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Monday, August 16, 2010

NFC East *Pre-Season* Breakdown


Day 3 of my division camp report continues with the NFC East or better known as the "NFC Beast". Well okay maybe three years that title could hold true, but this season I highly doubt it'll take the cake. The Cowboys should be the front runner for everyone, if not your dumb, plain and simple. Ya dig? I know there's some of you that say "well look at all the moves Washington did". Okay let's examine that statement;
McNabb: okay that's a good pick, but what about the line? Defenders now have a chance to get to him quicker then when he was with Philly.
Larry Johnson: Washed Up, need I say more?
Mike Shanahan: We've seen this before with Gibbs, at the end of the day a turd, is still a turd.
Willie Parker: He'll be hurt by Week 2 and will make surprise appearances in Week 10, 13, and if your lucky 17.
Phillip Buchanon: Maybe 5 years ago that was good.
Get my point? The Giants seemed to find a quiet dark spot in the room to hide. With the opening of their new stadium, it seems the Jets will be basking in all the glory. The Eagles well, I do think Kolb will be a stud. As for the rest of the team, if healthy they'll still be fighting for the 2 spot in the division.
That brings us to the "Bud Light Top Questions" followed by the head to head battle D and Madden 11 on the Pre-Season predictions of the the East.

Bud Light Questions:
Question 1:
Are the Cowboys the front runner for the Division, Bowl?
I think so, and I'm putting my fan card aside to say this. Their D is still dominating, and Romo will prove whatever haters left wrong, again. The three headed running monster in Jones, Barber, Choice and addition of Dez will make this hands down the dangerous Offense in the league. Go ahead and disagree with me. The only thing stopping the Boys is themselves.
Question 2:
How do you see the Redskins this year with all the key additions?
Like I said above, their good on paper, but paper doesn't win championships. I do think they can be a .500 team, but beyond that is just a pipe dream. Or if Cowboys suffer some bad injuries.
Question 3:
Eagles, are they still a team to fear in the East?
I still believe this team is monstrous and shouldn't be looked over since McNabb isn't there. Look at the receiving core around Kolb, he'll put up some numbers. Without Westbrook my hurt them, but they'll finish behind Dallas.
Question 4:
Giants, whats the deal? Can they make some noise?
NO! I think Redskins are way better then them, the only way they make noise is countering off of other teams misfortunes.
Question 5:
Is this still the best division in the NFC, and will they have 3 teams representing the Playoffs this year?
Man I hate to say this, No this isn't what use to be. The North (considering Farve does play) is way stronger, and the South could make a run at the number 2 spot. I hate to say the East is a shell of what it use to be.
Question 6:
So how do you see the East playing out?
D vs Madden:
Cowboys   11-5
Eagles        8-8
Redskins    8-8
Giants       7-9
Cowboys  9-7
Eagles      8-8
Redskins   7-9
Giants      7-9
Key Games for the East:
Week 1: Cowboys - Redskins
Week 1: Eagles - Packers
Week 2: Giants - Colts (Manning vs Manning)
Week 3: Cowboys - Texans
Week 4: Eagles - Redskins (Philly welcomes McNabb back)
Week 6: Cowboys - Vikings
Week 6: Redskins - Colts
Week 9: Cowboys - Packers
Week 10: Eagles - Redskins (Wash. and McNabb return the favor)
Week 10: Cowboys - Giants (revenge for G-men ruining the Cowboy opening last year?)
Week 12: Cowboys - Saints
Week 12: Redskins - Vikings
Week 13: Cowboys - Colts
Week 17: Cowboys - Eagles

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