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Friday, October 30, 2009

NFL Picks Friday

Alright it's Friday so that means here another edition of:
NFL Picks Friday

If you don't know by now, I'm pretty bad ass at my picks and my record shows: 76-27. Look up Yahoo Sports, or the Genius's at ESPN. Mines is better. Last week their were a few games that were bad for game like Arizona New York, or letting my hopes for Chicago get in my way for picking them over Cincy. This week is redemption for me. There are some pretty tough games to pick on the schedule this week, but I know I'll come through like always. With that said and keeping with the halloween theme let's get to it, and other web pickers, no matter ESPN, Yahoo, yo momma's basement picker, I'm coming for blood this weekend sucka!

Houston over Buffalo
Chicago over Cleveland
Dallas over Seattle
Indy over San Fran
Jets over Miami
Jags over Titans
San Diego over Oakland
Arizona over Carolina

Detroit over St. Louis
(if Stafford is playing, if not, switch)

***Update Nov. 1st 11:00 am Ctl**
St. Louis over Detroit

Baltimore over Denver
Green Bay over Minnesota
Giants over Eagles
New Orleans over Atlanta

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

College Football Wednesday

Alright Week 2 of the BCS is here. Last week the Top got a little rattled. Hometown TCU is moving up the ranks with that awesom victory over BYU. Texas-TCU championship??? Seem's far fetched, but I think we can all agree when it comes to the BCS anything is possible. Flordia took their game, Alabama squeezed one close one out. What about Boise St., or Iowa? Maybe this could be the year where we'll see some new suspect's fighting for the title?

Here's how me and MR.C feared against each other last week: (for the sake of this catagory I'll go by Mr. Big D )

D - 9-1
 (key lose: Miami)
C - 7-3
(key win: Clemson)

Here's what's on Tap for this upcoming weekend for the Top 10:
  1. Flordia - Georgia
  2. Alabama - (idle)
  3. Texas - @ 14 Ok. St.
  4. Iowa - Indiana
  5. USC - @ 10 Oregon
  6. TCU - UNL V
  7. Boise St. - San Jose St.
  8. Cincinnati - @ Syracuse
  9. LSU - Tulane
  10. Oregon - 5 USC
Down to the head to head showdown:

Boise St.

Oklahoma St.
Boise St.

World Series Kick's Off Tonight!!!

If you look back at my October 7th blog you will see that I clearly stated this would be the World Series. If you enjoyed the winning's then it doesn't stop there! I'm really excited about this series and hope it lives up to the hype! Here's how I see this series going down:

Game 1 - Yankees
Game 2 - Yankees
Game 3 - Phillies
Games 4 - Yankees
Games 5 Phillies
Game 6 - Yankees

.... that's right

Cotto Pacquiao 24/7 Episode 1

This fight's gonna be super dope!!!! I hope from the way Pac's camp is starting is a sign of things to come! Enjoy the first episode:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NFL Tuesday

With Week 7 in the books, it's that time again for
 "NFL WrapUp Tuesday"
This week we witness some awesome games, some disappointments (*cough*cough*Chicago*), crazy comebacks, nice finshes, and some statement games. With that said let's jump into it:

Houston 24, San Francisco 21

I thought this game like others was going to be a blow-out! It looked that way for a half until Alex Smith came in and rocket 3 TD's. Their offense looked good in the 2nd half. Alex Smith started looking like the QB he was suppose to be like 10 years ago as a top pick. The Texan's could this be the year they break the 8-8 threshold???? Also as a side note some scary news on the field, Andre Johnson left with sore lungs, scary business there. I hope he get's back better! Well mainly because my fantasy team needs those points! lol Overall B +, almost a good comeback, the 4th quarter was very entertaining.

