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Thursday, November 5, 2009

MLB Best Team's of the Decade 10 thru 8

10. San Francisco Giants

(2000-09 record: 855-762; 12-13 playoff's; 1 World Series Appearance)

To me there's only one name that sum's up the 2000's for the Giants: BARRY BONDS! Did he do steroids, or he didn't, who knows? Was he on it when broke the record? When was he ever on them? These answer's we'll never know. But they snuck in and made the countdown, so congrad's San Fran. Your the #10 team for the 2000's.

9. Chicago White Sox

(2000-09 record: 857-762; 12-7 playoff record; 1 World Series Championship)
All you guys in Chicago can thank your championship to Mr. Ozzie. Since he came to Chicago, you guys have been somewhat entertaining to watch. Look at that playoff record. Pretty good, pretty good. Congrads Chicago your better then the Bad New's Cubs from that other part of town!

8. Los Angeles Dodgers

(2000-09 record: 862-758; 5-10 playoff record)
I couldn't believe it either! I had to double check it myself. Who would've thought, two bay teams to kick off the top 10 team's of the 2000's for baseball! You know minus this year's playoffs they only won 1 game in the playoff's this decade. They suprised me as I bet it did you, so here you go Dodgers! You can tell the rest of the league suck on these your better then them!

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