What is Drunken B.S.? It's a bunch of useless information to debate when drinking, ya dig?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

NFL Picks on Saturday

I'm super late on putting it. I recently starting working nights and my schedule has been thrown off!!!! As promised here's the picks from your boy, and I'm looking DOMINATION again... enjoy

NFL Picks
on Saturday

Baltimore over Cleveland
Minnesota over Detroit
New England over Buffalo
New Orleans over Atlanta
Tennessee over NY Giants
Pittsburgh over Tampa Bay
Cinncy over Carolina
Philly over Jacksonville
Washington over St. Louis
Indy over Denver
Arizona over Oakland
San Diego over Seattle
Sunday Night Football:
NY Jets over Miami
Monday Night Football:
Green Bay over Chicago

San Francisco over Kansas City

Dallas over Houston

p.s.: This weeks things return back to normal

Friday, September 17, 2010

NFL Pick Friday

Week 2 is upon us. Time to recover from last weeks ass kicking. If you know me and picks, the one thing about me is I ALWAYS RECOVER!!! This week has some bad ass games on tap. A couple of tricky ones, but mostly clear cut ones and "The Manning Bowl" on Sunday night. I'm bringing my 8-8 to record to this week and ready to dominate. Let's cut the pork and get into.....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

NCAA Pick'Em

Plain and Simple fat free, who to take on the top 25.... for fun I may throw in some extra picks....

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday NFL X-News

Alright you know what time it is, time for this weeks version of:
Wednesday NFL X-News
*Volume 1 Episode 2*

Music, Movie, Drink Pt.3

My last installment of the this weeks MMD is the last episode of Entourage. I couldn't find a good virus-less site, but I did find a great site where you can download it, and for FREE!!! Man it sucks next season will be the last, but all good things must come to an end I just. If you've been keeping up to date with the show, this one will blow you away Vince as gone out of control! Click the link below to paradise...

Music, Movie, Drink Pt.2

Part 2 Music....
This week I'm not offering any downloads but some good info for 18 lucky cities to catch a pretty awesome live show. N.E.R.D. and Gorillaz. This show will be off the hook. I'll be at the Dallas show below is the dates...

Music, Movie, Drink Pt.1

Part 1 is the Drink.... On this hump day you gotta get prepared with the drink!!! This weeks is something simple "Hennessy and Sprite". Whenever i'm on a budget or just wanna smooth relaxing buzz, then this is what I resort to.

Highball glass
Half with ice
Put about 1 shot and half of Henny
Fill with Sprite
"If you like garnish with a lime for a little added taste*


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Magic Number is..........10

I just got in from the Ranger game and man the boys did it!!! Moving the Magic number to 10 and extending our lead in the West to 9...... The West Title is coming back, and playoff Baseball is in the atmosphere..... breathe that in, goes in easy.....
yes I was that close bub....

5th Quarter Tuesday

Week 1, well was fun to watch, especially if you love defensive struggles. For me it was a nightmare come true!!! My fantasy team started off pretty bad (i.e.: Ryan Grant, Andre Johnson to a name a couple.) As for picks, well started 8-8 was not how I pictured the season starting. Last time I opened at 8-8 was in '03 when I started doing picks! There were a handful of games I knew would go the other way, but I take the safe bet for the first time instead of my gut and this is what I get. Next week I will strike with VENGEANCE!!! That you can take to the bank!!!

Alright on to Week 1, I surprise how defense's have dominated so many games. I really thought there would be way more high scoring games then what there was. But defense is the key this year or maybe just for Week 1. With that said let's jump into this weeks version of the:

Monday, September 13, 2010

NCAA Wrap Week 2

Man I really dropped the ball on my picks for a 2nd straight week!!! I promise this week I'll be back in action on them. If it's any consultation, I did pick Ohio St. against Miami..... Alright I'm gonna run this week's version with less bull and more review since I didn't have my picks in.....

Friday, September 10, 2010

NFL Picks Friday

Thank god football is back in the air, Week 1 is about to kick off in 2 days!!! Man I've been waiting to do my picks since Week 17 of last season. Enough of that, I'm starting this Week off 1-0 after my pick of New Orleans last night. This week is a stacked with GOOD GAMES!!! From N.E. and Cinncy, to Houston and Indy, to Green Bay and Phily, to Dallas and Washington, to Baltimore and NY Jets. Needless to say I'll be in full REDZONE mode on Sunday!!! Without further delay here goes the kick off of 2010-11 season verson of:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NFL Pick Friday on "Wednesday Kickoff Special"

Ahhhhhhh football is back in the air after a LLLLOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG offseason. Man you don't know how much I've missed picking games!!! Last year I had a winning percentage of .890, improved from the year before of .800. Last year I made alot of you money and the service I'm giving you for FREE is back. Take my picks wisely and enjoy your winnings. The rest of the week will be on it's normally schedule on Friday. Now to the Pick.....


Music, Movie, Drink Wednesday Pt. 3

Okay now to the Drink...

Here's a nice little one I made over my birthday weekend. It take me back to when I use to live in Vegas..... ahhhhhh good times......... Back to the story, it's good if your trying to close the deal with a chick that "doesn't drink beer, or liquor". This little baby will come in handy....

Fill Glass with Ice
2 oz. Wild Passion Alize
Fill with Pineapple Juice
Top with Hypontic
Garnish with Pineapple if you please


Music, Movie, Drink Wednesday Pt. 2

First off go with music.... If your fan of eariler Kanye West you'll love this one, "Devil In a New Dress" song is sick just listen

Music, Movie, Drink Wednesday Pt. 1 "Tyson/2pac 30 for 30"

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

5th Quarter Tuesday

Normally this will be the day I display the 6 top games that stood out from the week (4 good games, 1 shitty team nod, and the Game of The Week). So with that said, the season doesn't kick off till Thursday, I thought I'd entertain myself by ranking the teams from top to bottom, and give a look ahead to Week 1. Since I can't get enough hyped about this season anymore here goes my rankings coming into the new year of FOOTBALL!!!!!! *Also as a side note I'll start my picks tomorrow with my pick for Saints and Vikings....*

31. Tampa Bay Bucc's

Monday, September 6, 2010

Mayweather rips Pacquiao in racist video rant--racismo contra Pacquiao

Monday X-News

Alright let's review the big news over the weekend in this edition of "X-News"

NCAA Football Wrap Monday

Let's kick the annual "College Football Wrapup" of Week 1 with a bang. Let's see this past week, my big upset I told freinds about almost happened, ALMOST!!!! There was an upset on the Top 25, "Tebow-less" Florida won a nasty one, Lane Kiffin pulled out a nice one in his USC debut, TCU pulled a close one out in "Jerry World", Oklahoma put the apperence that it's gonna be long road this year with their win, Michagon's QB Denard Robinson tore it UP!!!!, Georgia's red shirt freshman threw 3td's, Cornhuskers first ever freshmen QB delivered in a CRAZY WAY, and we'll see how BYU's 2 QB system will work.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

As a side note.....

I'm aware I'm gonna be a week late on "NCAA Pick'em"..... Week 2 will be my Week 1.... If this has caused any inconvenience, well too bad. Your getting pics for free, so don't be greedy!!!!

Fall 2010 Schedule of Pleasure

If your accustomed to how this works, then you know the drill. If not here's the low down. I try my hardest to stick to the schedule, but I'm human. That's right, the cat's out the bag I said it, I'm human. Just like a human sometimes I might be late a day or two on some post. The only one's that are always on time are the Picks. I know a bunch of you made some good money off these golden picks, so to keep your pocket's happy I'll keep those on time. Here's the run down of each day: