What is Drunken B.S.? It's a bunch of useless information to debate when drinking, ya dig?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

UFC 92

Rampage Putting a Beating to that ASS SON!!!!

Even's Knocked that bitch Griffin out:

Week 17 picks...

Ahh man it's the last week of the NFL season. It's been a fun season let say, alot of great memories, bunch of awesome games, bunch of upsets. I gotta say for the first time, my record on picks is at a all time high (158-85-1). Todays games are going to nice, playoffs on the line so that makes the games so much more great to watch. Well enough of my blah blah here's my picks for the final week of this season:

Atlanta over St. Louis
Baltimore over Jacksonville
New England over Buffalo
K.C. over Cinncy
Green Bay over Detroit
Chicago over Houston
Indy over Tennessee
Minnesota over Giants
Carolina over New Orleans
Miami over Jets
Dallas over Philly
Pittsburgh over Cleveland
Tampa Bay over Oakland
Arizona over Seattle
San Diego over Denver
San Francisco over Washington

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Last Top 10 of the year

This is my last one and this one is:
"Top 10 Sports Event's of 2008"

Alright here's my list and like I said it's my last one so enjoy.....

10. Beijing Summer Olympics
To be totally honest I didn't watch to much of the Olympics, besides the one girl from winning golds from the Dallas area I didn't care too much about it. The stadiums and arenas were really off the chain!!! That birds nest one was cool, oh and before I forget Michael Phillps really Ray-J'ed the Olympics, haha teach them mo fo's to laugh at our fearless leader George W Bush lol.

9. NBA Playoffs

Let me say the playoffs were the shit!!!! On this list of coarse I added the finals from all the major sports, but this is the only sport I added the playoffs to the list. I lost touch with basketball throughout the years, but man this one was fun and entertaining. I was rooting for "The Lebron's " to take it. Man the Celtics had a run, I thought for sure Atlanta had their number. What about Chris Paul and the hornets administering an ass raping to the Mav's? Or what about the emerging Dwight Howard? It was fun all the way to the end.

8. Upcoming Stars for the NHL
"Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby"
Hockey got what they have been desperately needing..... Upcoming Superstars, and they got em this past year. It was fun watching Crosby and Ovechkin battled it out last year throughout the season all the way into the playoffs. I remember hoping that this two would've meet in the finals. It's gonna be fun following them through the remainder of this season.

7. Rampage .vs. Griffin
Man this damn fight pissed me off!!! It was a bad ass fight but pissed me off son!!! Griffin exposed a weakness in Rampage and took it to him the whole damn fight!!! That's all I gotta say about this one, next...

6.MLB World Series
This pick was mainly a default pick. I'm not a fan of what the Rays did this year, I don't like fluke teams like these, and i'm glad the Phillies won. I'm done with this one, next...

5. Jimmie Johnson wins his 3rd Nascar Sprint Championship
I'm not going to pretend that i'm some Nascar guru, but winning three championships in a row is a major accomplishment that should be on anyone's top 10 list of the year.

4. NBA Finals

Well it's always good seeing renewed rivalries battle out for the championship. Not to mention but the commercials were pretty badass son!!! Especially with the Radiohead tune "House of Cards" in the background. I think all in all NBA scored high this past season.

3. Oscar De La Hoya .vs. Manny Pacquiao

Boy this fight all that and some! I guess because I love seeing De La Hoya take a beaten like he did. Not to be selfish but it also opened up the eyes to those who weren't aware of Mr. Manny. I can't wait to see him move up and take Hatten's belt next year and hopefully pave the way for a Mayweather fight..... I'm keeping the fingers crossed.

2. Super Bowl XLII
Let me begin by saying I HATE THE GIANTS!!!! I believe the Patriots should have won that game. I give Eli Manning no credit, yea he won a Super Bowl, but so did Trent Dilfer, Mark Rypkin, Doug Williams, and so did Brad Johnson. Are you going to tell me that they deserve the same credit of the likes of Joe Montana, Terry Bradsaw, Bart Starr, Troy Aikman? Didn't think so. You also have to admit 4 Super Bowl appearances by the Patriots in the '00's is amazing.

