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Monday, November 23, 2009

NFL WrapUp

What another good week of football. Man were there some surprises or what? One game we all thought was going to be the worst ended up being the best. One game that we thought might have some high powered offense, ended up being a flat 7-6 game. We witness some BIG upset's, key injuries, damn isn't this a fun time of year? As a side note, with the three Thanksgiving game's coming up this Thursday, i'll have the picks ready for those either tommrow or Wednesday.

Alright this weekend I went 11-5. Not too bad, but could do better. I thought for sure I was going to end up 12-4, punk ass I don't know how to make clutch field goal's for Houston messed that up for me. Also I got caught in the upset trap with Oakland and K.C. winning. For the year i'm sitting pretty at: 113-48. Not to mention with tonight's fantasy win, i'm pretty much in the driver sit to be in the playoffs!!!

To this week's game's, as always there's 3 games that highlighted the weekend, 1 shit team, and the 1 one game that made the weekend. With that said let's get this going.

Sunday Night Football:
Philadelphia 24, Chicago 20

Kicking Week 11 games with Sunday Night's game.
At first, I was kind of hesitant to watch this one. I thought the Eagles were going to walk all up and down that ass. The Bears d had different thoughts. Bears also discovered a new back in Bell, did you see that crazy 70 something yard  run? Wow! This game came down to wire like a handfull of Bears games this year. The result, INT by Cutler. Man he's having a bad year! I think it'll change with time. Good game none the less. Overall B+, Cutler screwing it up at the end, reminded me way I choose and made me feel good inside I choose Philly.

Monday Night Football:
Tennessee 20 , Houston 17

I hate to admit it, Texans are showing signs of a good football team. Chris Johnson, what a monster! Whose can stop him? This was fun to watch, very fun. I love these down to the wire games. Rod from Houston had to F up the last second Field Goal which could've send this one into OT. Damn, it seem's every time I pick Houston, they always let me down! Next week i'm all Colts lol. Overall A, no arguement here, good game, good rivalry!

Kansas City 27, Pittsburgh 24 (OT)

Just like with Houston, everytime I roll with Pitt. they do something like this! I was watching the stream of this game because my boys were SOOOO entertaining lol I couldn't believe how hungry this Chiefs team looks! I guess getting rid of a bad seed like Larry Johnson makes all the difference! Overall A, upset's are fun, even more fun when it happen's to team you dislike!

now to the main events.....


Denver 3, San Diego 32

Wow, I knew this was coming when Denver announced down syndrome Chris Simms to start. I should've known better to start Brandon Marshall too. Ahhhh me being cocky again, I had to pay! So my revenge on you Marshall is, you are the cover boy for Week 11's SHITTTEST TEAM! Finally a week without Washington, Oakland, Cleveland or Detroit fighting for it!


Detroit 38, Cleveland 37

Ah man who saw this coming? Two team's with nothing to lose put it all out Sunday. I remember looking up at the scores during the boy's game look WTF!!! Cleveland 24, Detroit 3 in the 1st? I wished I would've caught the whole game, damn was there some fireworks! For once i'm talking about the Lions and Browns in a postive manner! My hat's off to both these teams. I just wonder which team will win the battle of Shittest Team next week? Overall A+++, crazy long bomb TD's, nice field goal dunk by Calvin, crazy ending with a def. interference, nice TD by a hurt Stafford to seal the deal!

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