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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 15 Video Games Of The Decade (2000's)

Alright I'm super behind on my blogs so I'm keeping this short and sweet.
I'm judging this games off of personal use, no other outside influence the way it should be!
Now let's jump into my favorite games of the decade of 2000-2009.

15. Crazy Taxi (2000)

This first came out to arcades in 1999 and didn't disappoint on dreamcast. This was pre GTA with the sandbox environment!

14. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 (2001)

When I think of games I had the most fun playing this past decade, this one comes to mind. I remember smoking, and playing this for hours. Remember when the cheats came out and you can manuel without ever falling? Or what about the levels? Man dope game for that time!

13. Bioshock (2007)
XBox 360

Man I was so pissed when this came out for XBox first and had to wait a year to play this bad boy! Visual this game was top notch son!

12. Gears of War (2007)
XBox 360

This was another release that sucked that came out for XBox instead of the PS3. That logo with the red skull is stupid sick! Gameplay was wildness!!!

11. World of Warcraft (2004)

Alright I'll admit I've never played this game and outside of having a friend that's obsessed with this I wouldn't have no clue about it. The reason I put it on my list is, if any game can take control of that many people get em hooked on it like crack needs to be given it's proper respect.

10. Grand Theft Auto 4 (2008)
PS3, XBox 360, PC

The first release from the GTA series to the next gen platforms didn't disappoint!!! I can go on forever on this game but i'll save the rest for the other releases. Let's just say Rockstar ran the decade playa!

9. Halo (2001)

This another series i've never really taken part in, but like I stated about WOW. If it can hook that many people on it, it needs its do respect.

8. Madden 2005 (2005)
PS2, XBox

Personally I thought this was the best Madden of the decade until the newest one came out. This one introduced us to the "Hit Stick" which I think is one of the best features of Madden. It also introduced us to "Story Lines" and "Create A Fan". What about when you won the Super Bowl, the celebrations had confetti shower.

7. Fallout 3 (2008)
PS3, XBox 360

Set in alternative post WW2 timeline as a kid coming out a bomb shelter to a crazy world. This first shooter was super crazy! Long or depends on what route you take. Super fun.

6. Grand Theft Auto Vice City (2002)

I thought this was the funniest (I know not a word) and most entertaining game of the series but one problem! Story line WAY TOOO SHORT!!! Buying property was cool addition, and the Scarface story like theme with a whole 80's background was sick!

5. Little Big Planet (2007)

Creating your sackboy is stupid fun! Finally PS3 has one game up on XBox. Playing the Created levels online is wild!!!

4. Call of Duty: Modern Warefare (2007)
PS3, XBox 360

This game set the stage for the crazyest and best first person shooter we all enjoy now "Cod Modern Warefare 2".

3. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (2004)

DAMN!!!! There was nothing better then this before this one! GTA out did themseleves on this one, not only do you have one city but you have 3 with country, and dessert in between! (L.A., S.F., and Las Vegas). This one also introduced you into the whole girlfriend reltionship aspect of the game.

2. Madden 10 (2009)
PS3, XBox 360

I don't care what anybody says, THIS IS THE BEST MADDEN TO DATE!!! I'm not even going to get into, if you dobut it just go out rent it or borrow it and you'll see why.

1. Grand Theft Auto 3 (2002)

This was what help Rockstar set the decade on fire with all the games we've all grown older loving: The Grand Theft Series!!! Here's some videos for that ass!

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