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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NFL WrapUp Tuesday

Aww man another week of amazing football has come to a close. This past weekend was wierd without a Sunday Night Football game. I can understand not going head to head with the World Series, especially the way it's been playing out. It wasen't my best week in picks. I guess I had to much celebration drink in my system from the past weeks or something or maybe the full moon on halloween! Haunting, huh? All my comp. needed this weekend to try to play catch, so hopefully you took advantage of the weekend. On to the games, this week I have 3 games that were awesome, one game of the week, and one shittest team of the week nod. Without further a do here's this weeks verison of:
NFL WrapUp Tuesday:

Miami 30, New York Jets 25

This game I had the Jet's in it, and wow! Ted Ginn two returns for tds? Your still a bust to me friend. Jet's had a good offense and D, but special team's were lagging bad. It seemed everytime the scores would run across the top, the Jets were gaining ground. I would think there's nothing to worry about, they'll pull it out. Then fast foward 5 minutes later, Dolphins scored again! Overall B+, the two returns by Ginn, and run back by Jason Taylor were fun, and Mark despertly trying to lead his team back won it for me.

Colts 18, 49ers 14

So close, man what an upset this would've been? Dear San Fran. Don't feel bad about this lose, if this team keeps progressing the way it is, in a year or two this upset will happen. It should happen because Manning will be pushing mid 30's as well. The biggest stat that stuck out to me was Peyton had no td passes. Let me repeat NO TOUCHDOWN PASSES! That alone is crazy. Reggie Wayne had that crazy td pass from Addai. One way or another the Colts will find away to beat ya, which makes my preseason prediction of an AFC Championship between them and the Pat's more and more solid each week. Overall A-, would've been game of the week if the upset was pulled.

Dallas 38, Seattle 17

Orginally I was going to put this pic of when Hasselbeck was on the ground hurt, I think this one will do. The leader of this team Mr. Keith Brooking. The boy's are on a crazy roll right now winning 3 in row. Who would of thought going into this Philly game next week they'd be battling for 1st in the East? Romo looked solid. The Passing attack was on point for the better part of the game, the D looked real good as well. I guess the bye week a few week's back did alot of good! Overall A, boy's rolling on all cylinders and looking good.

Now to the Main Event's.......


Cleveland 6, Chicago 30

Yup, it should be no suprise here. All the other bad news teams of the NFL put points up, and had somewhat stat's to talk about. The Brown's are just plain horrible! Derek Anderson is a Joke, Brady Quinn probably has been given the best shake at a chance to suck, but he does suck! It's not all bad Cleveland, last week the Raiders were the SHITTEST TEAM, and look at what they did. They almost pulled an upset in San Diego. Keep your heads up high, it really can't get anymore worse then this, or can it?


Monday Night Football
New Orleans 35, Atlanta 27

Like this was much of a suprise? I was switching between this and the World Series, I gotta I thought at half 28-14 this game was over. The Falcon's battled back and man was that 4th quarter something? I kept telling myself there's no way their going to pull this off, and here goes a field goal. Off side kick, no way, the Falcon's recover. Overall A+, not all the plus's, it was entertaining and fun to watch. The Saint's wow! Undefeated!

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