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Friday, January 15, 2010

Divsonal Round Picks

Boy, oh Boy is there some good football ahead this weekend!!! 2nd Round fun facts last year, the teams with a first round bye went 1-3. Last week I went 2-2 this week I'm shooting for 4-0.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

NFL Picks Saturday *Wild Card*

Alright the playoffs are here and boy do we have us some games!
3 rematches from Week 17 (Bengals vs Jets, Cowboys vs Eagles, Cardinals vs Packers), and one grudge game from 2007 where one team got felt they got screwed (Patriots vs Ravens).
If history has taught us anything it's that the hottest team coming into the playoffs usually run the playoffs to the Super Bowl. Right now the hot teams coming into the playoffs are (and your a fool if you argue diffferent): Dallas, Green Bay, Arizona, San Diego, and maybe Baltimore.

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Playoff Picture

Sat. January 9th:
4:30 ET NBC:
Jets @ Bengals

Eagles @ Cowboys

Sun. January 10th:
Ravens @ Patriots

4:40 ET FOX:
Packers @ Cardinals

2009 Season Highlights

Here's some nice picks of the season that has passed us:

NFL WrapUp *Season Finale*

Ah man the 2009 Regular Season is offically OVER!!! What a season it's been! This time of year is always a love hate feel I have. I hate the season is over but love the post season is on the horizon. This season has had it's fair share of suprises, i'll try to grab as much off it as I can in my nexy blog entry after this one.

As for Week 17, it was very interesting. For alot of times it seemed like another pre season game. For some others it was do or die, for nothing ultimately. This weekend on picks I went 12-4 and ended the season at: 179-81

check out all the other "sports genius's" none matched me!!!

Without much more let's knock this seasons last:


*season finale*

Pittsburgh 30, Miami 24

Pitt went into the 4th quarter up by 14 and look like it was a wrap. Miami fought back into it but pitt prevailed in what would end up being a pointless game. One thing good that came out this game is: STEELERS ARE OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS!!!!! Overall B+, one the only close games that somewhat bareable to watch.

Baltimore 21, Oakland 13

Man I really thought the damn Raiders were gonna pull of this upset. All the Ravens needed was to win and they were in. That run by Willis (pic) was sick at the end. I'm glad Ray Lewis and the bunch made it, too bad Brady's gonna put their playoff hopes down for another year. Overall A, pretty good game here!

Houston 34, New England 27

Man Houston scoring 21 pts in the 4th was pretty impressive, and other AFC teams should be somewhat glad their not facing this team in the playoffs. I was really surprised Bellichick sat out Brady and company with 1:54 left and down by a TD. What about Welker tearing his ACL and MCL. Wonder how that'll effect the Pats in the post season. Overall A+, can't believe I gave it a A+, but I hate to admit it, it was a good game to watch.


Cincinnati 0, New York Jets 37

Wow, the Bengals looked like shit, and now they can join this years group of Shittest teams.


Dallas 24, Philadelphia 0

What a performance by the boys!!! In the biggest game this season, they came out in a BIG WAY! I call bullshit to anyone saying Philly gave this game. Philly had ALOT TO PLAY FOR SO FUCK YOU!!!!! and they lost alot in this game. From the D to the O line, to Romo, to Miles, everyone was on point yesterday. I think it's safe to say that nasty taste that's been in our mouth all year long from Philly last year, is finally GONE!!! Overall A++++++++