Pittsburgh 27, Minnesota 17

The pic say's all!!! I called it, Minnesota's first lost, and i'm calling it now, they will lose in Green Bay next week!!! That's for another day and time, back to the game, it was back and fourth. Farve and Sidney Rice has been a pretty nice matchup so far! A.P. had a monster crazy run in the 4th!! I thought, oh no here we go again another comeback. Nope, Chester the Molester Taylor f-ed a pass and Pitt took it back. Boy did I love this lose for the Vike. Their not that good!!! Overall A-, another great game by Minnesota. They really are living up to the bill as "Must See Football".

Dallas 37, Atlanta 21

Remember up top when I mention statement games, well this one was it. The boy's needed a big demanding victory like this against a solid team to show the rest of the league we still have it. Since Romo's gone back to scrammbling around and not pocket, big play's have happened! For example those 3 sack's he dodge at the end of 2nd was crazy, what about Miles having another wild game! The Boy's need any victory right now, there at the end it's gonna be rough! Overall A, fun to watch the boy's do what they do best, entertain.

*Something new to the NFL Wrapup*


Oakland 0, New York Jets 38

All I have to say is this: Mark Sanchez had to eat a hot dog from the stands to stay alive thourgh this whole game. How bad do the Raiders suck? So bad that they win the first "Shittish Team of The Week" award! Enjoy and i'm sure there's more to come!



New Orleans 46, Miami 34

I tell you what, there are some team's this year that are truly fun to watch this year. Ravens, Vikings, Pat's, and Saints. They were down 24-3 with some change left in the 2nd. Drew Bree's and the Saint's did this crazy comeback to win this game. The Dolphins are looking promising these past few games, so they were in no way a push over. There's not much more I can say without saying WOW!!!! Overall A+++++, still haven't lost, and crazy comeback = game of the week!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mixtape Monday

This week, I don't have any mixtapes but I do have two super duper dope ass tracks for download!!!! Jay Elect has some unreleased tracks leaked out and sounds crazy!!!! Grab 'em before link dies....

Friday, October 23, 2009

NFL Picks Friday

There's some pretty good games on tap for this weekend of Week 7. This is the week where I believe we'll see what teams will be in the 10-6, 9-7 pool and the 8-8, 7-9, and maybe even 6-10 pool. The games i'm looking foward in seeing this weekend are Pitt and Minn., Dallas and Atlanta, Chicago and Cincy. I think there may even be a trap for some teams i.e. New Orleans, Chargers. I'm coming into this week 66-24. Still better then alot, let me say that again ALOT of guys picking online, and I don't plan on slowing down this weekend! I'm coming for blood this weekend, so I guess you can call me Count Pickula. Keeping with the halloween theme, if your an online picker watch your neck this week cause i'm coming for you!!!!! lol

lol lol lol lol lol lol
now to the picks:

Packers over Browns
Chargers over Chiefs
Texans over 49ers
Colts over Rams
Patriots over Buc's
Panthers over Bills
Jets over Raiders
Cowboys over Falcons
Saints over Dolphins
Giants over Cardinals

Monday Night Football:
Eagles over Redskins

Steelers over Vikings

Bears over Bengals

NBA Wednesday on Friday

Man, can't believe it the NBA is lurking upon us and the season is coming up super quick!!! Today is the kick off to NBA Wednesday (which starting next week will be on Wednesday's not Fridays). I'm going to throw out my early predictions for the East and West. Playoffs? Nope not quite yet, i'll wait for later. It looks to be an exciting season, with Shaq and Lebron together, Wallace in Boston, Can D-Howard and Magic repeat the Magic of last season? Can the Lakers make another run and dominate the West again? And the West, who else can make a good run? Excited yet? I'm, I can't wait for the season to start,
with that said here's this Friday's special edition of
NBA Wednesday
with my pre season picks.

