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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Week 13 Picks

Alright this past Thursday I went 2-1 which brings my season record to 119-59-1. I swear that's why I hate Phily!!!! They are nothing but bad luck to me son! This weeks gonna tough. Alot of games are going to be a bitch! Like San Diego and Atlanta, Washington and Giants. I'm happy Plaxico shot himself this holiday season. It puts the Giants in another tough spot for them for this last part of the season. Then you got Green Bay and Carolina, or Pittsburgh and New England. Their tough to pick, but I've been saying it all year and look at my record. Better then your favorite sports writers record. Well with that said here goes my picks for the week....

Buffalo over San Francisco
Baltimore over Cinncy
Indy over Cleveland
Carolina over Green Bay
NY Jets over Denver
Miami over St. Louis
Tampa Bay over New Orleans
NY Giants over Washington
San Diego over Atlanta

(two words: JET LAG!!!!)
Pittsburgh over New England
(sorry N.E. I've had your back this year but not in this one)
K.C. over Oakland
(in this ball sucking fest, I'm taking K.C. easily)
Minnesota over Chicago
(Peterson's gonna have a game playa)
Jacksonville over Houston
(I wouldn't be suprised if Jacksonville let's me down again)

My Personal Top 5 Moments of Texas Stadium

It seems like everyone that's a Cowboy fan is doing their "Top 5" or "Top 10" moments of Texas Stadium. So I figured I'd do mine. Just in case you've been living under a rock for the past couple of years, this is the last season of Texas Stadium, then the boys move into the meca of Stadium's. We only have two regular season games left at Texas Stadium and 5 weeks left until the season is over, so I got together my 5 favorite and memorable moments from Texas Stadium and will put a new one before every week. Like I said their mine and if you don't like them, well too fucking bad son. With that intro said here goes my #5 moment:

5) Tony Romo throwing 5 t.d.'s Thanksgiving against Tampa Bay

In 2006 I believe, Tony was in the middle of what was his "rookie season". He took over for bitch ass Drew Bledsoe and was playing in his 4th or 5th NFL game. By this time everyone I knew from Dallas already had Tony fever. I remember me and buddies were really excited because we finally had our QB position filled! The last QB that was doing what Tony was doing was Troy Aikman and the future of our beloved team was looking bright. In this thanksgiving game Tony administered an ass raping like no other going 22-29, 306 yds. and 5 tds. It seemed like after that game, any worries about our QB were put to rest. It sucks that after stating out so bad ass that season, and not to mention our d as well. We lost in the wild card against Seattle, which was known as "the bobbled snap accident" that Tony had. Oh well this was important to me, and man after eating as much as I did and watching that kinda performance was classic.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Football

First off Happy Thanksgiving to all. Thanksgiving wouldn't be nothing without some football! And if your like me it's like a tradition to watch football after or before eating. Good thing I live and i'm from a state where my home teams doesn't have tradition of losing like other states (uh hum Detroit, Michigan) .

Well with that said let's jump into some football picks...

Last week I went 11-5 (117-58-1 for the year) Last week's game had some turnouts I didn't expect to see happing like New Orleans and Green Bay, or Oakland and Denver. But none the less I still kicked some major ass son!!! Check yahoo, or other "genius's" on picks i'm neck in neck with them bastards! Enough of that lets get into todays games:

Tennessee over Detroit
(this will be a nasty game, and that's just the first half! Expect this to be over with halfway through the 2nd)
Dallas over Seattle
(Either Roy Williams or T.O. will have another monster week!)
Arizona over Phily
(poor Donvon and the Eagles, Warner's gonna massacre you guys)

don't forget a big game that can shake up the BCS tonight

"Texas and Texas A&M"
Texas has had trouble with A&M these past couple of ye
This is gonna be good son

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Week 12 Picks.....

