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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Top 10 Zombie Movies

Alright I know this seem's real random, but I blame it on the Medication and this Head Cold I have for this one. I was looking for something to download and I was like, damn I haven't seen a good zombie movie in a while. So I got to thinking there's not really any good top ten 10 zombie movie list. Their usually a George Romero love fest. Plus that new "ZombieLand" flick looks pretty good, so with it getting close to Halloween here's my personal Top Ten Best and probably the best list you'll find on the web for Best Zombie Movies:

10. DeadGirl (2009)

This movie, I know may be sick to alot of you, and if you have good morals, then you'll feel more violated like a female porn star after her first scene.

Here's the Beef: a young woman tied up in an abandoned asylum -- and she functions mostly as a victim, propelling the story of two teenage boys who must decide what to do with her. Challenging, uncomfortable, potentially repulsive, and yet uncompromisingly real and engaging with something to say about the perils of adolescence.

So if you ever had a fantasy of banging a tied up unconscious zombie chick then this your flick.

9. Resident Evil Series (2002-2007)

I don't care what you think, these have actually been pretty good movies! I know why not put em all seperate, well that's how I do it son!

Here's The Beef: movie based on a video game, making Uwe Boll's career seem all the more pointless in retrospect. It combines traditional zombie thrills with slick video game action that, despite a couple of silly moments (flying kick of a zombie Doberman Pinscher), doesn't undermine the horror elements.

8. 28 Weeks Later (2007)

This one wasen't really as good as the first one, but at the end when the Dad turns into a zombie and chases his kid's is sick! Or the beginning is pretty good.

Here's The Beef: 28 Weeks Later overcomes a few plot issues (How do a couple of kids just waltz into a quarantined area?) to deliver a worthy follow-up to the great 28 Days Later -- even if the best part comes within the first 10 minutes.

7. Dance of The Dead (2008)

I thought this one was kinda chessy and dumb, but the kill parts were pretty good, good enough to make number 7

Here's the Beef: Hughes meets George Romero in this entertaining low-budget horror-comedy about a group of high school outcasts who vow to save their prom from zombies spawned by pollution from the nearby nuclear power plant. Funny, fast-paced and screaming for a sequel.

6. Dawn of The Dead (1978)

The Zombies in the movie are funny! The act like retard down syndrome zombies. if your into gore and zombies this one is good.

Here's The Beef: George Romero's Dawn of the Dead was a landmark, influential film whose gory mayhem inspired a generation of modern zombie films (including Lucio Fulci's Zombi 2, which billed itself as a sequel to the Romero pic, titled Zombi in Italy). However, it hasn't held up well over time. The pace is slow, the zombies are laughable (Hare Krishnas? Green skin? Big, fake-headed Frankenstein zombie that gets done in by the helicopter?) and the social commentary on consumerism lacks punch in an age where malls are so commonplace. That said, the gore still packs a punch, and the movie might best be viewed as a bloody time capsule.

5. Night of The Living Dead (1968)

If there ever was a grandaddy, or the one single movie that generated the genre Zombie, it's this one. Alot of people have it high on their list, but come up maybe in 1975 this one would be 1. I believe there's better zombie movie's since.

Here's the Beef: The smart, play-like screenplay and powerful acting lend an air of sophistication not usually attributed to a film about dead people gnawing on intestines

4. 28 Weeks Later (2002)

Okay, there are few movies that have scared the living hell out of me, or left an everlasting memory in head that still has me parnoid from times and it's this movie. I remember the first time seeing this I was like WOW! Awesome movie with an awesome soundtrack!

Here's the Beef: This groundbreaking British epic established a new standard for modern zombie movies, with its gritty, digital video aesthetic and frenetic, fast-paced zombie-like "infected." The fact that the baddies aren't living dead trying to eat you isn't much comfort as they rip your arm off and beat you to a bloody pulp with it. If you're lucky, they might not vomit on you.

3. Dawn of The Dead (2004)

The beginning of this one BOONKERS!!! When that nusres doctor's husband and daughtor turned into zombies and were attacking her, wow!

Here's the Beef: It brought a withered relic into modern times and made it relevant again -- if not in terms of social commentary, then in terms of pure entertainment value. Bigger and badder than the original, Dawn '04 is to Dawn '78 what Aliens was to Alien, making it the ultimate zombie movie...so far.

