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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Music Wednesday Son......

Two New Singles By 50 Cent - "Get Up" and "50 Cent for President" enjoy.

******You Might Wanna Press Pause on the Blog down so you don't hear both players playing at the same time********

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I voted!!!

Yes I did!!!
If your registered to vote man go out and do it!!!

On one last note, let me say as soon as I walked out the polling place, damn it felt real good, like your doing something good for your country.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Who should I vote for???

Well let me start this off with this, at first I was a big Obama supporter and I was really feeling what he was about and for. But, it seems here as a late hes making a turn to a socialist country (if you don't know, similar to communism) And i'm really not liking the idea of my taxes going towards helping folks out who don't pay taxes, and to those who are lazy and sit at home and collect government checks instead of looking for work. Now before I move on i'm not saying everyone's in this boat, I understand some people aren't able to work, but those that are and don't, that's the group i'm talking about. All this money he's using to cut taxes is got to come from somewhere, and I don't agree 100% that taxing the "rich" to help the poor is good. Let me put it this way, what if you work your whole life to finally make it in "this rich bracket" and now you got to pay for it. It doesn't make sense huh? The other issue I really am not for is there being a 100% democrat presence in the government (house, senate, and president). I guess i'm what i'm saying is I feel from what I understand from history and what Obama is saying is going to hurt "middle class" (which i'm in).

And don't get me wrong Mccain isn't really any better in my view. I'm not on the bandwagon of "Oh Palin sucks" or "Palin would make a horrible V.P.". All I gotta say is that Biden isn't any better. The V.P.'s suck in this election and their both idiots. So i'm stuck like chuck at the moment....

One last thing.....

The thing that annoy's me is these bandwagon voters. For example "I'm voting for Obama cause my friends are..." or "Oh B.E.T. is supporting Obama so I'm to" or "My family supports Mccain, so I do too" or "The new's and my friends say Mccain is like bush so i'm not voting for him!" All I gotta say is, voting is a privilege you shouldn't waste on something stupid like that. Read up on your candidate, learn who your voting for before you move on. Don't make your decision's on what your friend's, t.v., family or whatever tell ya. That's all for now peace son....

Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Music Sunday.....

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Silva - Cote last night...

I missed the fight last night (due to a costume party) but from what I've read it sounded like a somewhat boring and a waste of money. So I looked it up this morning, cuz c'mon Anderson Silva, "a bad fight", "boring...", "waste of money..." no way! So I looked up more and I have to say it was interesting the way he messed with ol dude, but at the end when Cote tears his ACL was a sight! The way it tears from the side is pretty sick, and just seeing that would have been worth watching! See for yourself below...

Week 8 Picks!!!!

Last Week I rolled 9-5 (63-40 for the season). Once again I got my upset pick right, whats that like 3 weeks in roll? Last week was a interesting week. For starters my boys last again! New England showed up on Monday night against a disgusting Denver D. Indy got a ass beating worst then what my boys are getting. Chicago won a shootout against Minny, to bad neither one has a d. And Buffalo showed everyone why San Diego sucks!!! This week had some tough ass games. Like Pittsburgh and New York Giants, or Atlanta and Phily, or Dallas Tampa Bay. Well without further a do here's the golden picks of the week....

Baltimore over Oakland
Carolina over Arizona
Dallas over Tampa Bay
(no way were dropping 3 straight, trust me!)
Washington over Detroit
Buffalo over Miami
New England over St. Louis
(no s. jackson equals no victory)
San Diego over New Orleans
N.Y. Jets over K.C.
Phily over Atlanta
Jacksonville over Cleveland
Pittsburgh over N.Y. Giants
San Fran. over Seattle

And the upset special on Monday night son is..................................

Indy over Tennessee
(Ten. gets their first loss this week)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kanye West new video "Love Lockdown"


Wow Losing to the Rams and going 4-3 is really embarrassing. Man the WHOLE team really blew! There wasen't one player or one side of the ball, the whole team sucked!!! Man we gotta change something before we end up 4-5 and looking at a bye week and the whole season....

And if you didn't get stuck with a psycho

Sing this song and do what it says, enjoy...

I forget to do the music of the weekend, so here's a late one

I forgot, I forgot, so sorry, well here's a song that I hope that none of you out there got stuck with a psycho this weekend telling you something like this, or at least what the video is about, any ways enjoy Katy Perry "Hot n Cold"

Week 7 Picks Son...

