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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Playoff Prediction Week 2 for Week 15

Here we go:

In the AFC: I have it the same as last week:

Divison Winners:
Indy *16-0* (week 15 win over Jacksonville, week 16 win Jets, week 17 win over buffalo)
San Diego *13-3* (week 15 win cinncy, week 16 win over Tennessee, week 17 win over Washington)
Cincinnati *11-5* (week 15 loss to San Diego, week 16 win Kansas City, week 17 win over Jets)
New England *11-5* (week 15 win over Buffalo, week 16 win over Jacksonville, week 17 win over Houston)
Wild Cards:
Denver *11-5* (week 15 win over Oakland, week 16 win over Philly, week 17 win over Kansas City)
Balitmore *10-6* (week 15 win over Chicago, week 16 win over Pittsburgh, week 17 win over Oakland)

In the NFC here's some changes:

Divison Winners:
New Orleans *15-1* (week 15 loss to Dallas, week 16 win over Tampa Bay, week 17 win over Carolina)

Minnesota *14-2* (week 15 win over Carolina, week 16 win over Chicago, week 17 win over Giants)
Dallas *11-5* (week 15 win over New Orleans, week 16 win over Washington, week 17 win over Philly)
Arizona *10-6* (week 15 win over Detroit, week 16 win over St. Louis, week 17 loss to Green Bay)

Wild Card:
Green Bay *11-5* (week 15 loss to Pittsburgh, week 16 win over Seatlle, week 17 win over Arizona)
Philly *10-6* (week 15 win over San Fran., week 16 loss to Denver, week 17 loss to Dallas)

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