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Sunday, August 15, 2010

NFC South *Pre-Season* Breakdown


Okay day two of the division breakdown begins. Today we'll look at the NFC SOUTH. I personally think it's ranked 3 amongst the NFC, since the Saints are the defending champs, they get my sympathy pick at 2.
To me this division is a 2 team race between the Saints and Falcons. If the Falcons stay healthy I really believe they can dominate, yes that's right I said DOMINATE. Their D is under the scope, and still have a dominating passing core with one of the best running backs in Mike Turner. As for the Panthers and Bucc's, your crazy if you think high of them. If they reach .500 they overachieved.
Now let's hit the "Bud Light Top Questions" followed by the head to head battle D and Madden 11 on the Pre-Season predictions of the the South.

Bud Light Questions:

Question 1:
Can the Saints repeat?

Looking at the schedule, it's not as hard as other teams (cough, cough, Cowboys). I defiantly think they will suffer some crazy upsets this year against teams like 49ers, call me crazy but I think it'll happen. As far as repeating, I don't think so. I can see them in the playoffs and possibly a NFC Championship appearance but no bowl sorry bub.

Question 2:
Can this be the year the Falcons make some noise on the level of the '08 season?

If they stay healthy, I truly believe this is a dangerous team of the South. Some are calling Tony Gonzalez and Turner either washed up or finish (you match with who gets what title). It's funny the same folks saying this are gonna be trying their hardest to draft them on their fantasy team. Like I said if they stay healthy I can see the Dirty Birds stealing the division crown from the Saints.

Question 3:
After losing Delhomme and Peppers are the Panthers still a threat?

NO! I do think Clauson is gonna surprise folks in the NFL. Maybe not this season but in the next up coming season he will.

Question 4:
Is there any hope for the Buccs?

I think Rhodes is a good coach, but his teams is garbage. Sorry had to say it. I know Cadillac had a surprising year but I don't buy the hype. Let me ask you do you think a offense ran by Josh Freeman can win the season series against the Falcons and Saints? Or even break even? That's what I thought. Maybe in 4 years they might be relevant. 

Question 5:
So how do you see this season playing out?

D vs Madden:

Falcons    13-3
Saints       11-5
Panthers  5-11
Buccs       4-12

Saints       11-5
Panthers  10-6
Falcons    6-10
Buccs       3-13

Key Games for the South:

Week 1: Vikings vs Saints
Week 3 & 16: Falcons vs Saints
Week 7: Bengals vs Falcons
Week 8: Steelers vs Saints
Week 10: Ravens vs Falcons
Week 12: Cowboys vs Saints
Week 12: Packers vs Falcons
Week 15: Ravens vs Saints
Week 15: Lions vs Buccs (I'm calling dibs on this being "Shit Bowl Game of The Week")

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