Okay last week I went 8-6 (54-35 for the season)... I know, not that good compared to the last three weeks. But I called the upset with Houston over Miami. I have to admit even though I did go 8-6 and my boys lost like 20 players with injuries and got man-handled by the Cardinals, it was a fun weekend of football. Like for example the Bears and Falcons, was a kick ass game all the way till the end. St.Louis and Washington was another good game. I guess what i'm saying I'll take a 8-6 weekend for some kick ass, last minute awesome games. With that said here's my week 7 picks son....

Carolina over New Orleans
Chicago over Minnesota
Pittsburgh over Cincy
Tennessee over K.C.
Miami over Baltimore
Giants over San Fran
Dallas over St. Louis
Houston over Detroit
Indy over Green Bay
Jets over Oakland
Washington over Cleveland
Tampa Bay over Seattle
Denver over New England

And for the Upset for the week, well it's not really an upset, I think it's gonna open peoples eyes to this team (if they weren't already) and that is:

Buffalo over San Diego

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The John Mccain Experience Enjoy....

Romo playing sunday?????

Read this article from msnbc:

"Not far from the unoccupied locker of suspended cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones, receiver Roy Williams talked excitedly Wednesday about coming home to play for the Dallas Cowboys.

The still-frustrated Terrell Owens, who has struggled to get open and is without a 100-yard receiving game this season, spoke nearby. During his sometimes terse 10 minutes, T.O. said he looked forward to having Williams on the field and called Jones’ situation unfortunate.

Then there was quarterback Tony Romo.

Romo made several throws during an early walkthrough, then appeared briefly in the locker room with the broken pinkie finger on his throwing hand heavily wrapped before escaping quickly without comment. Later, during part of the 25 minutes of practice open to reporters, Romo remained on the sideline with trainers.

Later Wednesday ESPN.com quoted a “high-ranking Cowboys source” that Romo had told coaches he’s ready to play Sunday.

For now, the Cowboys are trying to move ahead without Romo and Jones, who is gone at least four games — maybe much longer, possibly forever.

“It’s unfortunate. We can’t really dwell on who’s not here. We have to worry about the people that are here,” Owens said. “But we still love Pacman like a brother and a teammate.”

Jones is barred from the Cowboys’ facility during his suspension, the full length of which will be determined by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell after Dallas plays Nov. 16 at Washington. Goodell said a lifetime ban remained a possibility.

For the Cowboys (4-2), who have lost two of their last three games, they have to overcome all the distractions and get ready to playSunday at St. Louis.

“Our team was real focused,” coach Wade Phillips said after practice Wednesday. “Some of it bands you together. That is what we try to preach. ... It’s difficult, but I think it’s something you have to do.”

The NFL said Jones’ reinstatement will depend on strict compliance with treatment plans by the league and the Cowboys and an evaluation by “clinical experts.”

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that would include alcohol counseling for Adam Jones, though the owner wouldn’t go into specifics about any of the prescribed treatment plans that would be voluntary.

Only six weeks after being reinstated from a 17-month suspension and missing the 2007 season for the Tennessee Titans because of repeated troubles, Adam Jones was involved in an alcohol-related scuffle Oct. 7 with one of his team-provided bodyguards at a private party in Dallas.

Jones is now off the team and on his own trying to get yet another chance to play in the NFL."

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We have Mr. Roy Williams...

One might argue that we gave up to much for him (1st, 3rd and 6th pick in next years draft) but hey, we were going to have to answer the WR position either this year, or in next years draft. With Roy man T.O. should blow up crazy!!! Watch and wait when romo comes back, it's over son!!!

No more pac-man, for at least 4 games...

I guess "Pac-Man" proved to us all, that he is after all, A IDOIT!!!! I don't understand how you can get a crazy chance to turn around everything that people think and say about you and not to mention your career, and do this? I hate he got suspended because the boys are my team, but hey he had it coming.

Devin Harris got Hustled Son On Some Street Ball!!!

Haha This proves why he SUCKS!!!! enjoy....

Monday, October 13, 2008

John Legend's New Album

I recieved this album this past weekend and DAMN!!!! This album is super super good!!! From the beginning it kicks off good and dosen't let down. It's smooth and the music itself is really good! Here's some tracks to look out for:
It's Over (with Kanye West)
Cross The Line
Take Me Away
Good Morning
No Other Love (with Estelle)
I recommend picking this up when it comes out October 28.