1. Clevleand
2. Boston
3. Orlando
4. Atlanta
5. Chicago
6. Toronto
7. Miami
8. Washington
9. Detroit
10. Phily
11. Indiana
12. New York
13. Milwaukee
14. New Jeresy
15. Charlotte

1. L.A. Lakers
2. Denver
3. San Antonio
4. New Orleans
5. Portland
6. Dallas
7. Utah
8. Phoenix
9. Houston
10. L.A. Clippers
11. Oklahoma
12. Golden State
13. Minnesota
14. Sacramento
15. Memphis

Music Thursday (on Friday)

50 Cent - Crime Wave
 The New Single/ Movie Video off "Before I Self Distruct"

Wow, this is jamming!!! Damn that new 50 is gonna be banging!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

College Football Wednesday (on Thursday)

I know this week I've been super behind on my schedule, so sorry! I will have the rest of the week on time guarantee.
Okay back to the topic at hand, we are at the half way point in this College Football season. Wow, half way! Can you believe it? This season seem's to be more in the HOV lane rolling at 95mph, instead of crusing. I mean for example, I couldn't believe Texas, OU came and went super fast. With the midway point comes the infinte B.C.S. standings!!!!
For my college football picks i'm going to do something new and fresh from here on out. I'm going to put the top 10 of the B.C.S. with their upcoming game, pick who I think's gonna win, and also do a flip of a coin to see whose gonna decide the game. Head's will be whoever is at home, Tail's is for whose on the road. I figure "Chance" is my best opponent on picking games hahahaha Who know's if this works out good, I may incorporate it into my NFL picks at the half way mark.
 With that said and the explanation of the new picking system, here's the picks in this week episode of: College Football Wednesday 
(the special BCS edition on Thursday) 

           Team:                             .vs. who?                         
  1. Florida                    @ Mississippi State                 
  2. Alabama                     Tennessee                        
  3. Texas                         @ Missouri                            
  4. Boise State                 @ Hawaii                            
  5. Cincinnati                    Louisville                             
  6. Iowa                          @ Michagon St.                         
  7. USC                           Oregon St.                               
  8. TCU                          @ BYU                                       
  9. LSU                           Auburn                                     
  10. Miami (Fl)                  Clemson                               
          My Pick:                        Mr. C (Coin)
       Florida                              Florida
      Alabama                         Tennessee
        Texas                               Missouri
       Boise St.                            Boise St.
        Cincy                                  Cincy
         Iowa                             Michagon St.
         USC                                    USC
         TCU                                    TCU
          LSU                                    LSU
        Miami                               Clemson

 My the best man win.....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mixtape Monday (on Tuesday)

Alright I'm late on this one, but here we go. I have to say it's the best mixtape of the year by far! Just listen to the quality of music on this one. It's free, it's 50 on tracks that should be on a album, beat's by Dre, you can't go wrong.
This week I present:

War Angel LP by 50 Cent

NFL Tuesday

It's that time again for the weekend wrap up for Week 6. Overall it was a pretty good weekend of football. Some suprises! Some expected wins, some crazy finishes! With that said let's kick in this week's verison of NFL WRAPUP:

Oakland 13, Philadelphia 9

This had to be the day's biggest suprise! The Raiders looked pretty good, Zach Miller had a good game, and Jamarcus Russell actually looked somewhat decent. I think the Eagles are turning back into their bi-polar season slump, one week look super good, and the next week like, really? Overall B, seeing the Eagles lose a game like this, especially against the Raiders makes my list.

Monday Night Football:
Denver 34, San Diego 23

 Wow! 6-0, let me say it again the Broncos 6-0? Alright after watching this game i'll go ahead and say the West is their's, IF, they play it right. I'm super shocked watching this team play. That td pass to Scheffler was crazy, or Eddie Royal's Punt and Kick Return for touch's were just sick! Overall A, seeing the Chargers get worked on their on field, and a really good Broncos at 6-0 make the list.

New England 59, Tennessee 0

Okay, I wasen't gonna put this game up because of the blowout, and the game got taken off after Brady's 6 TD. *Sidenote* next year I will be ordering the NFL Ticket. Alright back to the game, 5 TD's in the 2nd qtr., WOW!!! It looked like the Titan's gave up before the game started. I think the Pat's displayed how your suppose to beat a winless team. Other team's toyed with them, the Pat's beat them senseless! Overall A, 5TD's in one quarter, and a score like 59?