2. Shaun Of The Dead (2004)

If you've never seen Shaun of the Dead, then your missing out! It's funny, gory, and has a good story line!

Here's The Beef: The prototype zombie comedy, Shaun of the Dead brilliantly melds hilarious, intelligent humor with gory, blood-letting horror and even a bit of romance for the fairer sex (whichever one that is).

1. I Am Legend (2007)

F if anyone has anything bad to say about this one. The damn dog take the movie, and story is dope.

Here's The Beef: SEE IT!!!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Week 3 Wrap up

Like we always do this time, it's time to wrap up the 5 big games of the week. I forgot last week, but i'm on time this week. Besides my amazing awesome 36-12 record on picking games this year comes my awesome review of the week that was WEEK 3, so suck that Chris Boomer haha.

Vikings 27, 49ers 24

This was a pretty good game from the start. Vikings started off pretty strong, the 49ers bounced back and showed why their 2-0 and should take the West. But in the end Brett Farve gave ESPN another reason to ride his jock for another week with an amazing throw with like 16 sec. left. If you seen the replay it seemed the ball was just gonna sail over the end zone, then Greg Lewis comes down with it, with a crazy catch in bounds to take the game away from the 49ers. Overall awesome game A++, San Fran showed alot, and that combo with Shaun Hill and Veron Davis is gonna be sick as the year moves on, but week in and week out if it's not Brett it's AP winning games for Minny.

New England 26, Atlanta 10

Alright say what you want about the Pat's, but it's still early and i'm not buying this is the same team we'll be seeing come Week 10, Week 11. Brady's still rusty, these Wide Out's look BAD! But the underling cool fact is that the New England O Line hasen't given up a sack all year. The Falcon's had a hard time against the Pat's D. Matt Ryan didn't look good at all. The Pat's Red Zone offense kinda reminds me of the Boys back when all we could is kick field goals. Ahh those days, remember Cowboy fans, if not I've got two words for ya: Chris Boniol. Yea that's what New England's going through right now. But it'll change and these games will be a thing of the past. Overall B+, game at best both teams D were pretty good.

Lions 19, Redskins 14

Lions deserve their due respects on this win, it was ugly and looked like it wasen't going to happen, but they did it 19 game winless streak over! What better team to do against then Washington, and hold up guess who got hurt in this game, i'll let you think for a second......Albert Haynesworth. Mr 100 million himself. Like I said any player that goes to Washington end's up kissing their career goodbye. Not to take away from the Lions who looked like a some what decend team with that 99 yard 12 play 6 minute drive there at the end. Overall A-, I know an A? WOW! Well i'm a Cowboy's fan and seeing any divison foes losing an embarrassing lose like this scores high in my book, plus the Lions after all the hell they've been through can finally move on, move on to an awesome 3-13 record hahaha

Bengals 23, Steelers 20

Last week when I was in the Lab reviewing all the games and calculating my picks I would have never thought the Bengal's would have pull this out. No way! Even with all the mouth pollution coming out of "Chad" Johnson's mouth. You know the Steelers are looking more human now. Giving up 2 tds. in 3 minutes is bad. It leaves you to think are the Bengals, this good sitting at 2-1 and really should be 3-0? I remember telling everyone to keep an eye on the Bengals this year but I wasen't expecting a quick start out the gate. My hat's are off to them for pulling this one out, Carson looked good, the Cinny D looked good, and Limas Sweed had the uglyest drop in the End Zone this year. Man I felt bad for the man! Overall B+, It started off slow to me like all Pittsburgh games but the 4th quarter was very entertaining.

Monday Night Football:
Cowboys 21, Panthers 7

Say what you want about the Boys this year, but we showed last night we can play some D! Maybe not in the first half but the 2nd we killed it. Romo made some good decision's in this one, that's right not forcing every pass, and re kindled the love boat with him and Jason Witten. Felix getting hurt in the 2nd hurt me on fantasy, but as long as the Boy's win I'm happy. The Panther's tackling skills were horrible! Jack looked bad, what's up Carolina? Overall A, the first half, both teams didn't look good, 2nd half Cowboy's looked good, real good, hopefully this'll carry on to next week.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Transformers 2

The Actual DVD.... Enjoy it's a torrent, if you don't have torrent's catch up with the times and stop missing out on all these gems... The quailty is a 10-10 click below and your welcome


Week 3 Picks Son.....