1. B.C.S. Drama
I think we all could agree that the B.C.S. drama of this fall had to have been the story of the sports world this year. The whole drama with Texas Tech, Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Florida was crazy. Not to mention this was a bad ass year of college football! This year proved that college football needs a playoff system.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Top 10 Albums of 2008

Alright this is my 2nd to last list for this whole best of 2008 thing. This one is a topic i'm really good at, and know a thing a two about a thing a two. This year the music was kinda sour in my opinion. There were some highlights, but mainly lows. I think this year Lil Wayne reminded everyone around the world how stupid Americans are when it comes to music. A million people bought that shitty album, then said it was the best because "that's whats in". I downloaded it, heard it a few times, then deleted it. Sorry besides that "A Milli" beat the album blew more than a Asian hor house. Which brings me to the T-Pain album. I hate to admit it, but it grew on me. Don't judge me, I think there's a reason why I like it, T-Pain has a love for the ladies and expresses that in his tracks, he has relationship problems. It's all the shit we all go through. At least he isn't talking about being some dude from the hood, then turn around and kiss another guy in the mouth and say "that's jail love".

actually enjoyed this one but not good for my list sir), Immortal Technique (beats were good, but political rap, just, ahh how can I say, gets real old quick), Britney Spears (this was really good,Some albums that didn't make my list; Kanye West (do I have to really say why), Ludacris (I and damn she is hot now, but I can only give one tie), The Game (damn this bitch was really on point, I enjoyed this bitch from the get go, and I still em, but only one tie) Nas (it's always good hearing Nas's voice but this album didn't have alot tracks that stick after hearing) Lady Gaga (besides looking hot, I just couldn't see myself putting it on my list), Panic At The Disco (I tried getting into them, but I just can't do it) Usher (man I'm a Usher fan but this album was average at best) Guns N Roses (if your still a fan and waited for this, then you my friend NEED A FUCKING LIFE) Skillz (I really enjoyed this album, but no more ties) John Mayor's Live album (even though it was good, and always feels good listening to John, I just couldn't put a live album on my list).
Well here's the list of Albums that you should have heard this year, if not download and enjoy the nice sounds.....

-It's a Tie-
Common - Universal Mind Control
N.E.R.D.- Seeing Sounds

Sigur Ros - Med Sut ieyrum Vit spilum Endalaust

Gnarls Barkley - The Odd Couple
John Legend - Evolver

The Cool Kids - The Bake Sale
Beck - Modern Guilt

The Killers - Day and Age
(that's right bitch #4!!!)

Portishead - Third

Coldplay - Viva La Vida and Death To His Friends

Radiohead - In Rainbows
(okay genius mo'fos, they released the download version for free last year but the official release was January 1st of this year)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Top 10 Movies of 2008

Here's My Top 10 List of Movies I've enjoyed in this joy est year of 2008. Enjoy this movies are and will be the shitzess son!!!!


I thought this was a really good one. I know critics and other's didn't think so. I especially liked the way it had ended. Nice Twist and turns.

You Don't Mess with The Zohan

I tell you what, this movie was funny as fuck!!!! If you go into this movie taking it serious then you won't enjoy it. It's meant to be stupid humor!!!

"Disco, Disco, Raww, Raww"

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

I'm a fan of the "Narnia Series" and this one does not disappoint! I choose this one over your "Hancock's" or "Iron Mans". Simply because this movie didn't get the attention it needed.

Role Models

Yes!!! This is funny as hell!!!! I promise you'll spend the whole movie laughing! It was better then "Get Smart". That one line was funny:

"I eat cocaine for breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. So don't bullshit, the bullshitter"

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

I thought that one cat Russell Brand acted pretty good in this one. I think everyone remembers the signs all around
"I hate Sarah Marshall"
"Sarah Marshall I hate you!!!"
That puppet show he directed at the end of the movie was pretty dope son!


Indiana Jones: Kingdom of The Crystal Skulls

I watched this one with my dad on Fathers day, Let's get this clear, I wasn't a big
"Indiana Jones" fan, even when I was younger I just never dugged it. This one was pretty cool. The adventure and action scenes were super cool.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button *

There's a reason for the star by the title, I know it's not out yet, but i'm going off on a limb on this one. I believe that it will be that good! Let's hope i'm right.

Pineapple Express

Aw man, I don't think you had to be a pot head to enjoy this one. Damn James Franco was the shit in this one. And Red was funnier then all of them! That one scene with the cold sore was super dope!

"Bro's before hoes"

The Dark Knight

Before I start the last two, I understand how important this film was. I know and I agree that Heath Ledger put on a performance that was out of this world! But I just didn't think it was the number 1 movie of the year! Don't get me wrong, this movie was so fucking bad ass, But I thought Wall-E was 20x more better.


What can you say, Pixar did it again like Britney Spears!!! I saw this one with my girlfriend and I like I told her and everyone else, this movie is an innocent love story. There isn't movies like this anymore!!!! I don't wanna come off all gay or pussy like, but this was the only movie of the year that I saw that actually brought a tear to my eye. Yes, Wall-E went that far just to hold her hand! Not for some head, or some ass, just to hold her hand!!! Since it touched me like that then it blessed my list at number !!!

