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Saturday, November 7, 2009

MLB Best Team's of the Decade 7-5

7. Minnesota Twins

(2000-09 record: 863-758; 6-15 playoff record)
I gotta say I was suprised they ranked this high! They did keep a constant record through the 00's. They made some quiet noise in the Central this whole decade. When everyone counted them out early on what did they do? Kill it in August and September and still the Central from Cleveland and Chicago.

6.Oakland A's

(2000-09 record: 890-728; 11-16 playoff record)
We tend to forget the A's had some pretty good team's in the early 00's. If i'm not mistaken I think they had 2 straight 100 win season's. I think the AL West is one of the crazyest divison in the league. Almost 3 teams made the top 10. Seattle was killing it early on in the decade and the Rangers have caught the fire lately! Not to take the attention from the A's, you can now turn to your shoulder and flip off the the 2 teams that didn't make the list from your divison off because your supreme then them!

5. Atlanta Braves

(2000-09 record: 892-726; 9-16 playoff record)
Wow the Braves at 5! They really didn't make alot of noise this decade, just like the Twins they did it quiet. Well then again for the Braves, it's kind of hard to top the 90's. Man wasen't that starting rotation crazy? Smoltz, Avery, Maddux, Glavine, add Milwood at the end of the 90's. They somehow did had some good season's in the 00's, so here ya go Atlanta.

10. San Fran. Giants                                  

9. Chicago White Sox

8. Los Angeles Dodgers

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