Last week once again I dominated son!!! 12-3-1 for Week 11, 106-53-1 for the season, opps I mean 107-53-1 after Thursday's victory. Last week was pretty easy, I thought I was going to be in for a rough week after New England lost, then Atlanta lost, then came that tie. But I pulled out pretty well with the rest of the games. Everyone was jumping on the Tennessee getting defeated last week band wagon, but I knew they were better then that. I glad I took Indy over Houston, man I was so close to taking Houston. And My Boys, what a fucking victory over the Redskins huh? It's like I tell everyone, Washington is not a serious team. They do this every year, they start off hot then finish cold, or vice versa. Zorn i'm sorry your not going to change this teams ways. They sucked before and they still will. I have them finishing out the season at 8-8. You might think i'm talking out my ass but we will see when Week 17 comes. Romo looked good. That one int that T.O. gave up was a hard hit, so in my mind it didn't really count. Barber took apart that d nice. What about Pittsburgh and San Diego. Damn what happen with San Diego? Or better yet what has happened with most of last years good teams? I'll tell you what it is, these young teams are hunger as hell and they are showing it. Well enough with last weeks let's move to this weeks games. This weeks was pretty tough, but I said that last week, and I have an upset special without further words here they are:

Atlanta over Carolina
Houston over Cleveland
Dallas over San Francisco
(Roy E. Williams will have a game watch)
Tampa Bay over Detroit

(damn it REALLY must suck to be a Lions fan)
Jacksonville over Minnesota
Buffalo over K.C.
New England over Miami

(N.E. won't be fooled twice)
Chicago over St.Louis
Tennessee over NY Jets

(yea band wagoners prepare to lose again for picking the Jets)
Denver over Oakland
Washington over Seattle
Indy over San Diego
(Maybe a year this would have been a close game but not this year)
Green Bay over New Orleans

And for the Upset special
Drum Roll Please........................................

Arizona over NY Giants

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Not this week son!!!!!!!!!!!

Today will be the end of one of two things or both. The BCS and Texas Tech Championship hopes, or Oklahoma's Championship hopes. Me personally i'm going for the first, not just because I think the whole BCS is a load crap, but also this is the same thing that's has my team (Texas) waiting on the outcome of this game and a wish to maybe get a shot at the BCS Championship.

If the following should happen this should be the final nail in the BCS coffin.

Will it go away?

Probably not. But it would be nice if it did, right?

Alright I think Oklahoma will Beat Tech which will put a 3 way tie on the Big 12 South.
This is where it gets real tricky, who do you then send to the Big 12 Championship against a hot Missouri (assuming they win out the north)? For obvious reason's you probably wouldn't send Tech seeing how they just lost to Oklahoma and they probably wouldn't send Texas seeing how Oklahoma just beat the #2 school in the country and should be #2 at this point.

So Oklahoma wins the South by default.

This brings us now to Conference Championship week.

Big 12 is: Oklahoma and Missouri
The Sec is: Florida and Alabama

This should determine who goes to the National Championship right? Well....

Alright Florida should beat Alabama with ease at this point (yay yay yay Alabama is out of the picture now! yay yay yay and now they just won the bid to the "Cock Suckers Bowl") and this puts Florida in Championship seat. The Big 12 comes around and lets suppose if Missouri pulls this upset off against Oklahoma. Uh oh now the bcs is anally fucked. Who now goes? Do you send Texas who has been sitting on the sidelines probably at #3 at this point or do send another Conference winner? Not only that, but now you have to look at this, wouldn't this qualify Missouri for a BCS Bowl, and your still going to have Tech sitting somewhere around #5-7 should they get a BCS Bowl?

Thats college football for ya......

The Killers Day and Age....

Click on Image ...... enjoy

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Super Dope Video

It's weird and gross if you don't pay attention.....


Thursday Night Football Pick for tommrow....

I'm putting my pick in time this week. It should be an easy, and probably be a blowout! Last week was a nice week for me son. 12-3-1 (106-53-1, I put the tie because of that stupid Cinncy and Philly game).
I'm telling ya'll these last past 3 weeks i've been on fire son! 35-8-1. Put the house and everything ya own, cuz this money train isn't stopping!!!!

Alright tomorrow night's game will be Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. This should be easy, go with Pittsburgh, it should be the assraping of the week!

New Music....

I just got The Killers, Ludacris, and Britney Spears new album's.... I will check em out and will have them available in a few son!!!!

Also how bout them muthafuckin Cowboys son!!!! I told ya'll that Tony was gonna bust on them!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Week 11 Picks.....

