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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Boys First Playoff Victory Since '96

Boy!!!!! It seems like an eternity since the last playoff victory!! Man all you Romo haters better start changing your mentally against this guy! That dominating performance he displayed last night was amazing, or better yet since the Saints game back in Week 15 up to now, the man has to be the hottest QB right now! Our D, all you can say is WOW. Knocking out DeSean Jackson all night, yea bitch tweet about how your gonna sit at home next week watching us play!

Here's some of the nice memories since 1996 of what we've been through since the last playoff victory.
*Warning!!!!!! There's alot of Ugly, and some good, so prepare yourself*

1997 Season:
*Giants    10-5-1
Redskins  8-7-1
Eagles      6-9-1
Cowboys  6-10
Cardinals  4-12
*This season ended 6 season season of Winning Record and Playoff Apperance, and Barry Switzer last season has head coach*

Super Bowl XXXII:
Broncos 31, Packers 24

1998 Season:
NFC East Standings:
**Cowboys  10-6
*Cardinals      9-7
Giants          8-8
Redskins     6-10
Eagles         3-13
*Chan Gailey's first season as head coach leads to a Divsion Crown and a Wild Card loss to the Cardinals 7-20. As a side note this was the year we drafted Greg Ellis as the 8th overall pick and Flozell Adams as the 38th overall pick*

Super Bowl XXIII:
Broncos 34, Falcons 19
*Keith Brooking was a rookie for the Falcons*

1999 Season:
NFC East Standings:
**Redskins  10-6
*Cowboys    8-8
Giants           7-9
Cardinals      6-10
Eagles          5-11
*We made it to the Wild Card Round for the 2nd and last season under Chan and lost to the Vikings 10-27, this was the year in Week 5 in Philly when Michael Irvin recieved his Career Ending Neck Injury, this was also Deion Sanders Last season as a Cowboy*

Super Bowl XXXIV:
Rams 23, Titans 16

2000 Season:
**Giants   12-4
*Eagles     11-5
Redskins    8-8
Cowboys   5-11
Cardinals   3-13
*First Season under Head Coach Dave Campo seemed more like a disaster then promising, with Irvin retiring forced Jerry Jones to do one of the stupidest trades ever. Trading the 2000, and 01 season 1st round draft picks for Joey Galloway. This was the year where T.O. did the celebration on the Star at Texas Stadium. This also was the year the boys had the Tom Landry hat on the jersey, this was the year Aikman had suffered 2 concussions and Emmitt Smith rushed for 1,000 yards for the 10th straight season*

Super Bowl XXXV:
Ravens 34, Giants 7

2001 Season:
**Eagles   11-5
Redskins    8-8
Cardinals   7-9
Giants        7-9
Cowboys   5-11
*Troy Aikman was released after suffering 2 concussions, then retired as a Cowboy, Jerry Jones drafted the infamous Quincy Carter in the 2nd round, this was the season we ran through QB's like socks, the list is: Tony Banks, Anthony Wright, Clint Stoerner, & Ryan Leaf. The only highlight of the season was Bob Hayes getting inducted into the Ring of Honor, and sweeping the Redskins for two straight seasons*

Super Bowl XXXVI
Patriots 20, Rams 17

2002 Season
**Eagles 12-4
*Giants   10-6
Redskins  7-9
Cowboys 5-11
*This was Dave Campo's last season as Head Coach. Emmitt Smith broke the all-time career yardage rushing record held by Walter Payton. Chad Hutchinson was our "Quaterback Savior". Darren Woodson became the all time leader of tackles for the Cowboys. This was the year we blessed the league with the wonderful draft picks of: Roy E. Williams, Antonio Bryant, and Andre Gurode. Also HBO filmed "Hard Knocks" following the Cowboys training camp.*

Super Bowl XXXVII
Tampa Bay 48, Oakland 21

2003 Season
**Eagles    12-4
*Cowboys 10-6
Redskins    5-11
Giants        4-12
*Boy where do we start? This was the year that pretty much was the start to the team we have today. Jerry let go of Campo and brought in Bill Parcells, with Parcells brought in NOW New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton, and NOW Cinncy Bengals D. Coordinator Mike Zimmer. The Boy's parted ways with Emmitt Smith, and Had a pretty sick draft in acquiring: Jason Witten, Terrance Newman, Bradie James. Also Terry Glen was brought in. We had a surprising Wild Card berth season. Qunicy Carter lead us 10-6 in his last season as a Cowboy and a WILD CARD LOSS to Carolina. This year Tony Romo made the undrafted practice squad.*

Super Bowl XXXVIII
Patriots 32, Panthers 29

2004 Season
**Eagles   13-3
Cowboys  6-10
Giants       6-10
Redskins   6-10
*Okay this was a wierd season, with Quincy's whole cocaine troubles, Big Bill brought in Vinny Testaverde as QB and Keyshown Johnson.  Jerry picked up another Ex baseball player/QB in Drew Henson. This would be Darren Woodson's last year due to injury. Also we had Eddie George in his last year in the NFL. In This draft we picked up Julis "I get hurt every season" Jones, and Patrick Crayton.*

Super Bowl XXXIX
Patriots 24, Eagles 21

2005 Season
**Giants    11-5
*Redskins 10-6
Cowboys   9-7
Eagles       6-10
*We had to have the best drafts ever!!!! Just look at this: DeMarcus Ware, Marcus Spears, Kevin Burnett, Marion Barber, Chris Canty, Rob Pettiti, Jay Ratliff. This was the year after Vinny, Big Bill thought it would be a great idea and bring Drew Bledsoe in as QB. Also we picked up Anthony Henry off of free agency. We started the season on a high note 7-3, and ended 2-4.*

Super Bowl XL
Steelers 21, Seahawks 10

2006 Season
**Eagles    10-6
*Cowboys  9-7
Giants         8-8
Redskins     5-10
*This was the year we brought in T.O., Mike Vanderjet. Remember all the hell Bledsoe caused us? That came to an end in the middle of the Giants game on Monday night when this quarterback out of nowhere came in and stole that postion and never looked back, named Tony Romo. This year we WASTED A #1 pick in "Barbie" Carpenter. We had a big victory over the soon to be Super Bowl Champs Colts, and had that bobed snip by Romo for the go ahead win against Seattle in the Wild Card. This was also Bill Parcells last year coaching the boys*

Super Bowl XLI
Colts 29, Bears 17

2007 Season
NFC East Standings:
**Cowboys    13-3
*Giants           10-6
*Redskins        9-7
Eagles              8-8
*We had the first round bye and home field advantage in the playoffs, which pretty much was pointless, considering we lost to the Giants in the 2nd Round. Wade Phillips was introduced as Head Coach in the begining of the season. We brought in BIG Leonard Davis, and Ken Hamlin. *

Super Bowl XLII
Giants 17, Patriots 14

2008 Season
**Giants   12-4
*Eagles     9-6-1
Cowboys  9-7
Redskins   8-8
*This was a pretty bad season in general for the boys! Losing the last ever game in Texas Stadium to the Ravens to controling our own destiny and losing to the Eagles in nasty fashion in Week 17 to miss out. This was the year we traded for "Pac-Man", this would be T.O.'s last season as a Cowboy. This years draft was simply sick!!!! Felix Jones, Tashard Choice, Mike Jenkins, Martellius Bennett, Orlando Scandrick. Also this was the year Jerry did another "kick ass" trade for another Roy Williams lol*

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