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Saturday, December 13, 2008

3rd Favorite Moment From Texas Stadium

Alright this week's is once again another bad moment!!!! It's memorable because of the importance of this game and how it all fell apart!!! Let's recap the other moments before we get into this weeks:

5) Was Tony Romo's 5 Touchdown performance against Tampa Bay on Thanksgiving
4) T.O. Disrespecting The Star

Number 3 is from 2005 when we played the Redskins on Monday night. This night was important because the triplets; Aikman, Irvin, and Smith were inducted into the Cowboy's Ring of Honor. I was working at this game at the beer stand and I caught the whole 4th quarter, the quarter where we showed how much we can suck and later wished I would've left feeling that we had won!
Here's how it goes, we were pretty much dominating this whole game. We got up 13-0 going into the fourth. With 4 minutes left, we gave 2 touchdowns!!! Not only two touchdowns but 2 long bombs to Santana Moss!!!! Needless to say I was extremely pissed with the other thousand's of fans at the stadium. Every time I see the video or pics of this game it still kinda leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Revenge anyone???


Fast forward to this year a few weeks back, Sean Taylor got inducted into the Redskins Ring of honor. And what happen? Revenge, that's right you sluts!!!!! It seems like it took forever but we finally got it!!! Ray- J'ed them on their own turf on a special night for them.

Down to my last two..... Two more weeks son left for our beloved stadium. Here's a video of this f-ed up game....

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