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Monday, November 9, 2009

MLB Best Team's of the Decade 4-1

4. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

(2000-09 Record: 900-720; 11-19 Playoff Record; 21-24; One World Series Championship '2002)
Naturally I hate the Angles being a Rangers fan, but damn they seem to always be in the hunt for either the World Series or or Divison. They were the "Team" of the AL West for the 2000's, so congrad's douche's!

3. St. Louis Cardinals

(2000-09 Record: 913-706; 33-31 Playoff Record; 2 World Series Apperance's with a Championship '2006)
Early 00's were the ending of the "Mighty Mark" era. With of corse the steriod case following.  I think you have to be a fool to argue that behind A-Rod the best player of this decade had to be Puljos. When going through their records, Damn you don't realize that the Card's had some pretty damn good teams!

2. Boston Red Sox

(2000-09 Record: 920-699; 34-23 Playoff Record; 2 World Series Championship's 2004 & 2007)
No matter what anyone say's about Baseball and the 2000's, it'll be spotlighted by the Rivalary between the Red Sox and Yankees. Man those playoff games were nothing short but epic! Remember in '04 being down 3 games and they came back to clinch! When the Yankee's outbidded them for A-Rod? I think heading into the 2 teen's this matchup will contiune it's steam, or I hope. It's been fun watching, cheering, getting angry watching these guys battle in the 00's.

1. New York Yankees

(2000-09 Record: 965-651; 50-38 Playoff Record; 4 World Series Apperance's with 2 Championships 2003 & 2009)
Like this was some suprise? You know the Yank's were the team of the Decade! With all the talk of the superstars wanted and waiting to wear the pinstripes, and the Yankee's actually pulling the best in the game at their respected time! With their heated battles with the Red Sox. 4 World Series apperance's. Wow need I go on?

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