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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

NFL WrapUp Tuesday

Let's steam into this week's verison of:
NFL WrapUp Tuesday

I have to admit, and it I may be late but damn! I'm glad I was bless with my personal discovery of "NFL Red Zone". All I can say is WOW! If you don't have it or watched, you must do one of the above! It changed the way I watch football, the best part is NO COMMERCIALS! I can wait till next Sunday!

Now to the games, I was surprised at this week's results, or better yet how they ended. If you would've told me last Monday, a week from now we'll be talking about how the Rams for example almost beat the Saints. I'd laugh in your face. Remember I told you a couple of week's ago this is that time of the season were upset's will come from far, far, far left field. With that let's get into the games.

Jacksonville 24, New York Jets 22

Dear Ghost of Mr. I stop at the one yard line and piss all my fantasy owners off Brian Westbrook, GO AWAY!!!! I have to admit I thought it was a slick play. We all know Mark Sanchez isn't a proven or feared qb in the league right now, why leave time on the clock to be proven wrong? I really though Jacksonville had this wrapped up at half. They some how allowed the Jet's back into it. Overall B+, with alot of close games and potenial Games of the Week, this one made the cut with that stop by MJD.

Cincinnati 18, Pittsburgh 12

Alright maybe the Pic above may be misleading, It was this field goal that sealed the deal on the season sweep with Cincy Kittys. Wow, that's weird saying, The Bengals swept the Steelers in the season series. Strange. I'm not a Steelers fan, and I did pick them in this game, so you can imainge how pissed I was when Tiny Ben lost this game. I think the big question that beg's to be asked is: Do you really take the Bengals serious now? Overall A-, super big upset for the Bengals, plus now they have a homophob Larry Johnson on their team. I'm sure their Super Bowl bound now, huh?

New Orleans 28, St. Louis 23

I have to say this had to be the 2nd biggest story of the week. Mark Bulger dug his oldself from the grave of has been's and almost pulled out what would've been the biggest upset of the year. Talking about taking the trip and digging themseleves up, seem's Reggie Bush dug up. Man did he have a MONSTER game. Overall A, crazy game, not much too say about, well if the upset was pulled this would've been game of the YEAR! lol

.....to the main events:


Cleveland 0, Baltimore 16

Surprise, surprise, 2 times this season Cleveland has won the award of SHITTEST TEAM. I hate to say it my Boy's almost made it, but they scored so they have been saved. Eric Vagina is killing this team. Brady Quinn needs to go to a GOOD team that'll develop him the right way. He's just wasting time up there.



Indianapolis 35, New England 34

Man that first half I was thinking, how crazy would it be if New England run's up the score and end's like 55-17? Peyton proved why you can't rule him out. I don't think the 4th & 2 play in the 4th killed the game for New England. Look back into the 3rd when Maroney Fumbled the ball in the end zone, and when Brady threw that INT, in the end zone. Those play's hurt New England. Looks like the rematch for the AFC crown will be at Lucas Oil Field. Overall A+, great 2nd half, it's alway's fun watching these two play!

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