There's a few movies I just couldn't put on my list without kicking my own ass!!! And those are:

Get Smart
Kung Fu Panda
Iron Man
Mama Mia
Sex In The City
and That James Bond Movie...

They all sucked and if you liked them, then you suck!!!!!! It was a good year for movies, and can't wait for next year...

Sorry about how funky this looks, i've tried editing it and still comes out looking stupid like this....

Week 16 Bitches

Alright this one's gonna be short and sweet because i'm already late with my picks. I blame that on heavy drinking and an implosive lose by the Cowboys last night. Alright my record for this week is 1-1 so far and for the year: 150-79-1. Here's the picks for this week (and also I haven't seen any scores yet to any games) :

Cleveland over Cincy
New Orleans over Detroit
Miami over K.C.
Atlanta over Minnesota
New England over Arizona
Carolina over NY Giants
San Fran. over St. Louis
Tennessee over Pittsburgh
Phily over Washington
Denver over Buffalo
Houston over Oakland
Jets over Seattle
Tampa Bay over San Diego
Chicago over Green Bay

Now let me see how i'm doing son....

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Why white women shouldn't drink in the bathroom....

Super Dumb Hoes, EXTREMELY STUPID DUMB HOES!!!!!! Enjoy...

2nd Favorite Cowboy Moment From Texas Stadium

Damn were winding down on my list. Tonight, as you know is the last home game at Texas Stadium. I know most of my favorite moments have came from the modern era, well my response to that is, most of the best memories from Texas Stadium came from the modern era in my opinion son!!! If you don't like then suck a fat one.

Alright not to lose track but damn it's a bitch that the Texas Stadium is going down, but I have to say I'm very anxious for the new one!!!

Okay let's recap the previous moments on my list:
5) Romo's 5 Td performance on Thanksgiving
4) T.O. 2000 Touchdown Celebration on the Star
3) The Ring of Honor disaster against the Redskins

Without further a do here's number 2:

Thanksgiving Day 1993 against the Miami Dolphins, the score was 14-13 with like 15 seconds left. Miami kicks a field goal and it's blocked all we needed to was let the ball sit, but hold up here comes big dumbass Leon Lett, you would of thought after he embarrassed himself the year before in the Super Bowl with his stupid fumble was enough, but no he mange to out do himself once again on this one little play. He slides to try to get and loses a grip on it, the dolphins recover at the 1, kick a field goal again and win the game. Yes this one play has got be tattooed in every Cowboy fan. Here's the video to remind you of how dumb you can be, enjoy....

Next week is the last week of the season, and my last moment, what will it be...... hmmm we will see...

Saturday Night Football

Tonight's game is a simple pick playa!!! Cowboys, go with the boys. I'll tell you why, Flaco will not beat the cowboys, and also it will hard to complete a pass from the ground! I do admit it will be hard for Romo to get a good offense going with Ed Reed taking T.O. out, Barber playing at 37.4%, and a 57% healthy Roy Williams. What this game will boil down to is our D, and we will get it down!!!!

So go with the:


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Night Football

I'm not going into a long story about tonights game it's a simple pick and if you argue with then you need a knuckle sandwich!!!!! Go with and this team will clinch a playoff:


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Top 10 Games of 2008 for the PS3

It's that time of year where every genius of the web is throwing their "top 10 list of the year" for everything. They have them from "Games" to "Photo's" to "Fruits" to "Favorite Sexual Theme" to "how to cheat on your taxes" and to "animal" of the year. So being the clever and cool dude I'm I decided to join this party!!! Well I'm joining because I'm mainly bored and have nothing else to do with my time (since college is done for the moment) . Also my choices are the choices of gods, it's like if god came to earth and made a list it would be like this!!!!


I've made my list's from Games, Movies, Albums, Sport Events, and Fights of the year. I'll be doing one different everyday until I run out of list, cool? In case you haven't read any of my previous blogs, I play PS3, no Wii, no X-Box, no PC just PS3. So my list consist of games I've played this year for the PS3 and that I'VE ENJOYED. Not what so website picks or what the popular pick of the week is. Sorry had to get that out of the way, without saying much more here's my personal list of

"The 10 Games of 2008 for the PS3"

Tom Clancy's
"End War"

That's my first game to start the list off. It's a very amazing game!!! I love the voice command, and the the landmarks you can attack are just wild! It'll take you some time to get use to the commands but once you get it, it's super fun!

Lego Indiana Jones
"The Original Adventure"

I've always been curious about these "Lego Games". I always thought they seemed very childish. But I finally cave in with this one and I had to say it was very fun! It stayed true to the movies, as far as the story went. One of the coolest parts was unlocking the Star Wars characters Chuy, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. This game is cool to play if ya got to kill some time.

