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Saturday, December 20, 2008

2nd Favorite Cowboy Moment From Texas Stadium

Damn were winding down on my list. Tonight, as you know is the last home game at Texas Stadium. I know most of my favorite moments have came from the modern era, well my response to that is, most of the best memories from Texas Stadium came from the modern era in my opinion son!!! If you don't like then suck a fat one.

Alright not to lose track but damn it's a bitch that the Texas Stadium is going down, but I have to say I'm very anxious for the new one!!!

Okay let's recap the previous moments on my list:
5) Romo's 5 Td performance on Thanksgiving
4) T.O. 2000 Touchdown Celebration on the Star
3) The Ring of Honor disaster against the Redskins

Without further a do here's number 2:

Thanksgiving Day 1993 against the Miami Dolphins, the score was 14-13 with like 15 seconds left. Miami kicks a field goal and it's blocked all we needed to was let the ball sit, but hold up here comes big dumbass Leon Lett, you would of thought after he embarrassed himself the year before in the Super Bowl with his stupid fumble was enough, but no he mange to out do himself once again on this one little play. He slides to try to get and loses a grip on it, the dolphins recover at the 1, kick a field goal again and win the game. Yes this one play has got be tattooed in every Cowboy fan. Here's the video to remind you of how dumb you can be, enjoy....

Next week is the last week of the season, and my last moment, what will it be...... hmmm we will see...

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