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Friday, November 20, 2009

NFL Picks Friday

Man i'm in a drought at the moment.... I went 9-6. I started this week 0-1 with punk ass Carolina. I should've stayed with my orginial pick but DAMN! For the season I'm still kicking most fool's ass here online! My record is: 102-44 including yesterday's loss. Look up your favorite YAHOO! Sports and ESPN guy's picks. Record's aren't close to me! Even on my bad week's i'm still whooping ass lol

Enough of that, last week was a strange week. What seemed to be a week of blowouts and crazy scores, ended up being a week of close call upset's and some weird finshes. It had a big effect on picks and fantasy points. I'm hoping the NFL is going to go back to norm this week and follow suite with the way things need to be. Like, if the Vikings for example, need to have the game wrapped up by halftime, then let it be!

Beside's watching the Boy's at noon Sunday i'm going to be watching my new favorite thing in the world, NFL Red Zone. If you haven't seen it yet, then your not watching football right. After one weekend of football on the Red Zone, you'll never want to watch simple FOX, or CBS.

Now let's get down to business with the picks:

Steelers over Chiefs
Cowboys over Redskins
Saints over Buc's
Jaguars over Bills
Vikings over Seahawks
Cardinals over Rams
Chargers over Broncos
Bengals over Raiders
Patriots over Jets
Sunday Night Football:
Eagles over Bears
Monday Night Football:
Texans over Titans

Lions over Browns

49ers over Packers

Giants over Falcons
Colts over Ravens

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