Atlanta 21, Chicago 14

This was a fun one to watch. It was hard, I'm really pulling for both of these teams this season. The Bear's at times looked real bad, and at times looked really good. Matt Ryan looked super smooth in the pocket. Alright i'm not riding the Matt Ryan wagon, but i'm going to call it, he will be the upcoming Peyton Manning. Mark my words and wait and see. Overall A, fun game to the end, Orlando Pace is a C-Sucker for that false start call at the end of the 4th! I wanted to see this one go to OT! Maybe a early playoff matchup?


Minnesota 33, Baltimore 31

WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When the Raven's started that rally in the 4th I thought it was over! Damn Farve at 78 is better then half the qb's out there! This was super entertaining!! If you missed out, please take a second and kick yourself..... Ray Rice is turning into a beast out there, and Sidney Rice seem's to be Farve's go to man. Great Game overall A++

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Alright I know I'm really late on this one! School, work and LIFE has put me behind but me and my 56-20 record roll into Week 6 in this weeks verison of NFL Pick Thursday on Saturday brought to you by Biofreeze, when in pain, freeze it with BioFreeze lol

Bengals over Texans
Packers over Lions
Panthers over Bucc's
Jags over Rams
Steelers over Browns
Card's over Seahawks
Eagles over Raiders
Jets over Bills
Patriots over Titans

Monday Night Football:
Broncos over Chargers

Ravens over Vikings
Saints over Giants
Falcons over Bears

Chiefs over Redskins

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

College Pick Wednesday

On the eve of the BCS opening weekend, there sure are some good games on tap this weekend. If you live in Texas you know TEXAS OU is this weekend, sure it doesn't have as much as hype as it did in the start of the season, but c'mon it's Texas-OU. With that said here's the 5 picks for this weeks eposide of NCCA Wednesday:

#11 Iowa over Wisconsin
#4 Virgina over #19 Georgia Tech
#16 OK State over Missouri
#6 USC over #25 Notre Dame

#3 Texas over #20 Oklahoma

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

NFL Wrapup Tuesday

This past week was very intresting. For starters losing 5 games was awful which brings my yearly record to 56-20, which if I may add is still better then most sport websites. Don't believe me? Look at yahoo sports picks and their record's.
Second, I thought there was some upset's brewing this week, but damn!
Denver, Cinncy, Miami, Cleveland!!
Okay maybe not Cleveland, I feel bad if you had to sit through that whole game! Geez I think watching a snail race would've been more entertaining!  That game alone probably set the NFL back 15 years! lol
Okay now to this weeks verison of The NFL WrapUp For Week 5

Carolina 20, Washington 17

Okay, maybe this game wouldn't be on many people's list for one of the top games. Granted, normally I wouldn't have either. But Washington lost to another winless team this year! Do I hear the Fire grill starting up? The Redskins plain out suck! Nothing more, nothing less. That weird punt fumble by Washington late in the 4th gave Carolina good position to finish em off. Not to mention Clinton Portis gave up a saftey. Washington is in a major world of pain, I expect some crazy changes before the years up! Overall B-, sorry that's the best I can do.

Dallas 26, Kansas City 20

The throwbacks in this game had to be the best of the weekend. The old Texan's helmets were super dope! Dallas has more troubles then Romo. It's pretty sad how he's the scap goat for the team, and how the Dallas radio has already thrown him under the bus! I say to you Mr. Radio *cough**cough* Galloway, is it Romo's fault the D had 5 straight offside calls? Or how about all the mistakes from Crayton? Exactally! I think the Chiefs will one day be good, their in the "re-build" mode and made Dallas look like the winless team at times. Overall B+, a decent game, Miles made super good for the boys with 215 yards, and K.C.'s Cassel kept the Chiefs close.

