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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Brady vs Manning (yes i'll join the debate)

Okay there's no doubt that these two will go down as the best of this current era. With that out of the way, here's the reason I'm doing this entry; Their both on contract year and this seems to be a major argument who should get more or who is the best?

If it's all about Super Bowl Victories and Clutch performances, you obvious side with Brady. If your looking for a pseudo head coach on the head that can take control of any situation on the field and is basically your whole is then it's Peyton.

People get so caught up on stats, for example Peyton broke this record and broke that one. Look at Brady's number's, his not that far back. You can arguably say they've had the same type of talent around them. Sure Tom has Randy Moss now but if you can remember Peyton had Marvin Harrison at dominating part of his career. I found some numbers online so we'll compare and contrast the big picture of the two future Hall of Fame QB's. Oh thanks to "pyromaniac.com" for the pics. I was busting my head putting them together but you saved me time.

Okay let's examine.....
Let's start with regular season: Peyton has 60 something games more under his belt then Tom. Looking at the Win-Loss Ratio, Tom Win's more games, with the 60 something games less then Peyton that ends in a draw.
Since comparing overall career numbers such as TD's, Yd's is pretty much irrelevant because of lack of games played, we'll examine per game stats. Peyton's more likely to grab a 300 yd. performance then Tom would and would throw more TD's in a game then Tom would. Which brings this up, with Tom he can turn it on if needed too, but Peyton, he always has to have it turned on. I think on this one I'll give the point to:
Peyton Manning
(P.M. 1 - T.B 0)

Now let's look at Playoff stats:
Were lucky seeing how they've both been in 18. Well Tom doesn't lose that often in the Playoffs which equals to me = Post-Season clutch. Their completion Ratio is about the same, yds per game is all Peyton. Seeing that Peyton has more 300 yd performance's to win and loss ratio, mean's he has had either some bad defense's or had to dig his team out of a bad bad hole. I think looking at the record on this one hand's down goes to Tom has Mr. Post-Season Clutch...
Tom Brady
(T.B. 1- P.M. 1)

Next Super Bowl:
Brady has the hardware and oust Manning 3-1 to 1-1 (my opinion it should be 4-0 that super against the Giants was a FLUKE!!!) Numbers don't lie people, Peyton didn't have stellar performances against The Bears or the Saint's in this Super Bowl Appearances. Tom has had some decent numbers including a nice comeback against the Eagles. This one is all Tom.
Tom Brady
(T.B. 2- P.M. 1)

Next Career Highs.....
Peyton is the Iron Man of current with starting all his games. Even though 16-0 looks nice, it didn't pay off very well for them. Comp% yds per game/season are all about a dead lock. Brady did break his t.d. record But, Peyton does have him on more 30 Td season and 4k yards per season.
This one goes toooooo:
Peyton Manning
(P.M.2 - T.B. 2)

Next Playoff Highs:
Everything is a dead tie expect one thing: Brady is more accurate in the Playoffs. Since Accuracy is key I side with:
Tom Brady
(T.B. 3 - P.M. 2)

Last Head to Head battles:
Okay I'm doing both Regular and Playoffs on this one. Numbers DO NOT LIE!!!!! Tom always brings his A game out. Look 7-4 against him, look at the numbers. Need I go on?
Tom Brady
(T.B. 4 - P.M. 2)

Statically Tom is better then Peyton. NUMBERS DON'T LIE PEOPLE. To Peyton's defense the numbers do show one thing and prove one thing, he is more then valuable to the Colts then Tom is to the Pat's. It's almost a guarantee without Manning the Colts will fall apart like the Cav's are gonna this upcoming season without Lebron. With that said I can understand why he is gonna get WAY more money then Brady. Colts aren't stupid and they know without Peyton they'll go from consecutive sell outs to maybe grossing in 4-5k a game.
So with that said, in the money department
(as in who should get more which I should add is worth 2 points)
as who should get more goes too:
Peyton Manning

No matter how you chalk it up whether you love 'em or hate 'em, they're both super elite QB's. Anyone making a top QB list should either have one of these two as 1 or 2. I believe it comes down to personal decision on this one, some folks don't like Tom since he knows he's the shit. Some don't like Peyton since he finds ways of destroying your favorite team in a matter of seconds then minutes. Either way at the end of the day we all win since we get to see these two battle it out every year, and this should be another reason NFL shouldn't move forward with a lock out. Missing these two in action would be a crime to any NFL crime.

by: Senior X

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