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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Music Monday on Tuesday

This week's verison I'm going to breakdown what is probably the most discussed and reviewed beef in Hip Hop right now.

50 .vs. Rick Ross

F all the he said, he said, pics with whoever's kids (even though that was low, it was funny as hell!)
With 50's release of "Before I Self Distruct" today. Well go track for track and see who really win's this battle!

1. Mafia Music .vs. The Invitation:
The Beat on Mafia Music was dope as hell, as was must of Ross's album. But Lyric wise, 50 killed it. Really set the tone for the album. Ross, well was typical Ross barking about the same ol same.
WINNER 50 CENT "The Invitation"

2. Maybach Music 2 .vs. Then Day's Went By:
All the features on Maybach 2 weren't that good. Lil Wayne sounded like a retard. This track wasen't 50's strongest track on the album. Maybach 2 was a real water downed verison on the Original. So let's go to the beat Maybach 2's beat wasen't as good as the opening track Mafia, Day's Went By had a clean sample on it. So by default it goes to:
WINNER 50 CENT "Then Day's Went By"

3. Magnificent .vs. Death To My Enemies
Damn this was one of the best tracks on BISD (Death To My Enemies). That Dre beat was SICK! The hook was niceness! Magnificent took me sometime to get into it. I eventually got into because I'm a fan of John Legend.
WINNER 50 CENT "Death To My Enemies"

4. Yacht Club .vs. So Disrespectful
Personally the beat on "Yacht" was dope! It was better then Disrespectful. 50's was a good beef track, but not something you would listen to everyday, Yacht was nice.

5. Usual Suspects .vs. Psycho
WOW! This is the first tough matchup so far! Em and Fif kill Psycho, that beat was sick. Usual had sick beat as well, Nas killed that beat, Rick did okay at best! I like both so it's a:

6. All I Really Want .vs. Hold Me Down
One thing I can say about "All I Really Want" is, if Dream wasen't on it, it would be garbage! You do the math!
WINNER 50 CENT "Hold Me Down"

7. Rich Off Cocaine .vs. Crime Wave
Okay, it's the same story for Rick, clean beat, so-so hook, weak verse! Crime Wave was slick, clean beat, awesome ad's.
WINNER 50 CENT "Crime Wave"

8. Lay Back .vs. Stretch
I must say "Lay Back" was one of my favorite cut's off this album. The Beat was clean, Robin Thicke had a nice hook, Ross was okay on the verse's. "Stretch" depends on whose listening to it. I thought the verse's were stronger on "Stretch". Between the two I'm rolling with:

9. Murda Miami .vs. Strong Enough
Foxy Brown was the feature on "Murda". You know that's a recipe for a weak track. "Strong Enough" was one of the better track's off BISD. That little bridge "I'm pretty as a harlem nigga, i'm a shooter like a brooklyn nigga" ooooo was nice!
WINNER 50 CENT "Strong Enough"

10. Gunplay .vs. Get It Hot
"Gunplay" beat was niceness. I really wasen't feeling "Get It Hot" so....

11. Bossey Lady .vs. Gangsta's Delight
This is the part of the album of BISD I didn't feel. "Gangsta's" to me was gonna be a hit or miss, it missed with me. Ne-Yo did a good hook on a somewhat average track.

12. Face .vs. I Got Swag
"Face" In a system sounds sick! I like Trina so that helps. I think fif's hook was weak. Beat was on point but not enough.

13. Valley Of Death .vs. Baby By Me
"Valley Of Death" was a clean ass track! Probably the best song of  DTR. "Baby By Me" was a dope beat, nice commerical single, but the edge is with Valley
WINNER RICK ROSS "Valley Of Death"

14. In Cold Blood .vs. Do You Think About Me
Cold Blood, once again nice beat, Lyrics were okay. Think about me was pretty clean. Damn this one was hard.....

15. Cigar Music .vs. Ok, Your Right
Ok is a bad mofo! Cigar, man it's like an on going story, beat's on point, not nothing memorible. I gotta rule with Your Right on this one.
WINNER 50 CENT "Ok, Your Right"

50 Cent "Before I Self Distruct"
win's this battle at 7-6-2.
Damn I didn't realize it was this close! I gotta say from here on out i'm not going to just bash "Deeper Than Rap" so quick.

 Good battle

1 comment:

Dial Dose said...

foxy brown "weak"? u are trippin.. foxy brown is a much more versatile rapper than trina ever will be.

you must have not heard enough of foxy's material..

youtube "ill nana 2: the fever" .. foxy goes OFFFFFFF .. she's better than a lot of male rappers.

she's done tracks w/ both ross & 50
"murda mami" w/ ross & "back down" remix w/ 50 ... YOUTBE THEM !!