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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pacquiao Destroys De La Hoya Super NASTY!!!!!

Man this was an ass raping!!! Manny proved he was to fast, and made Oscar look confused the whole fight. I myself didn't give it straight shut out fight, I though there were two rounds where it was 10-10. All in all it was a good fight, well worth the $55 dollars. Now comes the important questions, will Oscar do the wise thing and retire?, and who will Manny fight next? I think Oscar should go ahead and retire, and there's two fights that wouldn't be bad to see, Manny vs. Hatten, or maybe the money fight Floyd Mayweather. Either way I think Manny would whoop that ass! Well if you missed out on this fight I have it below in two parts. Enjoy!!!!

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