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Monday, December 7, 2009

Top 10 Movies of 2009

Alright here's Round 2 for the Best of 2009 list. Today we're hitting the
Best Movies.

I snubbed alot of so called "good movies" and some that you'd see on other's list. My list, the one I'm about to unveil to you are truly bad ass! Sure there's some on here that you'll be scratching your head like "What the F*@k is he thinking about? Really this movie?"

All I gotta say is watch it, no better yet watch it with an open mind and you'll understand young one. With that said here it is nice ladies and gentlemen:

10. 17 Again

Here's one that your asking yourself what? Trust me it has a GOOD story! Better then District 9!

9. 9

This is awesome to see on high def, or if you caught it 3-D. Pretty wierd and creepy story but visuals were amazing!

8. Zombieland

All I gotta say is watch the Bill Murry part. Super funny

7. Inglourious Bastards

Super, Super graphic!!! If it wasen't like 3 weeks long it would've been in the top 5.

6. Earth

Part II of the "What the Hell is he thinking?" Watch this movie on super High Def, and you'll be blown away! You may even grow feelings and go adapt a pet.

5. Public Enemies

Depp is a major bad ass in this movie depicting John Dillinger. The ending was kind of bittersweet, my favorite was when he broke out of prison with that plastic thing that looked like a gun.

4. I Love You Man

This movie was super funny! It made me feel bad for them cat's that never made friends, well, maybe not.

3. 500 Days of Summer

Man for some weird reason I'm a sucker for this retard indy tyoe flicks. I went into this movie with really no expectations, and came out pretty amazed. Thought this was the most under rated movie, a sleeper of the year.

2. Paranormal Activity

Or Blair Witch 2009. The only reason this movie made it so high or even on my list is because it scared the living shit out of me.

1. The Hangover

Whoever deined this movie wasen't the best has gotta be an Aids, H1N1, Mad Cow disease infected, upside down disease having worm! This is super funny and the best movie of the year!!!!

That was the best 2009 had to offer, so run to Blockbuster or nearest torrent site and rent, download, purchase this movies!!!

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