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Saturday, December 6, 2008

4th Favorite Moment From Texas Stadium

Last week I started it off with Tony Romo's 5 td performance on Thanksgiving in 2006 against Tampa Bay. This week's moment comes from T.O. in 2000 when he saluted on the Star not once but twice! What made it bad it was the 25th anniversary of Texas Stadium and not to mention we sucked very bad! Dave Campo was our coach so enough said. The cool thing about this game was after T.O. saluted the first time, the next drive Emmitt Smith scored a touchdown, ran and spiked the ball back on the Star. On T.O.'s second time George Teague ran after him and almost knocked his ass out! I remember hating T.O. for the longest time for that shit! Not only did he play for the 49ers, he then went to Phily! So my hate for him was massive. But just as luck has it, Mr. Jones picked him up and the rest is history! Enjoy the video below from this game.

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