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Saturday, August 14, 2010

NFC North *Pre-Season* Breakdown


I figured I start my Pre-Season look at the division that has the most buzz around because of one man that's name "Brett". Believe me I'm as tired as everyone of this whole "Brett Farve Retirement Watch" that certain sport channel's keep killing. Don't get me wrong, though I'm tired I also understand the importance of this decision. If he's out, the Pack should easily walk away with the division, and the Cowboys would be the big dogs of the NFC. With that said here's my "Bud Light Top Question's" (f ESPN's Coor's Light 6 Pack Questions, it's about Bud Light Bub! Also It's not biting, if your making it better, remember that!) of the division with mine and Madden 11's Pre-Season prediction of each team.

Bud Light Top Questions

Question 1:
Is Brett Gonna Come Back?

I think he will, it's all drama. The only way Brett loves it. But I will say this WILL be his last season. You can take that to the bank.

Question 2:
Can Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers make some noise and come into the four front of the NFC best?

Once again the Pack will turn some heads, I can see Aaron throwing 4k yards again, but as long as Brett's taking snaps in Minny, he's still gonna have to wait in his shadow. I do think they will split this season's series.

Question 3:
Whose off season's moves will pay off?

Man picking up Peppers in Chi. will bring alot help, but they haven't answered their problems at Wide Out. Detroit I think made big splashes in getting Van den Bosch, and drafting Suh. I think the Lions are a couple of season's out from being a contender in the North, or a threat to the Wild Card picture.

Question 4:
So how do see this season playing out for the North?

(D vs Madden 11)
Minnesota 11-5
Green Bay 10-6
Chicago     6-10
Detroit       6-10
Minnesota  10-6
Green Bay  10-6
Detroit        10-6
Chicago      6-10

Key Games for the North:

Week 1 - New Orleans vs Minnesota
Week 3 & 14 - Green Bay vs Minnesota
Week 5 - New York Jets - Minnesota
Week 6 -  Dallas vs Minnesota
Week 8 - New England vs Minnesota
Week 9 - Dallas vs Green Bay
Week 11 - Miami vs Chicago
Week 12 - Atlanta vs Green Bay
Week 15 - New England vs Green Bay

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