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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Week 13 Picks.....

I'm starting this week off 1-0 thanx to division 1-aaa football game on Thursday. These last two week's i've been stuck at 11-5 (129-63-1 for the year including Thursday). This week i'm going for 12 or 13 wins! Talking about this week and weeks to come I think we will start seeing this dominance from the Giants go away. I believe without a Plaxico and all this off field drama is eventually going to catch up to em. Some teams could clinch playoff spots today, like the Giants, Cards... Today will be a bad ass day for some football and here's the picks that will take you to the promise land.....

Baltimore over Washington
(I told ya Washington is falling apart)
Chicago over Jacksonville
(Can you believe how bad the jag's are this year?)
Minnesota over Detroit
(Vikings will make the lions their bitch today!)
Green Bay over Houston
Indy over Cincy
Atlanta over New Orleans
(I would like the Saints to win so it can help the boys, but Mr. Ryan may think different)
Giants over Phily
(Donvon sucks so much ass, Giant's will win easy)
Tennessee over Cleveland
Miami over Buffalo
Denver over K.C.
Jets over 49ers
Arizona over St.Louis
(this may tougher for the Card's to win then what most will wanna believe)
New England over Seattle
Carolina over Tampa Bay

and the final game:

Dallas over Pittsburgh
(I know our Defense is better then Pitt. O line and that's how we will win)

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