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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

NFL WrapUp Tuesday on Wednesday

Alright I clocked in another 10-6, what do you have to say about all the upsets? Keeping with the big upset's, this week instead of doing the close games and kick ass games, we're gonna spotlight all the upsets. Also we'll give the tradition Shittest Team of the Week nod.

With that said let's get the ball rolling:

Miami 22, New England 21

Man, what the hell is happing to the Pats? My Super Bowl pic is circling around the toilet fast! I'm sorry but I didn't see the fin's winning this one. Especially after the crazy stat's Brady had put up. My question to you is, do you think the dynasty is over? Overall A-, entertaining, upset's are fun, even if it's against your pick.

New York Giants 31, Dallas 24

I get told that I'm bias against my boys, but keeping up with the theme and what's fair here you go. Damn this is another you can't blame on Romo. Dude had a career day! Our D looked bad at times. What's sad is when it looked bad, is when the Giants looked their best. I still find the Giants 8-8 and missing out the playoffs, I don't care what you say! Overall FFFFFF, never good with the New York Seman win! So suck that you Giant fans! lol

Oakland 27, Pittsburgh 24

I guess, no I'm confident it's safe to say the Steelers are no longer a contender this year! How in the hell do you give up 3 td's in the 4th qtr., and to the Raiders? The Steelers suck this year and i'm glad the Raiders pulled this upset! Overall A, everytime the Steelers lose, a virgin computer nerd loses his virginity.

Arizona 30, Minnesota 17

Honestly let's be real now, who saw this coming? After this game I was soooo super pissed! I needed a sick performance from Sidney Rice and ended up empty handed! Good thing other folks on my fantasy suck or else I'd be out the playoffs! Roles reverse on this one, the Cards D looked like what the Vikings were a week ago and the Vikes D and O line looked like what the Cards had 4 years ago. Overall A, nice upset in the Over 40 Bowl.

New Orleans 33, Washington 30 (ot)

Two things about this game.
First, I'm glad the Skins lost, cause the boys are gonna put the first lost on that record, now WHO DAT bitch!
Second, after a fumble like that in OT, you deserve to lose!
This was the talk all day Sunday and leaved up to the hype! Overall A+, don't worry in a couple of weeks the boys will take care of business in the superdome.


Atlanta 7, Philadelphia 34

Yup after all the boo's I was so glad to see Mr. Vick shove it down the throat of the Falcons Fans and make em gag like on prom night! The pic is really fitting Babin looks like he's shitting all over Redman!

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