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Sunday, August 22, 2010

AFC South *Pre-Season* Breakdown


Man I missed another day, I'm trying to play catch as best as I can. So let's see how far I can get today.
Okay I think it's no surprise that the AFC is REALLY stronger then NFC. Te next division was hard to go with, so I just closed my eyes and picked at the next and this is what came up.
Alright the South can go anyway this year,it's that hard to tell. The Colts could easily go 8-8 (even though it probably won't happen) and the Texans 12-4 or vice versa. The only team I see still in the dumps is the Jags. Garred is and has been finished for some time now. With their booming sell-outs week in-week out should really help their cause. The Titans on the other hand are so unpredictable. I thought they were garbage last year, and they ended up finishing the season on 8-2 run. As in short this should be a fun one to watch. Let's get into "Bud Light Top Questions" followed by the head to head battle D and Madden 11 on the Pre-Season predictions of the the South.

Bud Light Questions

Question 1:
After having a winning season, can the Texans make a move in the playoffs this year?

I would like to say yes, but the whole AFC picture is so so tough. Their best bet is winning the division, as long as Peyton's around it's not gonna happen. For some reason the Colts have their number and will have it again this season.

Question 2:
Can the Colts make it back to the Super Bowl?

It's hard to make it to one, more less two in a row. I would answer this no, I'm still riding the Patriots Super Bowl. But this is the last season I'm riding it!

Question 3:
Can Chris Johnson break another 2k?

Man o Man, if he would've got the new contract I think he would've. He'll have to settle with 1.7k.

Question 4:
What are thoughts on the Jaguars for '10 season?

Just like last year's and the year's before. Nothing special to look for. It's crazy to think this was once a team that was a 12 game winner in '05. Maurice Jones Drew is a stud and needs to leave.

Question 5:
So how do you see the South playing out?

D vs Madden:

Colts       12-4
Texans    10-6
Titans       6-10
Jaguars     3-13

Texans    9-7
Colts       8-8
Jaguars    7-9
Titans      5-11

Key Games:

Week 1& 8: Texans - Colts
Week 2: Colts - Giants (Manning brothers face off for world domination)
Week 3: Texans - Cowboys (I-45 Rivalry is actually gonna be a good one)
Week 5: Titans - Cowboys (let's see if Vince Young can stay away from getting arrested on this visit)
Week 9: Texans - Chargers
Week 11: Colts - Patriots (another page in this crazy saga of: "Brady vs Peyton")
Week 11: Texans - Jets
Week 12: Colts - Chargers
Week 14: Texans - Ravens
Week 14: Jags - Raiders (at this point which teams will have at least 5 wins?)

Don't know why I posted this one, but yea it's pretty true....

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