Man I don't know what it is? Last week I went 12-2! The last 3 weeks I have a combine 31-10 record (94-50 for the year)! So in short I think this is what we call straight domination son! Enough about me lets get back to some football. Last week was a relaxing week of football, maybe cause my cowboys didn't play. There was some kick ass games on the schedule, like Tennessee and Chicago. I don't know about you but I love defensive games. The ass raping the Jets gave the Rams. Indy and Pittsburgh was a kick ass game all the way till the end. I really thought when Big Ben put up that hail mary his guy's were gonna come down with it! San Diego and K.C. was a good one too. I agree with that two point conversion at the end by K.C. it's too bad they couldn't convert. And Monday, Arizona and San Fran, man was that a game! I really thought it was gonna be a suck fest. But ended up probably being the best game of the week! Maybe Mike needs to drop his pants more huh?

With that recap done I forgot to put my pick up for Thursday. I rolled with New England on that one. Yes I know I lost but damn that was a amazing game son! Matt Cassell, I have to say I'm a fan now. He put up some amazing throws and runs. Not to take anything from Brett Frave and the Jets because what Brett's doing for them is no surprise to me. I figured them to be a wild card this year.

Alright let's fast forward to today's games. I start the weekend 0-1, and it seems like a fairly easy week on picks. I feel there could be some major upsets this week, with that said here we go:

Atlanta over Denver
(The Matt Ryan train will roll again, and Jay Cutler is un-reliable so go with Atl.)
Carolina over Detroit
(sorry det. but your team sucks major league balls!)
Philly over Cinncy
Green Bay over Chicago

(this is going to be good, down syndrome Rex will go 17-90 and the Bears will manage to lose by 3)
Indy over Houston
(man I would not be surprise if Houston wins)
Tennessee over Jacksonville
New Orleans over K.C.
Miami over Oakland
NY Giants over Baltimore

Tampa Bay over Minnesota
San Fran over St.Louis

( I feel for ya if your Rams fan)
Arizona over Seattle
Pittsburgh over San Diego
Dallas over Washington

(Romo with explode like nut on a prostitute face!)
Buffalo over Cleveland

Your New UFC Heavyweight Champ

Brock Look's Good Son!!!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Top 5 Games Coming or Out For The PS3 This Fall

First off sorry to you Wii, X-Box 360, P.C. gamers. I'm all about my PS3 son!!! But don't get me wrong I'm going to pick up a X-Box 360 sometime in the very near future, but till then it's all about my Playstation 3 playa!!! And if your making a Christmas list of PS3 games you may want to consider these.......

Here's my list......

*Note (this are mainly games I want and I that are the shit and not influenced by some shit other site)

5) Mortal Kombat .vs. D.C. Universe

Come on who wouldn't want to fight Sub-Zero with The Joker, or Batman...

4) Mirrors Edge

Playing a First person action game that makes you feel like your in action movie is Bad ASS SON!!!!! Just look it up on youtube you'll see what i'm talking about...

Next is a tie...

it's my blog I can do that son!!!!

3) Call of Duty - World At War & Tom Clancy "End War"

Well I like Call of Duty 4 and at first I was kinda excited about "World at War", then I kinda lost my interest in it until last night. My girlfriend's brother showed me the online Zombie Mode, and Son this is awesome. Look it up on Youtube.
End War, now this game i've been waiting to get my hands on!!! Man a voice command real time strategy and you can fight on U.S. territory or Russia or in Europe!!! That = it's a nice!!!!

2) Little Big Planet

I had played the beta version and a little of the actual game, and it's hand's down a kick ass game, nothing more nothing less.

1) Fallout 3

I know what about "Dead Space" what about this game, or this one. Well their good but fuck em this is the game that I feel is the shit and you can see from this vid:

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Is that it for Roy Jones?

After that loss last night is he done with? At 39 and 5 loses how can you realistically have a "comeback"? I' m a Roy Jones fan, I was pulling for him in this fight, but damn dude I think it may be time to hang up the gloves. The first round Jones looked good but after that Calzaghe worked him, worked him son..... Here's two vid's of the fight in case you missed out. The first vid is of the first round, and the other is last round where the decision was announced...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

One Night Stand's In a Playmate's Point of View

Week 10 Picks Son.....

