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Friday, August 20, 2010

AFC West *Pre-Season* Breakdown

AFC West:

Alright so for the Delay, I know I'm 3 Division's behind so I'm gonna wrap up the whole AFC starting with the West. *As a side note my ps3 just got the Yellow Light of Death. So if I'm kinda harsh to your favorite team, excuse me I'm in mourning at the moment*
I thought we'd start with the weakest division and work our way up to the best. Alright whats the big news of the West?
Denver: O got stripped, i.e. Brandon Marshall. Their D is still in tact, without Elvis Dumervil it may hurt a bit.
Oakland: Finally got some sense and dropped Jarmarcus and letting Jason Campbell run their team. That may add a couple a Win's, if they decide to start grabbing half way good receivers.
K.C.: "Unknown" or "M.I.A." hahaha naw getting L.J. out the picture should benefit their running game.
San Diego: Still the strong arm of the division, and should do a clean sweep of the West, well maybe 4-2. Either way they'll be representing the West in the Playoffs this year.
Let's get into "Bud Light Top Questions" followed by the head to head battle D and Madden 11 on the Pre-Season predictions of the the West.

Bud Light Questions:

Question 1:
Do the Broncos pose a real threat to the Chargers?

NO!!! Well maybe if injuries hurt them, then Denver is next to take it?

Question 2:
Is there any surprises to expect from the West?

I've said since last year and I still believe it, the Chiefs, yes the CHIEFS will have it's say. I think this year we start seeing the evil plan in motion.

Question 3:
Raiders, can Jesse Campbell lead them to a playoff berth?

Man really? We saw what he's done in 5 years in Washington, with somewhat GOOD wide outs. I've never heard of a QB all of sudden hit their greatness on his 6th year.

Question 4:
So how do you see the West playing out?

D vs Madden
Chargers    12-4
Broncos       8-8
Chiefs          7-9
Raiders        6-10
Broncos    13-3
Chargers    8-8
Chiefs        8-8
Raiders      4-12
Key Games:
Week 5: Broncos - Ravens
Week 7: Chargers - Patriots
Week 9: Chargers - Texans
Week 11 & 17: Broncos - Chargers
Week 12: Chargers - Colts

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