What a weekend of Football!!!!!

First off College on Saturday was a bad ass and Week 6 didn't dissapoint. Here's some of the games that I thought I'd speak about that were pretty bad ass!!!!

Minnesota and Detroit; Both teams looked pretty shitty, but damn that finish was sick!!!

Wanna talk about sick finishes, what about Chicago and Atlanta. If you missed that 4th qtr. then you missed a damn good game. I gotta tell ya, you gotta keep an eye out for mista Matt Ryan.

I told ya about this upset!!! I hate Houston but that 4th qtr. was pretty nice.
The Muthafuckin Rams beat the Redskins, Score!!! Sort of? We gotta play these a-holes next week, I'm starting to scared about these "for sure win games" now..

Before I write this, i'm a Tom Brady fan and this game in my mind, even though the Patriots got killed, still doesn't count until Shawn Merrian and Tom Brady are playing. But It makes you wonder what comes around goes around huh?

FUCKING COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Romo's hurt a month, felix jones out for two weeks, anthony spencer out two weeks, matt mcbrair out for 6-8 weeks, sam hurd out 4 weeks, and we lose to Arizona!!!! Damn, Damn, Damn... It's gonna be a long week.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Number 1??? I told ya so.....

That's right son, what an upset... With Missouri losing could Texas be the next number 1???

Week 6 Picks.....

Last Week I kicked ass son!!! I hope ya took my pics and bet some money! If you did, I know you had a bad ass week, if not then your kicking yourself in the ass right about now. Last week my record was: 10-4. Not bad huh? For the year i'm shotting at 46-29. I had a really bad week 1 and 2 but since I've been hot!!! Last week i called that beautiful upset "Atlanta over Green Bay". This week looks a little tough but I've it and here goes my picks for Week 6:

Chicago over Atlanta
Baltimore over Indy
Minnesota over Detroit
New Orleans over Oakland
NY Jets over Cincinnati
Carolina over Tampa Bay
Washington over St. Louis
Denver over Jacksonville
Dallas over Arizona
Phily over San Fran.
Green Bay over Seattle
New England over San Diego
NY Giants over Cleveland

and for this weeks upset, can I get a drum roll...

I don't know if this could be consider a upset, but then again no one is expecting them to win so here it goes:

Houston over Miami

Some Tracks for the Weekend....

This is a little mixtape to get ya in the party mode for the weekend, burn, copy, download to your i-pod, zune whatever, and enjoy

John Legend - Green Light

Coldplay - Strawberry Swing

C.R.S. - US Placers

The Game - Angel

Gnarls Barkley - She Knows

Jay-Z - Party Life

Kanye West - Drunk and Hot Girls

N.E.R.D. - You Know What

Portishead - Wondering Stars

Usher - Trading Places


Well, Well, it's that time again...
Time to get a little a drinky drink and watch your state (if your from texas or oklahoma)
battle it out. I hate that texas seems to get blown out in these contest, but I have faith in our boys that we'll turn it around this year and take it. And also if they do lose, I owe my boss a case of beer, so lets go Longhorns....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This is dope!!! I can't wait to own one!!!

powerful 300W RMS
With a powerful 300W RMS output, you can be confident that you will feel the impact of your favourite action movie, and still hear the soft dialogue, and delicate musical scores.
virtual 5.1 surround sound
Using SAMSUNG's DNSe 2.1 sound engine, the HT-X810 achieves realistic surround sound, without the need for messy speakers & cables.
5.8GHz wireless subwoofer
The wireless subwoofer allows easy room placement, and it operates on a 5.8GHz frequency to reduce any interference from cordless phones, etc.
Bluetooth connectivity
With a Bluetooth connection you can easily (and wirelessly) play music directly from your Bluetooth MP3 player or mobile phone.

My response.....

I feel obama is the best candiate for america. Okay? I feel he's got more to offer then Mcain, but after seeing how stupid americans are acting over obama, is really, really scary! The fact this shit you don't hear about it on mainstream media is also scary. I'm not trying to sound like Glen Beck, or Bill O Rilly, but open your eyes, Obama is a Man, like me and other men. He's no savior or messiah, he's a man!!! If you know your american history, when has a president ever, ever saved the u.s. never son! Think about...

Wow!!!! Some More Freaky Shit? Has America gone crazy?

