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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cowboy Drama?

Let me start off, I wasn't going to comment or blog over this whole deal. I thought it was extremely stupid all the attention over something that had 99.9% chance of being false. But since ESPN likes to do "breaking news" controversy headline stories about this, and hearing these sports geniuses like Mark I Stink smash my team then I deiced enough is enough!

I swear it's stupid shit like this that makes ESPN more and more gay by the day. There was no controversy to begin with!!! So what the WR's had a conference with their offensive coordinators. I'm sure it's happen or is happing with other teams and it sure doesn't make headlines. This whole T.O. is jealous with Romo and Jason is the stupidest shit I've ever heard. Ed Werder is a stupid cock sucker that loves to make up some shit!!!!
In case if you don't live in the Dallas Fort Worth area, yesterday Michael Irvin on radio interview pretty much smashed all of ESPN's hopes of pushing this issue till Sunday. On this interview Irvin said while at a desert party at T.O.'s crib that T.O. said "He wasn't jealous of Jason and Tony, that he and his past and current room mates also work on plays." "That ESPN is trying to find another story, and the locker room isn't divided, it's all LIES!!!!" So there you and your "Unknown Cowboy" go cock sucker Ed Werder!!!
Doesn't it seem like instead of getting your sports news, "REAL SPORT NEWS" on ESPN you get a bunch of shit and drama? Their anchors suck major league asshole!!! (All expect for a few: Steven A. Smith, Michael Smith, Scott Van Pelt, Mike and Mike to name a few) I don't know who sucks more rotten vagina, Chris Boomer,or Sturt I gotta fucked eye Scott. NFL Live is joke!!! Sunday Morning Countdown is cocking sucking fest!!! If your looking for a GOOD Sunday morning pre game show, hit up fox. Jimmy, Terry, Michael, and Howie are the shit! And are entertaining as well.

Well that's all I gotta say about that, watch when the Cowboys murder New York tomorrow like a hooker in a alley, ESPN will start the whole Cowboy dick sucking fest all over again about how their the team to beat in the NFC. Watch what I say.

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