Last week was murderous for me; 11-3 (82-48 for the season) most of these cats here online can't even claim a record close to mine this season!!! Talking about last week (week 9) I should have went 12-2, but I took my boys (the Cowboys) over the Giant's. I knew in my heart the smartest pick was New York, but fuck it i' m loyal Cowboy fan and sometimes you have to take those loss's. Let's look at this week's games, so far I'm starting off 1-0 with that ass raping Jay Cutler gave Cleveland on Thursday. Alot of these games are no brainers and some are going to be super tough! With that said here goes picks son.

Atlanta over New Orleans
(this is going to be a bad ass game!!! I really hope Atlanta pulls it off, and no Reggie = No W)
Tennessee over Chicago
(Down Syndrome Rex Starting makes this a no brainer)
Jacksonville over Detroit
Baltimore over Houston
(Now I wouldn't be surprise if Houston pulls an upset)
Miami over Seattle
Green Bay over Minnesota
New England over Buffalo
(Half of the Bills are injured, and the Pat's don't lose 2 in row)
NY Jets over St. Louis
(No Stephen Jackson = Horrible Loss for the Rams)
Carolina over Oakland
San Diego over K.C.
Philly over NY Giants
Arizona over San Francisco

Now for the upset special......
Last week I got it wrong, but this week it's redemption time bitches!!!!

Indy over Pittsburgh

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Are You Ready for some THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!!!!

Thursday night football kicks of this weekend with Broncos and Browns. I'm not doing all my picks for the week, i'm doing this alone. Last Week I KILLED SON!!!!!!!! 11-3 and 82-48 for year, not too shabby, huh?!? I hoped you put some money down on what I had playa! The rest of the pic's will be up by Sunday for Week 10, so here goes my pick for Thursday:

Denver over Cleveland

I know this is the coming out party for Mr. Brady Quinn, but honestly do you really think he's going to come throwing fire? I don't, I do think he will be a good qb, but not this week.

Welcome to our new 44th President

Obama, it's gonna be a nice 4 years son!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Late Halloween!!!!

Yesterday I got the new T-Pain album "Thr33 Ringz" (Deluxe Edition) I believe it comes out at the end of this month. So instead of being greedy I will share the wealth with you all click the link below for your copy (the album cover) ENjooy!!!! Also it's a Bit-Torrent File, so you will need to have Bit-Torrent to download it.....

This is SUPER DOPE SON!!!!!!!!!!

IPOD BoomBox:

This shit is crazy dope son, click the link above for all the info and spec's. It's $220 at Urban Outfitters.

It was a nice game....

Even with Texas losing to Tech 39-33 it was a bad ass game son!!! If you missed out on it, then you missed on what should be the best game of the year up to now. Man I thought my boys from Texas had it, but Michael Crabtree ending being the factor of the game with the last minute, last T.D. of the game. All in all I have to give props to where it's due and Texas Tech played a bad ass game and deserved that victory. Here's some pics of it the game and that's all the Tech dick sucking/riding i'm going to do.

Week 9 Picks....

Last week, I have to admit the way the morning started I thought I was going for a lights out weekend, and just like that, the tides turn! I started out 7-2 and finished 1-3. Miami and Buffalo was tough, I thought Buffalo would of took it, San Diego and New Orleans, boy that was a good one (if you had players from those teams on fantasy). Cleveland, Jacksonville. Don't get me started, Jacksonville has been kinda disappointing this season. And Monday, I lost my first upset game of the year. Damn I thought Indy was going to pull it, maybe Tennessee might be for real this year? After going 8-5 last week which brings my yearly record to 71-45. Which I might add is WWWAAAAYYYYYY better then most of "these experts" on the net and on t.v. have. I take any of these dudes on one on one let me know son. Now lets foward into this week's game. My boys are underdogs, and the schedule has alot, and I do mean ALOT of possibility of upsets!!! It was a tough week to pick and here it goes.......

Buffalo over NY Jets
Chicago over Detroit
Jacksonville over Cincinnati
Baltimore over Cleveland
Tampa Bay over Kansas City
Minnesota over Houston
Arizona over St. Louis
Tennessee over Green Bay
Miami over Denver
Atlanta over Oakland
Phily over Seattle
Indy over New England
Pittsburgh over Washington

And for the upset.........
Now I can't believe, or if we went back to the beginning of the season, I wouldn't believe this would be consider "such of upset game". But since it is then here it goes:

Dallas over NY Giants

Sneaky Cat ENjoy.....