24-8... that's right i'm killing it to start this season off. This week's schedule has some pretty tough games on it.... Boy some I think I'm going to be kicking myself in the ass about Monday morning, but here it goes:

Pittsburgh over Cinncy
Detroit over Washington
(that's right the Lions, the Redskins are garbage!!!)
Pack over Rams
Patriots over Falcons
(Mr. Brady will start breaking out of his shell)
Philly over K.C.
Giants over Bucc's
Ravens over Browns
Jag's over Texans
(Jag's get their first win, don't believe the hype with Houston)
Chicago over Seattle
Saints over Bills
Raiders over Broncos
Colts over Card's
Monday Night:
Cowboys over Panthers
(boy's get back on track)

This week I have a double upset special!!! Take it to the bank and enjoy your wealth afterwards on these picks.....

Titans over Jets

Dolphins over Chargers

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Download of The Week....

Year One

This is a link to the torrent site. No Virus, No Bugs, excellent quailty. Enjoy

Mayweather vs Marquez

This fight will be super sick!!!! I can't wait to see it this evening. At first I thought Marquez would take it, but after watching Floyd train I'm thinking he's super hungry and ready to fight pac-man. As a side note I think it's stupid that UFC is throwing a fight the same night as this one. I'm a fan of both sports, but come really? You think Franklin will out sell this fight, your stupid!!! Well enjoy the 24/7 videos below....

Ep. 1

Ep. 2


Week 2 Picks....

After an excellent week of 13-3 i'm ready kick this week with some awesome picks. There's some tough games on the schedule this week, so here's the golden picks:

Atlanta over Carolina
Vikings over Lions
Green Bay over Cinncy
Titans over Texans
Oakland over K.C.
Patriots over Jets
Saints over Eagles
Redskins over Rams
Jaguars over Cards
San Fran. over Seattle
Buffalo over Tampa Bay
Denver over Cleveland
Baltimore over San Diego
Cowboys over Giants
Colts over Dolphins

upset special of the week:

Chicago over Pittsburgh

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Top College Game's for this weekend

Top 5 games and my picks here we go, let's gettem son!!!!!
Thursday Night:
#14 Georgia Tech .vs. #20 Miami (fl)
Miami looked hot against Fl. State so I'm rolling with them.
#20 Miami (fl)
#8 Cal .vs. Minnesota
This is a tough one. Minnesota has dropped 10 games in a row against topped ranked teams but that will end..
#17 Cincinnati .vs. Oregon St.
I dislike Cinncy and hope Oregon pulls this one.
Oregon St.
Arizona .vs. Iowa
Big 12 Domination this season in full effect baby, Iowa
#2 Texas .vs. Texas Tech
I was heard revenge is sweet, so in this one I will be enjoy,
#2 Texas

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week 1 Recap.......

Okay on my picks I went 13-3, I think that's an awesome way to start off, huh? Well i'm not blogging about my greatness of predicting games, i'm blogging about the recap of the 7 games I thought that were the "games of the week".
There were alot of awesome games but like I said these were the one's that appealed to me. Every Tuesday we'll be doing this until the season ends, without futher said let's jump into it....

Thursday Night Season Kick Off:
Pittsburgh 13, Tennessee 10 (ot)
First off like I told a friend of mine, in my view the word "hate" isn't strong enough to describe how I feel towards the Steelers. It's the season kick off, and finally some meaningful football's on the horizon! So you know this game would make my list.
Overall this was a pretty good game. If you play fantasy as myself and started Willie Parker like I did, I bet you were pretty pissed as myself! Clearly the stars of the night were Big Ben and Santonio Holmes. The Titan's offense seemed kinda flat and by the end of the game their D looked worked. When Hines Ward fumbled the ball towards the end of the 4th I was pumped hoping the Titan's would pull it out. But in OT the Steelers took advantage of a worn down D and took the game.

Jets 24, Texans 7
I gotta say I was very doubtful about Mark Sanchez coming into this season. The way ESPN hypes all these young QB's is stupid. It seems any quarterback coming off a hot season in college is the next "Tom Brady" or "Peyton Manning".  Even against a medicore defense in Houston, I still didn't give him much credit. Going 18-31 272 yards and a TD has me thinking a little different about him. I saw the Jet's a 7-9 team at best coming into this season, but before I start riding the Mark Sanchez Dick train, I wanna see how he stacks against the Pat's. If he finds a way to pull one out against them, then i'll glorify him. Until then, my hat's off for an awesome performance for your first NFL game.

