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Friday, November 6, 2009

NFL Picks Friday

Alright Week 9 here we come! Were around the midway point through the season, it get's really tricky around this time of the year. This is when we see that one team we forgot about, go on a crazy 4-5 winning streak and the team everyone's sucking on loses 4 straight. For picks it does get kind of tough, because you know there's that one upset waiting around the corner to mess your whole weekend up! I fell victim to that last weekend!
I've been kicking ass and taking no prisonors this year, but last week I hit a nasty dirty wall! I went 8-5! 8-5! Man I was picking like the ESPN, and Yahoo Sport's experts! At least my season record is still super sick at 84-32. Look it up I'm still kicking 70% of cat's online ass on picks. I send an open challenge to another blog writer on picks. As of now no return answer. Don't be scared LET'S DO IT!!!!!!
This week's theme for me is
that's right, this week's shaping up to be a awesome week in the standings or horrible, horrible like Oakland Raiders horrible! There's one upset i'm keeping an eye on till Sunday and may change before game time and that's the Houston and Indy game. So stay glued for that. Without further said here's this week's edition of:
NFL Pick's Friday

Atlanta over Washington
Arizona over Chicago
New England over Miami
Green Bay over Tampa Bay
Jacksonville over K.C.
Seattle over Detroit
New Orleans over Carolina
San Fran. over Tennessee
NY Giants over San Diego
Monday Night Football:
Pittsburgh over Denver

Indy over Houston
(may change stay glued)

Baltimore over Cincy
Sunday Night Football:
Dallas over Philly

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