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Monday, December 14, 2009

Top 10 Sporting Events of 2009

10. Lions Break 18 game losing streak against the Redskins 9/27

This was a big feat for the Lions after going 0-16 last year and starting 0-2. This game proved just how bad the Redskins are! I'm glad the Lions got a win and their building good off of it, their sitting with a total of 2 wins thus far in the season.

9. UFC 104
Machida .vs. Shogun Rua

This was one bad ass fight! Shogun got robbed dirty, and were talking dirty sanchez style! The rematch is going to happen early next year, I hope it lives up too the billing as the first one!

8. 2008-09 Stanley Cup
Pittsburgh .vs. Detroit

I think the peguins have became my new favorite team to cheer for in hockey. Crosby is the Lebron James on skates, hands down! If dude stays healthy, he'll do some amazing things, gurrraaannntttteeed!!!!

7. 2008-09 NBA Playoffs/Finals

You had to be a fool not to be entertainned by this years playoffs. Derek Rose and the Bulls almost upsetting the Celtics, The Lebrons crusing till big Dwight Howard and The Magic derailed them in the Conference Finals. The Lakers ran the table again, any surprise?

6. Cowboys Stadium opens with the largest attendence for a regular season game in North America

I was at this game, and damn was it LOUD! It sucks my boys lost to the New York Seman.

5.  2009 FIFA Confederation Cup
Brazil .vs. USA

If there was ever a moment were the world sat and thought, "Damn maybe it's time we start respecting USA soccer" was this game. The 1st half we DOMAINATED Brazil nasty. Reailty sinked in hard and Brazil anally massacred us in the 2nd half.

4. 2009 World Series
Yankees .vs. Phillies

With all the shit in the air about the yanks coming into season, boy was this like a slap in everyone's face! A-Rod caught fire, Sabbatha was pitching crazy. What can you say 3 Championship's and 4 apperences in the 2000's?

3. Manny Pacquiao .vs. Miguel Cotto

Sure Mayweather came back, and there were some pretty awesome fights this year. This one fit the billing and was bad ass. Pac took a beaten and rearranged Cotto's face in the process! The one fight is the reason why we'll all be enjoying the best fight since Ali .vs. Frazier next year between Pac and Mayweather.

2. 2009 BCS Bowl Championship
Florida .vs. Oklahoma

First, I hate Tebow! But I sure won alot of money off this game. Remember people were fussing that it should've be Texas playing this game instead of Oklahoma. Now fast foward to this season, Texas does what they have to, to make this match happen. Well, Florida get's an ass assult by Alabama.  I guess we'll never know who was better.

1. Super Bowl XLIII
Pittsburgh Steelers .vs. Arizona Cardinals

Man for a Super Bowl that I thought was gonna suck sure was fun! I got so DRUNK it wasen't even funny! This game give me another reason to hate the Steelers!

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