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Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Top 10 Albums of 2008

Alright this is my 2nd to last list for this whole best of 2008 thing. This one is a topic i'm really good at, and know a thing a two about a thing a two. This year the music was kinda sour in my opinion. There were some highlights, but mainly lows. I think this year Lil Wayne reminded everyone around the world how stupid Americans are when it comes to music. A million people bought that shitty album, then said it was the best because "that's whats in". I downloaded it, heard it a few times, then deleted it. Sorry besides that "A Milli" beat the album blew more than a Asian hor house. Which brings me to the T-Pain album. I hate to admit it, but it grew on me. Don't judge me, I think there's a reason why I like it, T-Pain has a love for the ladies and expresses that in his tracks, he has relationship problems. It's all the shit we all go through. At least he isn't talking about being some dude from the hood, then turn around and kiss another guy in the mouth and say "that's jail love".

actually enjoyed this one but not good for my list sir), Immortal Technique (beats were good, but political rap, just, ahh how can I say, gets real old quick), Britney Spears (this was really good,Some albums that didn't make my list; Kanye West (do I have to really say why), Ludacris (I and damn she is hot now, but I can only give one tie), The Game (damn this bitch was really on point, I enjoyed this bitch from the get go, and I still em, but only one tie) Nas (it's always good hearing Nas's voice but this album didn't have alot tracks that stick after hearing) Lady Gaga (besides looking hot, I just couldn't see myself putting it on my list), Panic At The Disco (I tried getting into them, but I just can't do it) Usher (man I'm a Usher fan but this album was average at best) Guns N Roses (if your still a fan and waited for this, then you my friend NEED A FUCKING LIFE) Skillz (I really enjoyed this album, but no more ties) John Mayor's Live album (even though it was good, and always feels good listening to John, I just couldn't put a live album on my list).
Well here's the list of Albums that you should have heard this year, if not download and enjoy the nice sounds.....

-It's a Tie-
Common - Universal Mind Control
N.E.R.D.- Seeing Sounds

Sigur Ros - Med Sut ieyrum Vit spilum Endalaust

Gnarls Barkley - The Odd Couple
John Legend - Evolver

The Cool Kids - The Bake Sale
Beck - Modern Guilt

The Killers - Day and Age
(that's right bitch #4!!!)

Portishead - Third

Coldplay - Viva La Vida and Death To His Friends

Radiohead - In Rainbows
(okay genius mo'fos, they released the download version for free last year but the official release was January 1st of this year)

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