the pleasure with two Games of The Week.
First: Titans and Vince Young, wow what a story, huh? Leads a sick 99 yard drive to win the game with like a minute and change left. Read it again 99 yards! There's not more you can say to that!
Second: Ravens hard hitting D and Ray Rice pulled this tough one out. I thought it was going to be a shoe in victory for them with Big Ben out. Dixon showed up ready to play.
Overall A+++++

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