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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

NFL WrapUp Tuesday

All I gotta say about last week's games was:
That's right, if you took my advice for last week your sitting today very handsome in the pockets! I'll touch more on my pick result's this Thursday on my picks. That's right I'm moving my
NFL Pick Friday
to Thursday this week.
Real Quick I went 11-5 and for the season 158-66.

To the games now, last week was some awesome football! I have a feeling these next two weeks are gonna be stupid crazy! The playoff picture in the AFC looks wild! 6 teams sitiing at 7-7 behind the Ravens and Broncos at 8-6. What a finish it'll be!

Now let's get into Week 15's verison of:
NFL WrapUp Tuesday

San Diego 27, Cincinnati 24

It's a played out cliche "emotional high games". On the brink of the death of Chirs Henry, this game wasen't just another cliche. It's sad that Henry so long had to go and it showed how much he's death has effected all the players on the Bengals side. It went back and forth, in the forth Palmer fought back to tie the game. It ended up being to short after Kneding 51 yd field goal. Overall A, All around awesome game.

Pittsburgh 37, Green Bay 36

This was an interesting game, a game being a Cowboy fan needed the Steelers to win, well being a Boy's fan I really wanted to see the Steelers lose and secure their spot out of this year's playoffs. That's a dilemma. 35 points were scored in the 4th quarter between the two, and that crazy catch at the end by Wallace was plain bonkers! Overall A, crazy game, awesome catch at the end.

Thursday Night Football:
Indianapolis 35, Jacksonville 31

Jacksonville surprised the hell out of me in this one. There were plenty of moments in this game I thought, "Damn, could Indy lose to the Jags?" Peyton proves once again why he's one of the greatest. That's right I said it! What'll be interesting is if he goes 16-0 and win's this years Super Bowl. Then I ask who was this Decade's best QB? Him or Brady? Gives ya something to think about. Overall A, close game, Manning proves once again why you can never count him or the Colts out.

Week 15's Main Event's:


Chicago 7, Baltimore 31

Okay, you start off your first two drives with an INT. I'm disappointed in the Bears this year. I really thought they would be a force to be wreckin with, and look at em now. THE SHITTEST TEAM OF THE WEEK!!!!


Dallas 24, New Orleans 17

YES!!!!!!!! We pulled one on everyone who dobuted this team!!! For everyone who downed Romo, and our December whoes, here's for you bitch!!! Suck on that all night!!! One quick note on Romo take a glance at his stat's this year:
3886 yards, 23 tds, 7 int, 97.9 rating.
AND HE'S DOING IT ON THE LOW!!!!!! D Ware was a beast, no the whole D Line was sick! Putting a holt to any plans that Brees and the Saint's had at 16-0! Overall A++++++++

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