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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Week 16 Playoff Prediction....

Since everyone and their mama's like to make playoff prediction's, I decided to join in the party. The only difference is that mine will more then likely happen because all them other dudes are a bunch of doches.

Right now as we speak this is the picture:

(Titans, Steelers have the 1st round bye)

Wild Card's:
Jets - Ravens
Broncos - Colts

(Giant's, Panthers have the 1st round bye)

Wild Cards:
Vikings - Buc's
Cardinals - Cowboys

Well this how I see it going down. Ready better grab your hat it's about to get crazy....

1st Round Byes:

Wild Card Matches:

That's right bitches I have the muthafuckin Dolphins and Patriots in.... And here how I have it plying out:

Dolphins beat Patriots
Colts Destroy Broncos

2nd Round:
Colts beat Titans
Steelers beat Dolphins

AFC Championship:
Steelers beat Colts

1st Round Byes:

Wild Card Matches:

It sucks I have it playing out the way it is now. Sorry Eagles and Falcons, just don't see it happening. This is how I see it playing out:

Vikings over Buc's
Cowboys get revenge on Card's

2nd Round:
Giants over Vikings
Cowboys over a tough Panthers

NFC Championship:
Cowboys win a nasty and disgusting one of Giants

Super Bowl:
Cowboys d wins over Steelers

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