What is Drunken B.S.? It's a bunch of useless information to debate when drinking, ya dig?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's That Season Again

Alright, summer's coming to a close training camp is over and the Pre-Season is in full swing you know what that means? Another season of "Drunken B.S."

I'm like vintage wine, it just keeps getting better with age. Let's review the last 2 season's of Drunken.

Season 1:
I got in some trouble for putting up links for FREE Movie and Music downloads. It kinda put my plans for that back. But apparently I upsetted a bunch of sport writers online with my awesome winning % on picking football games and calling them out on their imperfections.

Season 2:
I found away around on putting links up for free downloads but put all my energy into just stroking my ego on how bad ass I was on picking games. Man I hope you took my picks to the bank, if you did you had you some nice stack of money.

This season:
Well, i'll probably be back to focusing on NFL and other nice things that strike my interest. What way to start it off with my pre season analysis. Just strap your seat belt and enjoy another season of Drunken B.S.

I know you'd like that

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