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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NFL WrapUP on Wednesday

Sorry for the day late of this weeks edition ofL
NFL WrapUP for Week 9
Between school, work, and the new Call of Duty, my times been kind of consumed. As a side note if you don't own COD Modern Warefare 2, you are a fool and need to go buy it today! This game is crazy sick!

Back to the games, this week was a good week of football. On the schedule there were some big highlight games, early divsion spot battles, key interleague play, and team's that needed to make a statement! We saw two games that set up for probably match of year next week! Like always I have the 3 top games, 1 shitty team of the week, and the big dog of them all: Game of The Week. So without much more let's jump into it!

Tampa Bay 38, Green Bay 28

Wow, who saw this coming. Well let me re-say this, beside's the crazed Buc's of the world, what normal person say this coming? Man i'm getting pretty tired of the Pack, everytime I choose them, they let me down! The Pack should've destroyed the Buc's. This game should not have been close! I guess they have some major serious problems on the O Line. Like I did with the Lion's when they won their first game, i'm doing for the Buc's. Hell, their last victory was November 20 of last year. Overall B, I hope Tampa enjoyed this Vic, the next one might not come till Week 15.

Indianapolis 20, Houston 17

If you read my picks for last week, I almost pulled the trigger on the Texans. Some argued on email's saying I was stupid for considering the Texans, I say to you sir, do your FUCKING research! The Colt's have a hard time against Houston. This was very entertaining to watch. At the half it was 13-3, and damn Houston came back. When it came down to the last field goal, I thought, fuck I knew I should've taken Houston! This new rivalary is getting more and more fun to watch. It's not on the level of Indy and New England, I don't think there's anyone close to it right now, well beside's the NFC East battles, it's a good one! Overall A-, Indy two week's in row at the number 2 spot. I have a feeling next week's matchup between the New England Tom Brady's will make the GAME OF THE WEEK.

San Diego 21, New York Giants 20

I have to admit at first I had a minimal interest in watching this game. I'm sure the expert's to be didn't see this game come down the way it did. Phillip's had a somewhat bad game, as stat's are concerned. When the Eli's scored a touchdown with 2 minutes and some change left. The first thing I thought of was the game last year between the Buc's and Chargers, when River's lead the Charger's back and win the game in the 4th. If you give Rivers enough time he'll burn ya, and that's what he did. March an 80 yd. drive in a minute to take the lead and ultimately won the game. San Diego's tour of the East are looking to be some fun games, well maybe not the Washington game. Overall A, Crazy ending, San Diego has Philly this weekend, which should be a crazy game and the Boy's on Week 14. Man i'm stoked for em.

to the main event's.......


Washington 17,Atlanta 30

I think many will agree, this should say: SHITTEST TEAM OF THE YEAR! haha man how bad can these guys get? You guys talk about Dallas being a 4 ring circus? Jesse Campbell and Portis getting hurt, and stupid ass D. Hall's late hit on Ryan then trying to fight Mike Smith. Why and you wonder why they don't like you in Atlanta. This prove's to you guys, money can't buy you victory's in the NFL!


Sunday Night Football:
Dallas 20, Philadelphia 16

Man do the boy's look good are what? Our D's starting to look like what it should be. Between DeMarcus and Ratliff in McNabb's face all game, our secondary looking crazy good, and that offense, when it was rolling, it looked unstoppable. Man we stepped it up in a major way! Romo collect's his 13 straight victory in the month of November.
Some may argue that the Ref's fucked the Eagles, but I say to you, there were bullshit call's all game and a bunch of call's they missed. I think the highlight of the night for me was when McNabb rolled over his guy for a first down and the ref went after the play to moved the ball back 3 yards.
Man aren't these games within the East fun? Overall A+++, we don't have to deal with the Eagles till the last game of the season. Sure the month of December looks like a rough bumpy road ahead, for now we'll enjoy this victory and suck in this revenge on Philly!

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