Bengals 17, Ravens 14

Man what's up with these two teams this year? They have had some of the better games of the season. It was cool how Cinncy rallyed around Mike Zimmer with his family problems. The Bengal's kept the Rav's down for almost 3 quaters. Ed Reed's Int for a T.D. was super smooth! Ray Rice is a BEAST!!! Yes sir he is, and what about Cedric Benson? Carson Palmer look's like their having fun again and it shows! Overall A, very, very entertaining, and fun to watch all the way to the end!

Denver 20, New England 17

The throwbacks were okay. The Bronco's looked more like Horse Shit in those jeresy's! The Pat's sure like remembering the day's of Jeff George with those throwbacks. This game was a perfect example of the student becomes the teacher saying. Brady still looks upset with the offense, Denver and Orton, look damn good right now! I just wonder how long will this last? Overall A, like I said Student becomes Teacher, need I say more?

Monday Night Football:
Miami 31, New York Jets 27

Since throwbacks are the theme of the week, man were them Orange jeresy's ugly!?! Man....
When The New York Rex's tried to biltz, the Dolphins had an answer for them. The wildcat that killed the hot Pat's last year, also claimed another victim in The Jets. Sanchez and Edwards looks to be an awesome connection! I'm intrested in seeing more of them together this season. A quick side note: Chad looked good last night and had better stats against the Jet's D then, Brees, and Brady. Overall A+, awesome game, good drama, back and fourth.

This game takes the title of
best game of the week!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mixtape Monday Part 2

Alright here's another one for ya, Good tunes right here for ya, and guess what, it's a FREE DOWNLOAD! I know you've been hearing about Mr. Jay Elect, so here it is.

Mixtape Monday

I'm starting this season's Mixtape Monday on an old and kick ass one. J. Dilla's Old Dounts. The Beat's and music on this tape are phenomenal. This old and very hard to find, enjoy this listen.


Note. It's a torrent, like before if you don't have torrent's you my friend are missing out!

Friday, October 9, 2009

NFL Friday Week 5 Picks

I'm starting off super strong 47-15. Most cat's on these online site's aren't getting close to me this season, and like last week, this week is another $$$ week! That's right beside's one horrible outcome I had an awesome record last week and it should contiune this week. With all the bragging about myself let's get down to some picks:

Bills over Browns
Steelers over Lions
Cowboys over Chiefs
Vikings over Rams
Giants over Raiders
Eagles over Bucc's
Falcons over 49ers
Jags over Seahawks
Cardinals over Texans
Patriots over Broncos

Sunday Night:
Colts over Titans

Monday Night:
Jets over Dolphins


Ravens over Bengals


UPSET TIME!!!!!!!!
Panthers over Redskins

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Music Thursday

New Single By Usher- Papers.... Kinda sounds like the Confession days, which means Nasty Usher is back lol

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

College Picks....

Hello Week 6 of the College Football Season. Last Week I broke even and lost my upset..... Okay I'm bound for a slip up, this week promise's to be better!!!! There's an action packed weekend of games here are my top5 with the pick:

#3 Alabama over #20 Mississippi
#9 Ohio State over Wisconsin
#13 Oregon over UCLA
#12 Iowa over Michigan
#4 LSU over #1 Florida

MLB Playoffs are upon us

This is the best part of the MLB season, baseball in October!!! The Drama, the action, awww breathe it in, okay i'll give you a second to taste it in......... goes in and out easy and good, huh? The playoff's kick off this evening, and here's my golden picks on who to take your money to the bank with:

Yankees over Twins in 4
Red Sox over Angels in 5

Yankees over Red Sox in 6

Phillies over Rockies in 4
Dodgers over Card's in 5
(that's right an UPSET!!!!!)

Phillies over Dodgers in 7

Yankees over Phillies in 6

........stay tuned and let's see how it plays out

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week 4 Wrap Up....