Dallas 34, Bucc's 21
Boy I was super stoked about seeing the boy's back in action!!! It's been almost 9 months to see them redeem themselves from a disaster season!
I thought the Boy's were going to run all over Tampa in this one, weren't we all in a surprise. Cadillic came out of no where. Our defense looked extremely weak in this matchup, They showed no pressure and no aggressivness getting to the ball. The offense wasen't any better. They spent almost the whole first half confused! If Romo wouldn't of found out that Tampa's saftey's were weak and attack them, then this game would've had a different outcome. Not all was bad Romo throwing for 353 and 3 tds was awesome, I just hope we fix these problems before New York on Sunday.

Vikings 34, Browns 20
 One word to describe A.P........ SICK!!!!!! Were talking about man that busted a run at full speed, stopped and stiffed arm one defender, took a few step's foward, stopped again, stiff arm a defender behind him who wouldn't of caught up to him on anyday, then took off full speed for a TD!!! Wow the man is SICK!!! I know it was "The Brett Farve Coming Out Of Reitrement Part 89640". A.P. made sure to remind everyone this is his team.

49ers 20, Cardinals 16
If you read my previous blog I called this the upset of the week. There we a couple of close calls, this one still kept the title. The score was 13-6 going into half, this game was on sided all the way besides what the scoreboard read. Shaun Hill's 80 yd td in the 4th was pure wildness. 49ers D kept Warner at bay from doing a comeback at the end of the 4th. The Card's look bad! No disgusting! I'm saying it now 49ers at 9-7 this year will take the West and lose a horrible lose in the Wild Card this year lol

Packers 21, Bears 15
Man I was suprised in this one. I watch this on side screen with the VMA's on the other side. With Kanye West intruption and Cutler looking stupidly bad made this a intresting evening. I gotta confess I'm rooting for the Bear's this year. When they picked up Jay I thought this had to be their season. If your into Defensive struggles then this was a perfect game to watch. The Bears recievers looked lost most of the game, and some how forgot to run routes. Rogers looked good, the Pack's D looked good. If this is a preview of how Jay will be without Brandon Marshall, then this will be a super long season!

Monday Night
Patriots 25, Bills 24
Wow was this a fun game to watch! Tom looked pretty bad for 3 and half quaters, The Bills for 3 and half quaters looked really, really, really good. Being up 24-10 with 2 minutes and some change left what does Brady do? Lead two crazy scoring drives in 2 minutes to win the game. The Pat's D looked suspect, the Bills still have problem's with a weak O Line. Overall this was fun to watch and it's good to see Tom back!

Those were the games I thought I would mention. I'm downing the other games, overall this was a kick ass week of football, and thank you lord almighty for blessing us with football again!!! God the summer's suck after the Basketball playoffs!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

WEEK 1 Picks......

Alright I lost my opening game pick. But you have to say the Titan's came close to pulling it but Ben does what Ben does pull's shit out his ass in the 4th qtr.
Okay now to this week, there's some kinda tough picks but for the most part it should be a very easy week. So with out much left here goes these week 1 golden picks....
Atlanta over Miami
Bengals over Broncos
Vikings over Browns
Colts over Jags
Saints over Lions
Cowboys over Bucc's
Eagles over Panthers
(this may be the game of the week, it could go either way)
Ravens over Chiefs
Jets over Texans
Giants over Redskins
Seahawks over Rams
Bears over Packers
Patriots over Bills
Chargers over Raiders
for this weeks upset special.....
49ers over Card's

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Man it seem's forever since the Super Bowl. Well I'm a big Cowboy's fan has you've seen the past season on my picks. This is the year ladies and gentlemen we get it done!!! lol
But as I usually do it each week I'll give my prediction on what I think each team will do in every game. Last year I had a stellar record going to the Super Bowl. Look back my last year post, compare my record with other NFL sports genius on the web, mines was crazy good!!!!
Well enough of all that, business at hand, the new season is kicking off tommrow night with Tennessee going up against Pittsuburgh. I've been waiting for some real football and here we are.
This game is being played in Pittsburgh, and all the dick sucking that follows the Steelers winning last years Super Bowl will contiune in this one. But I don't believe the hype on Pitt. in this opener. Don't get me wrong, they'll (pitt) have a good season, in this season opener, the Titan's will play the role of upset city! So the way i'm starting the 2009 season picks is with an upset....
Titans over Steelers