Pixel Junk Eden

Damn Pixel Junk makes some bad ass fucking games huh? After playing "Pixel Junk Monster" I was already bought on this game. Visually this game kicked ass!!! I didn't get as addicted on this one as I did with Monster but the soundtrack was off the muthafuckin chain!!! I think the coolest part was that it was only available on Playstation Network.

Call of Duty
"World at War"

Well what can I say about this one? The flame thrower is sick! The Jap army hiding in tree's, making it harder then fuck to kill them. The online Zombie mode. Some of the weapons on here. The graphics improving from COD4 (if you could believe that). I mean what I'm trying to say it is super dope son!!!

Fallout 3

When I first played it I was blown away! The whole story mode is bad ass! The pep boy is chillin.... And plus you get to nuke a town within your first hour of playing this mutha! The lock on aiming with the percentage of accuracy is pretty cool! It was my favorite game for the fall but for this list it sits at 6.

Sid Meier's
"Civilization Revolution"

I have to say as soon as the demo came out for this I was automatically hooked on it like a crack head!!! If you ever flirted with the idea of ruling the world like myself then this is your game my good sir. The add-on's that are available for this game are the shit! The thing that kinda sucks is you only get one nuke per game! When you use it, it is awesome! Some hint's sure, if you wanna dominate by war use the German army. Try to get the gallery as fast as you can so you can travel the map and discover ancient secrets first.
Any other time this would be #1 but with all these other games this is the best I could do.


Madden 2009

Well I was kinda surprised that I put this game so high. There are plenty of things about this game I really HATE WITH A PASSION!!!!!!!!!
Example, sure; Madden I.Q., Rewind (there is no fucking rewind in football!!!!!) With all that said the graphics have improved ten fold on it. There's times playing it where it seems like your watching a real game on t.v. I guess I put it up so high because of my passion for football.

Little Big Planet

I've been waiting for this damn game all fucking year. Was the wait worth it you ask? Well look what number it is. The only reason it didn't get higher was because the the top 2 hold a more personal spot in my heart, but this one is moving up there lol. I finally got most of costumes, the afro and the 70's sun shades are the shit!!! The thing that's the coolest is playing online with other people, or when your in someone else's pod, placing the most stupidest stickers on their pod is just classical!!!

Pixel Junk Monster

This game is what a video game should be. The "Encore" version was so, so. Man I remember me and my buddy would play this fucker for hours just trying to pass a stage at 100%!!! Most of the time we were at our best when we were drunk. This game is fun, addictive, hard, and cool. Oh I forgot the soundtrack is just sooooooooooooooooo amazing. It's a bargain for only $10 bucks on the network. I mean I don't know what else to say about it. Remember the black arrows are more effective then a black cannon.

Grand Theft Auto 4

If you gotta ask yourself why this is Number 1 then you deserve a nice kick in your face. I've been hooked on the GTA series like an alcoholic's liver to liquor. This game is awesome, the cell phone feature I thought was cool. The visuals is off the chain's. Not to mention play is crazy......

That's my 2008 list for PS3 games, if i'm still blogging this time next year we'll have to see how the games of next fear up to these bad mam a jam a's. Stay tune to this bat channel I'll put my next Top 10 list of 2008 tomorrow.

Like always god bless,
remember Bro's before ho's
Safety first, then teamwork.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Week 16 Playoff Prediction....

Since everyone and their mama's like to make playoff prediction's, I decided to join in the party. The only difference is that mine will more then likely happen because all them other dudes are a bunch of doches.

Right now as we speak this is the picture:

(Titans, Steelers have the 1st round bye)

Wild Card's:
Jets - Ravens
Broncos - Colts

(Giant's, Panthers have the 1st round bye)

Wild Cards:
Vikings - Buc's
Cardinals - Cowboys

Well this how I see it going down. Ready better grab your hat it's about to get crazy....

1st Round Byes:

Wild Card Matches:

That's right bitches I have the muthafuckin Dolphins and Patriots in.... And here how I have it plying out:

Dolphins beat Patriots
Colts Destroy Broncos

2nd Round:
Colts beat Titans
Steelers beat Dolphins

AFC Championship:
Steelers beat Colts

1st Round Byes:

Wild Card Matches:

It sucks I have it playing out the way it is now. Sorry Eagles and Falcons, just don't see it happening. This is how I see it playing out:

Vikings over Buc's
Cowboys get revenge on Card's

2nd Round:
Giants over Vikings
Cowboys over a tough Panthers

NFC Championship:
Cowboys win a nasty and disgusting one of Giants

Super Bowl:
Cowboys d wins over Steelers