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Sunday, August 22, 2010

AFC North *Pre-Season* Breakdown


Up next AFC North. This one is a interesting division. Where to start,
okay Cinncy: Adding T.O. is a good thing. Yes I said it. OchoCinco and the whole wide out crew will benefit from this move. If the media (*cough, cough ESPN) doesn't blow up every time T.O. just upset over something stupid, then this team will be good, there I said it.
Next Pitt.: from what it seems "Big Ben Rapist" will be out for at least 2-4 games. In that span the Steelers will go either 0-2 or 1-3. Their first 4 games are against Atlanta, @ Tennessee, @ Tampa Bay, and Baltimore (guess what team they beat). Oh and then a Bye foe Week 5 then their greeted by the Browns for Week 6. Big Rapist is gonna be rusty when he comes back for Cleveland and looking at either 1-4, or 2-3 is gonna be a tough stretch to climb out of especially with how good Baltimore and Cinncy are gonna be.
Baltimore: Adding Boldin is a crazy added boast! This team is the most balanced team in the AFC, yes I said bring your Jet talk, I'll debate it with you all day! I hate saying this because this looks to be a crazy good team but you don't win championships with a paper good team.
Cleveland: Holmgren in the picture, makes Cleveland's future look super bright. Jake Delhumme is new the QB after dropping Brady Quinn and Anderson. Jake's still has some in the tank, maybe not enough to provide a magical season this year. In a couple of years the Browns will be back in the Playoff hunt.
Let's get into "Bud Light Top Questions" followed by the head to head battle D and Madden 11 on the Pre-Season predictions of the the North.

Bud Light Questions:

Question 1:
Who wins the Division?
Right now, all bets are on the Ravens.
Question 2:
Can the Bengals sweep through the Division like last year?
No, Ravens are incredibly better then last year. Steelers will split with Cinncy.
Question 3:
After losing Santonio Holmes, whose the stud on Pitt.?
Mike Wallace, that's right he'll take his spot easily.
Question 4:
Whose the better QB between Carson, Joe, and "Rapist"?
This season I'm rolling with Joe Flacco, with Carson super close to him. As for Big Benny, his gonna take a step back, statistically.  
Question 5:
So how do you see the North playing out?
D vs Madden
Ravens   11-5
Bengals    9-7
Steelers    8-8
Browns   2-14
Steelers  13-3
Ravens   10-6
Bengals    9-7
Browns    7-9
Key Games:
Week 1: Ravens - Jets
Week 1: Bengals - Patriots
Week 2 & 17: Ravens - Bengals
Week 6: Steelers - Browns (We'll how Ben's extended vacation payed off)
Week 6: Ravens - Patriots (we all know how the Pat's handle pay backs)
Week 8: Steelers - Saints
Week 10: Ravens - Falcons
Week 10: Bengals - Colts
Week 10: Steelers - Patriots
Week 12: Bengals - Jets
Week 13: Benglas - Saints
Week 14: Ravens - Texans
Week 14: Bengals - Steelers
Week 15: Ravens - Saints
Week 15: Steelers - Jets
Week 16: Bengals - Chargers

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