Isn't This freakish???

Barack Obama must be elected President of the United States. It’s his worldview, his clarity of judgment, and his just plain right-mindedness that resonate with me. Figuring that my efforts were best spent raising money for the campaign, I have thrown myself into a new world—one in which fluffy chatter and frivolous praise are replaced by a get-to-the-point directness and disciple-like devotion. It’s intense and intoxicating. ...

... I have to confess I felt a certain shame that the dress I wore—a bright-red Prada number from next season that my former boss, Carol, insisted I buy the day before—cost more than the $1,000 ticket to the event itself. ... How this paid off I’ll share in a moment. ...

I was on my feet as Senator Obama entered the room. Fate had blessed me in this moment, as I realized that the aisle that was keeping me from my seat was created for him and his secret service escort to make their way to the stage. Within seconds, he was a few feet from me. Cameras were flashing, everyone was cheering, and I knew this was my moment. I pushed my way up to the barricade as he shook hands with as many people as time would allow. I squeezed up front, but Obama was moving quickly and just passed me by. Then, in a moment of divine intervention, he saw me, clad in my red stop-sign of a dress, back-tracked ever so slightly in his procession, grabbed my hand, and gave that brilliant smile of his. I literally said out loud to the woman next to me who witnessed my good fate, "I’ll never wash this hand again."

Elle associate publisher Samantha Fennell. July 2008. Samantha recently announced that she was leaving her position to follow Obama and raise funds for his campaign.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Guess What I Got and You Don't...

Little Big Planet Beta Son!!!! That's right you suckas gotta wait till the end of the month to play it and I got it, SCORE!!!!!! The game is amazing, it will be worth the buy... Here's a Pic of the game for ya....

Funny Video, how dumb can you be?

NFL: Week 5 Picks...

Alright here it goes, fuck espn come here, my records better son:

Tennessee over Baltimore
Carolina over K.C.
Chicago over Detroit
Indy over Houston
San Diego over Miami
NYGiants over Seattle
Phily over Washington
Denver over Tampa Bay
Buffalo over Arizona
My Cowboys over Ochio Coochie and the Bengals
New England over San Fran. (this one is going to be a tough game)
Pittsburgh over Jacksonville
New Orleans over Minnesota

And for a drum roll
The Upset of the Week:

Atlanta over Green Bay

Look's Like Kimbo Done With MMA., Look At The Video...

15 seconds and it was over son... Looks like backyard fighting is back in the future....
But was he fooling anyone?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Al Davis Sucks Son!!!! But then again I really don't Like the Raiders....

First off I hate the Raiders, and the fact they're having so much trouble with their front office is actually pretty bad ass to me!!! But for the 10 Raider fans in the world it must really suck having a fake Jerry Jones running your team straight into the ground. Not even that but he looks like he's a few years from being on Iron Lung. Look at some of the new pic's of him, doesn't resemble another character from the 80's/90's... Let me think oh yea, the crypt keeper from tales from the crypt haha Alright not to rag too much on you Raider fans, but until Al Davis leaves the team you'll always be 3-13 or 5-11 team that's the facts.

See the Pic's
Look's like long last family members...

Al Davis Now

Al Davis 10 years ago

Friday, October 3, 2008

Music Too Download For The Weekend....

The Three Albums that'll have your weekend starting and ending of right is:

Paper Trails

Now I know it just came out to you most of you guys, but I've had this one for going on a month, and it's really good. It has all the elements your looking for in a weekend; partying, drinking, girls, intercorse haha!!!! It's a good one download it.

The 2nd is:

50 Cent
Before I Self Destruct

This bitch is banging son!!! It should of been released instead of Curtis. This one's got some nice joints on it for the occasion if you get someone home from where ever your partying from.
If you download it be sure to put on these tracks: Girl Come Over, Part Time Lover, & Bottom Chick. Then after your done with your business bump "I Don't Love 'Em" Haha it'll be a way to end a evening.

The Final One Is.....

Bishop Lamont
The Confessional

It's a nice Sunday chilling type of flow here. When your unwinding from the Friday and Saturday put this on to help your Sunday and look back at the nice memories you had....

Who won the Debate?

Well, I believe, that Biden started off super strong,
and Palin finished good.

I'd have to give it a draw, because Palin look's hot!!!
I believe the term is called

Nokia 5800, The I-phone killer son!!!!