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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pacquiao Wins 7th Title with 12th Round K.O.

He's gotta be this era's "pound for pound" boxer. It sucks, because that term get's thrown around to alot of boxers who really don't deserve it. Pac on the other hand, more then exceeds the title.
This fight was truly amazing! It started off like it was going to be a brawl all night. Cotto got knocked down twice. Pac was so fast with his punches that Cotto never saw the two knockdown punches coming!
In the first off Cotto looked good. He had some good combo's, a few times even looked like he dazed Manny.
My favorite moment of the fight was when Cotto had Pac up against the ropes landing some pretty critical blows. Right when you think Many's about to fall down, what does he do? Slip's around the side and counter punches, knocks Cotto down! Manny had that look like he had planned it that way.
I hope after this fight, this set's the stage up for Manny and Floyd. Damn that would be beyond super sick! If you missed the fight here's some photo's I found online for your enjoyment!

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