11-3 on picks for this past weekend's games (47-15 for the season). I told you it was a money week! It should be 12-2 but you know how the Cowboys turned a potential disaster into a chemical holocust in Denver. Like I said if you used the picks wisely your sitting on a nice stack right now laughing at your sucker friends who payed a grand fee to break even! Alright let's get into the top 5 games of the week in this weeks episode of The Week Wrap Up lol

New England 27, Baltimore 21

Isn't kinda weird how New England's been making this list? Maybe some favoritism here? Or maybe their games are that entertaining? Hmmm I wonder. This game was action packed with Drama, Suspense and came down to the wire. A perfectly missed pass is what helped New England pull this out. I gotta say 2 thing's impressed me about this one. 1: is New England's secondary looks good! 2: Joe Flacco; ladies and gentlemen is the real deal holyfield! Under pressure in a somewhat hostle place, he kept his cool! Overall A+, game. Brady looked somewhat like his old self, Raven's D is just what it is, Awesome. Good game all around.

Sunday Night Football:
Pittsburgh 38, San Diego 28

San Diego was down 28 to 7 going into the 4th in this one. Normally against Pitt that mean's game over. Well Rivers and company had other thoughts, fighting back just to lose super close! I have to admit, I only saw the 1st quater and the last 7 minutes of the 4th. I gotta say that 4th was something else! Mendenhall had a game, finally the Steelers display they can run. Overall A, good game, good come back in all. I've got one question for ya, when the season started did you ever think the Chargers would be 2 games out of first to the Broncos? You gotta love football.

Saints 24, Jets 10

Okay Mark Sanchez is human! The Saint's D looked awesome. I loved how the Saint's counter the Jet's blitz. I knew it wouldn't be too long until someone was gonna do em dirty on it. Well maybe the Saint's Offense didn't do them dirty, but boy that D sure did, scoring two td's off of Sanchez! Overall B+, nice seeing The New York Rex's finally get their ass handed to them, but come on who really thought a rookie qb would've pulled it out in that hostle enviroment?

Chicago 48, Detroit 24

This 4th game was tough to pick, It was either between this one or Indy or the 49ers game. I had to pick this one for the following: Jay Cutler has been crazy good since Week 1, the Bears running game came alive in a super big way in this one, for one half it looked like the Lions might be able to pull an upset, and did you see that crazy 5 yd. Td. by Cutler, wow! Overall B, That td run by Cutler was sick!!!

Monday Night Football:
Vikings 30, Packers 23

You knew this was coming. Man after enduring a game long ball suck fest of Brett Farve I just couldn't put a pic of him up. It's like ESPN sucking the sack a little too hard! It was a good game, Jared Allen was all, and when I say all I mean AAALLLLLLL over Rogers last night! But Rogers somehow turned being sack 50 times into a decent stat night throwing 384 yds and 3 tds. The night was centered and favored Farve all night, I bet in November when the Vike take that trip to Green Bay, we'll be seeing a different outcome! Overall B+, there was alot of hard hitting and awesome plays!

Friday, October 2, 2009

WEEK 4 Picks

Okay my impressive record of 36-12 is going to the test this week. I think this week are a bunch of easy picks, which means $$$. On my quest for a perfect week here we go, there's really no games this that offer a upset, well maybe one or two but those seem far fetch. That's enough with the words here we go we the picks of the week....

Bears over Lions
Bengals over Browns
Colts over Seahawks
Giants over Chiefs
Redskins over Bucs
Titans over Jags
Texans over Raiders
Saints over Jets
Bills over Dolphins
Cowboys over Broncos
49ers over Rams
Steelers over Chargers

Monday Night:
Vikings over Packers

Patriots over Ravens

Top 5 College Picks

Week 5 of College football has rolled upon us and here are the top 5 games with some kick ass picks!!!
Wisconsin over Minnesota
Stanford over UCLA
8 Oklahoma over 17 Miami

4 LSU over 18 Georgia

24 Cal over 7 USC

enjoy, and make some good money on these gems.....